Many people face barriers and challenges when it comes to obtaining a driver’s licence. Not having a licence can be a major setback in a young person’s life, making it harder to find employment and holding them back from educational and social opportunities.

Weave’s Driving Change program aims to help people to overcome these barriers, achieve their licensing goals and open up new opportunities in their lives.

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"It’s not just a license to drive, it’s a license to live."

- Mick Gooda, Royal Commissioner for the Royal Commission into the Child Protection and Youth Detention Systems of the Northern Territory

Our Driving Change participants, volunteers and team members speak about their experience with the program.

Program Details

Getting your L’s: We can help you study for the Driver Knowledge Test and can help with the cost of the test.

Instructors: Driving Change has 2 professional driving instructors who can provide professional lessons to Driving Change participants. Both of the Weave driving instructors are Keys2Drive accredited.

Volunteers: Our volunteer driving supervisors help people to gain experience on the road and help people under the age of 25 to get their 120 logbook hours.

Cars: We have automatic and manual vehicles for our professional lessons and volunteer sessions.


Number of L's and P's achieved 2020 - 2021


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients


Total number of driving hours 2020 - 2021


Hours spent with our volunteers

One of our Driving Change participants with her volunteer driving instructor.

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