There’s a new place to play!

After 12 long months and lots of hard work by all involved, we were thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated addition to our Weave Women and Children’s Centre — our new and improved childcare space!

Weave Women and Children’s Centre provides a multitude of services and support to local women, and that support extends to the children of our community. When women bring their children to the Centre to spend time with our staff, whether it be to see their caseworker or to attend a parenting group, it is invaluable to be able to access childcare for their children. This offers parents space to focus, and also allows them some respite from their caring responsibilities.

The previous children’s room on the premises was unfortunately closed over a year ago, due to the structural hazards that so often come with being in an old terrace in Sydney. For the past 12-months, we have ‘made do’, managing to improvise child care space alongside our normal office space — a challenge to say the least. Behind the scenes, arrangements were made to renovate the old space and make it better than ever. Such was the condition of the old room that it needed to be completely gutted out, from the basement to the rafters, and rebuilt from scratch!

To celebrate the opening, we hosted a children’s event for our local community, making crafts and sharing morning tea. Thank you to all who came along — it was a wonderful day and meant so much to the staff who have worked on this project. In particular, a special thanks to Land and Housing for their support for the project, and the fantastic builders at Enhance Building and Development who got the job done to such a high standard.

Our childcare room is more than a new and refreshed space — to the clients who access our service, this space will be a place for therapeutic play, safety and comfort. A massive thank you again to everyone who was involved in making this renovation come to life, please know what a difference this new and improved facility will make to the lives of our staff, our clients, their children, and the wider community.