Community Building

Weave is proud to lead and support a diverse range of initiatives and projects that help build a strong connected community.

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Poet’s Corner Renovation Project

We recognised that the Poet’s Corner had so much potential — not only to be a beautiful space that is a source of community pride, but also an area that more practically meets the needs of the community.

We proudly launched the newly renovated community space in April 2018, and are thrilled to see the community reclaim the space they will enjoy using now and into the future.

Mad Pride

Held annually during Mental Health Month, our Mad Pride event showcases the creative achievements of young people, while breaking down the stigma associated with mental health experiences.

Redfern Men's Cave

Providing an outlet for men to meet, hang out and enjoy a range of social activities together, like fishing, bushwalking and the movies.

Fernside Food

This social enterprise pilot program was designed to engage young people living in social housing by providing valuable hospitality training and employment opportunities.

McKell Urban Forest Project

Aiming to build community cohesion and give residents a chance to positively contribute to their home environment, we set out to beautify the hallways within the McKell building in Redfern.

Youth Advocates Program

Our Youth Advocate and Leadership Program aims to increase the involvement of young people in the design and implementation of youth-led projects, have a voice regarding issues they feel passionate about, and give them the opportunity to lead change in their communities.

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Our Youth Advocates group represent the needs and views of local young people to community and relevant stakeholders.

Practical Development

On a practical level, the program provides help with:

  • Professional development training: Such as public speaking, event management and offering access to information on job opportunities.
  • Paid work experience: Including community events, youth group workshops and consultation participation.

Specialist Homelessness Services

Our Specialist Homelessness Services team provide intensive support to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the City of Sydney, helping them find safe and affordable accommodation options.


Support includes case management, counselling, accommodation support, tenancy advocacy, brokerage for establishment costs, as well as support in maintaining a tenancy. We work from a client-centred approach, which is trauma-informed and culturally appropriate, to ensure that the specific needs of that individual are met.

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"Weave is good — they ask your permission and preference, and let you make choices about how and when you want support."

- Weave client

Photo taken as part of our photography workshops with young people.


Young People Supported


Partial Household Setups


Full Household Setups


Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

Women & Children's Centre

Weave Women & Children's Centre offers a supportive and holistic service. This includes drop in, casework, and group work to women with children aged 0-12, and women experiencing domestic violence.


We work from a strengths-based perspective, with a focus on family relationships and child wellbeing.

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We aim to:

  • Offer a safe and welcoming space for women and children
  • Support women to identify and build upon their strengths
  • Ensure the physical safety of women and their children
  • Support women to make positive life choices and engage in healthy relationships
  • Reduce vulnerability factors, such as homelessness, domestic violence and drug and alcohol issues, and child protection risks
  • Strengthen relationships between women and their children

"Now I’m a lot stronger. Weave’ve built me up so that now if something was to happen I would know what to do."

- Weave client

Staying Home Leaving Violence

This program aims to support women living in the Redfern Local Area Command and surrounding areas to leave violent relationships and stay in their own home where possible, or relocate to safe accommodation, by providing casework, court support, safety planning and brokerage to fund security upgrades.

Our domestic violence caseworkers can see women in our centre or visit their homes to provide safety assessments as well as accompanying them to police stations and courts. Childcare is available by appointment for women coming to the centre for casework – bookings are essential.

Our Weave Women and Children’s Centre team and clients discuss domestic violence support.

46 Women

& 35 Children Supported to Leave Violent Relationships 2016/2017

133 Women

Accessed Regular Support 2016/2017

70 Women

& 93 Children Supported Through Casework 2016/2017



Parenting Groups

We offer parent education groups for mothers, grandmothers and carers, including Circle of Security, Tuning In To Kids, Bringing Up Great Kids and Keeping Children Safe.

These groups are aimed at supporting women to better understand and connect to their children. Limited childcare is available for women attending these groups – bookings are essential.

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Open Monday to Thursday 9am – 4:30pm and Fridays by appointment.

Phone: 02 9699 9036

Address: 133 Morehead Street, Waterloo NSW 2017

Weave Community Hub Woolloomooloo

Established in 2016, Weave Community Hub (WCH) is dedicated to creating a strong, connected community with all residents of the Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross and Darlinghurst areas. WCH provides a safe place for people to come together to seek assistance, participate in recreational activities and educational courses.


