Our Weave bus took 12 excited kids from Waterloo, aged 8-14 years, out to Bondi Beach for the first ever Weave Women and Children’s Centre Surfing Program. When we arrived we were introduced to our surf instructors and debriefed on what the day would look like. Excitement was starting to build even more as we were given our learner surfboards, wetsuits and zinc and it really kicked in once we were ready for our 90 minute intensive surfing lesson with Let’s Go Surfing. We had 2 of our Weave staff members, who are surfers, in the water to help push the kids into the waves and everyone joined in to cheer them along. We were also super lucky to have Weave staff members and some incredible volunteers from our extended Weave family join us on the day. 

During the lesson the kids were taught how to paddle, catch waves and stand up on a surfboard. These kids, who have never surfed before, were standing up on their boards and riding the white water in no time! The thrill of riding the waves, the making of new friendships and the development of a love affair with surfing all happened for these kids during this incredible day.

After the lesson the kids were offered a healthy “surfer’s lunch” followed by games and a walk to discover two rock pools at North Bondi. Free time was a huge hit, with many of the kids choosing to battle the waves again while swimming inside the flags. 

The day came to a close with the exhausted kids piling back into the Weave bus for our trip back to Waterloo. 

A shout out to Marty and the team at Let’s Go Surfing for looking after our kids, Weave staff who helped and supported the day and our super volunteers for helping to make the day a huge success.

This program was supported by Clubs NSW.