We would like to thank everyone who made the time to attend our event on Tuesday 30th August 2016 to celebrate Weave’s 40 years of service and help launch our Evaluation Report: Stories of Lived Experience.

It was a great night of community connection, spirit and celebration. There was a huge amount of pride in the room, especially for the people that featured in the portraiture series and the documentary.

We look forward to sharing the report which is useful for both Weave and the sector, that highlights key features of Weave’s service delivery model and the gaps in support services identified by the local community.

As mentioned on the night, one of the most important findings in the report and one that we at Weave are very proud of is:

“Clients have a voice and mutual respect sustains relationships.”

As we keep moving forward this will remain a core value of our work and we will continue to seek the wisdom and knowledge of our community and work together to empower people to change their lives.

Produced as part of our Weave Evaluation, this video features clients and families that have been connected to the organisation over the years.