We offer advocacy with external agencies and general support to local residents, and provide case management for families with children under the age of 17 and for individuals between 12 and 25 who are at risk of homelessness.

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As the new kids on the block in Woolloomooloo, we have been working hard to find out exactly what people love about Woolloomooloo. To help us see this great community from the kids perspective, we asked some local kids to show us their Woolloomooloo and what makes it special to them.

"Weave have won the support of the community through honesty and empathy."

- Weave client

Connecting With Community: A Weave Case Study for the NSW Mental Health Commission

At the heart of the community

We conduct regular community consultations to ensure that we are addressing the needs which the community has identified, and frequently host events and activities to include all members of the community.

70 Families

Supported to Date


2017 NAIDOC Festival Attendees

35 Families

Provided Food Hampers Weekly

60 People

Regularly Access Drop In Services, Computers & Resources

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WCH is funded by Family and Community Services under Community Builders, CYFS and SHS funding streams. We are also supported by Housing NSW and City of Sydney.

Phone: 02 9331 2153

Address: 49 McElhone Street, Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

Artwork created by a local resident.

Tutoring Program

Our Tutoring Program was established in 2009, in response to the increasing number of children and young people needing extra support and guidance with their school work.


It's a free service offered to families in our communities who experience financial hardships.

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"I am so happy I did so well on my HSC last year and I got into Arts at the University of Sydney. Without my tutor Kate’s support and encouragement, I’m not sure I would have made it! Best of all, I made a great friend!"

- Ellie, student

Educational Support

Our volunteer tutors assist children and young people with:

  • Core Maths, Science, and English subjects
  • Transition to high school
  • Higher School Certificate preparation
  • Basic reading and writing for children and young people with low levels of literacy

Priority Areas

Students come from many walks of life. Our program prioritises students who fall into any of the following criteria:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander
  • Culturally or linguistically diverse
  • Refugee status or background
  • Migrant and/or asylum seeker
  • Lives in social housing
  • Single parent family
  • Low income earning family
  • Parents/Carers possess a Centrelink health card or Pension Card


Tutors Volunteer Their Time


Student Receive Free Tutoring

Our Tutors

Our tutors are volunteers recruited from within the community who feel passionate about education and supporting children to feel confident at school. They have a strong academic background, and a commitment to have a positive impact on the lives of children and young people.

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Sessions are held from Monday to Thursday from 3:30pm – 6pm at the Waterloo Library & other Weave locations, as arranged.

Creating Futures Justice Program

Many people leaving the prison system aren’t equipped to deal with the challenges of modern life. Sadly, all too frequently, many people who had served prison terms were turning up on our doorstep wearing their prison greens with no clue of where else to go, or how to navigate the world in front of them.


Creating Futures was established in response to community needs and developed to address the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. The program is designed to help and empower Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who have recently been released from prison, and give them every chance to create a positive future for themselves.

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"I’m just grateful that there are people and programs like this for me to access. It helps. And they’re just nice, positive role models for people like me coming through the program."

- Creating Futures Client

A guided 12-month journey of transition

As part of the program, we equip people with a structured 12-month plan which includes bail, pre and post-release support, plus diversionary options. We believe that, by connecting with people 12 weeks before their release, we can significantly increase their chances of successfully integrating back into the community.

Our team provides practical support in the following ways:

  • Obtaining essential identification documentation
  • Setting up bank accounts
  • Organising referrals to specialised services
  • Ensuring our clients can access cultural health and wellbeing initiatives


People Supported to Date


Previously homeless clients housed

91% Aboriginal

75% Male, 25% Female

4.11% re-offending rate

vs. 55.7% of Aboriginal people aged 18-30 who reoffended within 12 months of being released from custody (Source: BOSCAR, 2016).

Creating Futures Independent Evaluation Report

The effectiveness of Creating Futures is highlighted in our recent Independent Evaluation Report, written by Melanie Schwartz and Mareese Terare. See the Executive Summary below.

Cultural Health & Wellbeing Camp

In August 2018, we co-facilitated the first Cultural Health & Wellbeing Camp – Walu-Win Gundyarri, providing young Indigenous men with the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and their culture.

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“Being out here and learning culture and learning, and being away from phone reception and cities and being away from so many people, you gain a headspace where you learn who you are and who you want to be.” – Uncle Waylon, Wakagetti Indigenous Corporation

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Open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5pm.

