Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for attending our Weave Charity Gala last Thursday night. It was incredible to have so many people in the room, supporting us to raise essential funds to run programs that empower people to change their lives.

Together we raised over $155,000!

We hope you had a wonderful evening celebrating our work, our people and our communities.

Your generosity will help:

  • Support more women and children to be free from domestic and family violence
  • Expand our tutoring program and establish a homework club in Redfern
  • Provide more programs and support to Aboriginal young people at risk

I want to congratulate and thank our key partners for helping us to host such a beautiful event. Thank you – Telstra, The Monkeys, EY, Jack Morton, Doltone House, mmw3degrees and MicroHire. I’d also like to thank Chief Entertainment for representing the night in the captivating video below.

We look forward to staying connected with you as we continue to create pathways for those facing complex and difficult situations.

Siobhan Bryson
Weave CEO

An amazing night was had at our Weave Charity Gala for 2018 as together, we raised essential funds to enable vulnerable young people and their communities to see a positive future and create pathways to change their lives.

“If I could have it my way, we’d create more pathways.” – Kobie Dee

Kobie Dee has been involved with Weave since joining our Kool Kids Club in year three. Many years later, he wrote this piece for our 2018 Weave Charity Gala, honouring the work Weave does to create pathways.