Once Off Donation

Recurring Monthly Donation

Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.

Our vision is to build a strong connected community that values its members with opportunities and justice for all. 

Every donation makes a big difference in the lives of those we work with. Your contribution goes towards helping deliver quality services and empowering communities to drive change.

Invest in our community work through:

A recurring tax-deductible gift

A one-off tax deductible donation

Workplace giving

Donations in lieu of celebration gifts

Memorial gifts in honour of loved ones

A bequest to Weave in your Will. 

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per month, for example, will support two Aboriginal students in our education programs with tutorial support to help improve literacy and numeracy  with the goal of returning to mainstream schooling.


per month, for example, will support Weave's work with young people aged 12-28years who have issues relating to mental health, substance use, poverty and homelessness.


per month, for example, will enable one Aboriginal child aged 7-13 years to participate in the Kool Kids Club, a free educational outreach and prevention program that encourages and supports children to stay engaged with their education and  transition successfully to high school. Established in 2001, Kool Kids Club offers stimulating and challenging child development activities to approx. 200 vulnerable children each year.


Receipts can be issued for all donations over $2.00 and such donations are tax deductible. For recurring donations, we will send out an annual tax deductible receipt.

Alternatively, you can also use the Give Now Foundation who
manage our giving support circle.






Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.