Our team of Weavers work hard to build a strong connected community, by providing consistent, responsive and genuine care to the people and communities we walk alongside. Each and every staff member has played a crucial part in making Weave the warm and welcoming family our community knows it to be.

"Weave is like a second mother to my children. It's like a second family."

- Weave client

Management and Admin

  • Siobhan Bryson, CEO
  • Mardi Diles, Head of Brand & Strategy
  • Melanie Schwartz, Programs Lead
  • Rosemary Chung, Finance Manager
  • Patricia Vasquez, Human Resources Manager
  • Maxine Schellhorn, Operations/Accounts Manager
  • Katie Sharman, Brand Manager
  • Janelle Vasilevski, Intake Coordinator
  • Chris Whipps, IT Coordinator


  • Yvette Hymann, Volunteer & Fundraising Manager

Tutoring Program

  • Denise Clarke-Hundley, Tutoring Program Support Worker

Speak Out Team

  • Dylan Clay, Program Manager
  • Laura Mangen, Project/Group Worker
  • Faith Agugu, Caseworker/Counsellor
  • Giulia Fragiacomo, Art Project Worker
  • Claire Coleman, Caseworker/Counsellor
  • Carlyn Chen, Caseworker/Counsellor
  • Paul Graham, Caseworker

Creating Futures Team

  • Daniel Daylight, Program Manager
  • Patty McCabe, Caseworker
  • Sam George, Caseworker
  • Karlie Stewart, Caseworker
  • Heather Coull, Caseworker
  • Charlotte Duffy, Caseworker
  • Drew Henderson, Caseworker

Driving Change Team

  • Leanne Green, Program Manager
  • Calida Felton, Coordinator

Kool Kids Team

  • Tate Peek-Silva, Program Manager
  • Beau Foster, Youth & Community Worker
  • Jane Doutney, Youth & Community Worker
  • Anne-Claire Joseph, Youth & Community Worker
  • Natasha Thorne, Youth & Community Worker

Women & Children's Centre Team

  • Regan, Program Manager
  • Shereen, Staying Home Leaving Violence Caseworker
  • Margaret, Parent Educator/Family Caseworker
  • Lily, Office Coordinator
  • Lauren, Family Caseworker
  • Melissa, Caseworker/ Children’s Worker

Weave Community Hub Team

  • Kat Berdoukas, Casework Program Manager
  • Rachel Pearson, Community Hub Manager
  • Jennifer Reynolds, Youth Homelessness Caseworker
  • Katherine Rosonakis, Community Development Worker
  • Sadini Handunnetti, Targeted Early Intervention (TEI) Caseworker
  • Samantha Elsass, Youth Homelessness Caseworker