Peter has always loved driving.

Read about his journey as a Driving Change volunteer.

Peter first found out about Weave’s Driving Change Program when he saw an advertisement in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Help Desk column about two-and-a-half years ago.

Since then, he has had three driving students, all of whom have successfully obtained their drivers licence, thanks to Peter’s support and guidance.

For Peter, driving is a calling. “I love driving,” he says. “I think it’s a very important thing for people to do.”

“I just like teaching people to drive. I think it’s a golden opportunity.”

Peter says driving is a long-term passion of his, explaining “I like to drive. In the sixties I was in National Service, and I drove big army trucks. I think I sort of inherited it from that.”

For Peter, learning to drive is about so much more than just learning the road rules and passing the test.

“It’s not just about driving,” he says. “It’s also about being a good driver. Enjoy your driving, then you’ll be a good driver.”

He loves seeing his students succeed and pass their tests. “The look on their faces, it’s life changing for them,” he says. “You give them an opportunity to do many more things in their lives.”

“I enjoy it. I can see the benefit to other people. At the end of it when they get their license, you think – well, I’ve achieved something for myself, and for them. You see the benefit.”

– Peter discovered his love of driving while driving army trucks in the sixties.