Tyrone has been volunteering with Weave for over a year.

Read on to find out about his journey volunteering with Weave.

Tyrone grew up in Queensland, and has spent time living overseas in cities like New York and Washington DC.

On his way back to Australia, he decided to check Sydney out and fell in love with the city.

When he’s not volunteering as one of Weave’s amazing tutors, he has a busy schedule in the building industry.

“I love talking to people”, he says. “So I found a job in construction sales. It ended up being an awesome company and 7 years later I was the General Manager. I’ve since moved onto another awesome company. I travel for food, I read a lot, and sometimes I play golf. I love being mindful and keeping fit. I love challenging accepted norms and fleshing out ideas with people.”

Tyrone realised many years ago that he was especially passionate about empowering young people.

“I’m super passionate about some kind of equality for kids,” he says. “Thinking of kids not getting the best possible start to life and education breaks my heart.”

– Tyrone volunteers for Weave’s Tutoring Program because he is passionate about education for kids.

His focus on positive educational outcomes for kids meant that participating in the Tutoring Program was an obvious choice for Tyrone.

“I help my student in Woolloomooloo get through his super-duper arduous English and Religion assignments. He has done well in Maths and Science consistently, but has struggled with writing and getting his good message across with English. So we work on that.”

When asked about his favourite moment volunteering with Weave, Tyrone replies:

“Easily my student’s first English mark after we started working together. He was averaging C minus, and on the first one we got him up to a B!”

Tyrone has also enjoyed volunteering with Weave as an organisation.

“Everyone I’ve met at Weave is super passionate about what they do. They seem to possess fantastic values. It seems like an agile organization that’s actually making some good changes.”

When asked if he had any recommendations for thinking about volunteering, Tyrone simply said: “Get involved. Recommend your friends. I’m extremely time poor and this is definitely worth making time for.”