Phone: 02 9318 0539

Address: Corner Elizabeth & Allen Streets, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

Artwork created by local Aboriginal artist, Linda Jackson.

Driving Change Program

Many people face barriers and challenges when it comes to obtaining a driver’s licence. Not having a licence can be a major setback in a young person’s life, making it harder to find employment and holding them back from educational and social opportunities.


The Driving Change program aims to help people to overcome these barriers, achieve their licensing goals and open up new opportunities in their lives.

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"It’s not just a license to drive, it’s a license to live."

- Mick Gooda, Royal Commissioner for the Royal Commission into the Child Protection and Youth Detention Systems of the Northern Territory

Our Driving Change participants, volunteers and team members speak about their experience with the program.

Program Details

Getting your L’s: We can help you study for the Driver Knowledge Test and can help with the cost of the test.

Instructors: Driving Change has 2 professional driving instructors who can provide professional lessons to Driving Change participants at a special discounted rate. Both of the Weave driving instructors are Keys2Drive accredited.

Volunteers: Our volunteer driving supervisors help people to gain experience on the road and help people under the age of 25 to get their 120 logbook hours.

Cars: We have automatic and manual vehicles for our professional lessons and volunteer sessions.

Safer Drivers Course: Weave will be delivering the course at our Waterloo office in partnership with Peters Driving School. People who complete the course will get an extra 20 hours in their logbook.


Current Program Participants


People received their Ps


People received their Ls


Hours spent with our volunteers

One of our Driving Change participants with her volunteer driving instructor.

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Speak Out Dual Diagnosis Program

Established in 1997, Weave’s Speak Out Dual Diagnosis Program works with adolescents and young adults aged 12-28 years experiencing co-existing mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges to provide practical and therapeutic support.

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“I feel a lot better about my mental health, as I now know that I’m not the only one in this situation.”

- Weave client

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe someone who is experiencing both mental health and substance use issues. Some examples include:

  • A mental health issue that leads to alcohol and/or other drug use
  • Substance use issues that affects mental health and wellbeing

Our pioneering program, which won the award for Excellence in Community Drug Treatment at the NADA Awards in 2016, continues to deliver responsive, holistic, effective support to young people experiencing dual diagnosis, helping them deal with practical issues and receive trauma informed care.

The program offers opportunities for people to experiences themselves differently and engage in creative projects, events and group work programs — this gives young people the chance to build relationships, and connect with themselves, and the broader community.


Individual Clients Supported


Clients Aged 18-28 Years


Aboriginal Clients

Top 3 Issues

Presented – Alcohol & Other Drugs, Family and Trauma

Providing Trauma-Informed Care: A Weave Case Study for the NSW Mental Health Commission

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Open Monday to Friday 9:30am – 5pm.

Phone: 02 9318 0539

Address:Corner Elizabeth & Allen Streets, Waterloo, NSW, 2017

Kool Kids

Weave’s Kool Kids Program is an early intervention and prevention program providing children aged 7-13 years, with opportunities to engage in recreational activities and mentoring. Focused on improving social health and wellbeing, connection to culture and promoting strength and resilience, Kool Kids works with local schools to deliver free after school and holiday activity programs for young people in Sydney.

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“I hope the Kool Kids Program stays in the community forever. We need more of these programs as it helps children stay focused in their lives and have more respect for others.”

- Auntie Maxine, Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Focused on resilience & wellbeing

Activities are purpose driven and designed to address underlying issues. The Kool Kids Program builds connections with community and family, creating a safe, comfortable environment that allows our kids to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills. Through this, our Kool Kids quickly develop their self-esteem and sense of independence, and are better placed to overcome hardships.

At Kool Kids, every child has the opportunity to:

  • Engage in recreational activities like overnight camps, bushwalking, rock climbing, and cultural excursions
  • Work closely with our Advocates to improve their social health and wellbeing
  • Build a stronger connection to their culture
  • Foster strength and resilience in every area of life




Aboriginal Children


Young Leaders


on Waiting List

Kool Kids Program

Kool Kids programs run Monday to Thursday from 3pm – 6pm, with our Kool Kids bus collecting students from schools throughout our district.

Address: 1B Prince Edward St, Malabar

Phone: 02 8974 1588 / 0420 531 699