Manesh had never volunteered before he found Weave’s Tutoring Program.

Find out why he loves making maths cool!

Originally from England, I came to Sydney for a holiday eight years ago and never went back! I am now an Aussie citizen and live in Waterloo with my fiancé.

I work for a media company as a pricing manager, which involves looking at lots of numbers. I have always been a bit of a numbers geek, studying Maths at University in Sheffield, which is why Weave’s Tutoring Program appealed to me.

I have always had a desire to volunteer and use my skills in a more meaningful way to help others. The Weave volunteer Evening provided a great introduction to how I could get involved, and it was also nice to meet some of the people currently volunteering and hear their stories.

I have been volunteering for over 2 years now, and during that time I have provided Maths tutoring to two Year 7/8 students, also for a brief period when schools were closed due to COVID, I volunteered in the Driving Change Program.

Prior to this I had no volunteering experience at all, but Denise and the team at Weave have been a great support and provided flexibility to allow my student and I to arrange sessions that suit perfectly.

If I could tell people one thing about volunteering it is this – the feeling you get from helping others that are less fortunate is incredibly rewarding and is something that is needed now more than ever – everyone must try it!

– Manesh thinks everyone should give volunteering a go!