"Making Change" Leaders Camp - Reflections of a Kool Kids worker


Meet Liam. He is an exceptionally confident, motivated and independent young client of our Tutoring and Mentoring Program. He personally requested a tutor a couple of years ago (when he was 10) to help him with his homework.

Our tutoring program is run by volunteer tutors that have teaching experience and who dedicate a minimum of an hour a week with a young person needing extra academic support.

Liam is quite an active young man with a really creative mind and jumps at the opportunity to do anything which gets him out and about. Due to some personal hardships in his life, Weave has helped him get to lots of different community events and to take up many opportunities.

Liam and his volunteer tutor/mentor Christian work together on the homework sheets which the school sends home with the students. They receive one homework sheet per week and it includes revision of all their subjects and includes a reading component. He will be making the transition from Primary to High School this year and will continue tutoring/mentoring in our program. In fact, Liam has requested to increase his study sessions to twice a week!

We wish Liam all the best of luck with his efforts to improve his education in 2015!




Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.