Established in 1997, Weave’s Speak Out Dual Diagnosis Program works with adolescents and young adults aged 12-28 years experiencing co-existing mental health, alcohol and other drug challenges to provide practical and therapeutic support.

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“I feel a lot better about my mental health, as I now know that I’m not the only one in this situation.”

- Weave client

What is dual diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe someone who is experiencing both mental health and substance use issues. Some examples include:

  • A mental health issue that leads to alcohol and/or other drug use
  • Substance use issues that affects mental health and wellbeing

Our pioneering program, which won the award for Excellence in Community Drug Treatment at the NADA Awards in 2016, continues to deliver responsive, holistic, effective support to young people experiencing dual diagnosis, helping them deal with practical issues and receive trauma informed care.

The program offers opportunities for people to experiences themselves differently and engage in creative projects, events and group work programs — this gives young people the chance to build relationships, and connect with themselves, and the broader community.


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Top 3 Issues

Presented – Alcohol & Other Drugs, Family and Trauma

Providing Trauma-Informed Care: A Weave Case Study for the NSW Mental Health Commission

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