Michelle had such a positive experience volunteering for the Driving Change program, she also signed up for the Tutoring Program.

Read her short reflection on her journey as a Weave volunteer.

I am a relatively new volunteer to Weave, having started volunteering in the Driving Change program in January 2021.

I have one learner driver, and we try to get out on the road at least twice a week. It’s great seeing the hours gradually build up, and hugely rewarding helping the learner’s skills and confidence grow.

You get a real buzz when you feel you’ve helped “nail” parallel parking or negotiated the Harbour Bridge for the first time.

The program is a good fit for me as it is very flexible, in that you organise the days and times that you and your learner driver are available. But at the same time I feel very supported by the Weave Driving Change team.

The positive experience has led me to also volunteer with the Tutoring Program. I just recently had my first session with my year 2 student, who was so enthusiastic and engaging, I’m looking forward to developing this relationship.

Michelle volunteers as a driving instructor and a tutor