On Tuesday 4th July during the School Holidays, Kool Kids held their annual NAIDOC Touch Footy Comp down at Yarra Oval. The Lapa Kool Kids Team were up bright and early with the buses getting ready to pick up kids and to drop them off at the oval. The kids were super pumped and excited to get on the field. They were all greeted with some light morning snacks and fruit upon their arrival, which our amazing workers and volunteers all helped with. Everyone then warmed up with some fun games and bull rush to start off with.

The kids were split into teams and were separated into two different comps on the field whilst Beau, Matt and Moses helped out refereeing the games. The day consisted of different fun activities including, the footy, art, music and everyone enjoyed a tasty delicious BBQ kindly provided by the Maroubra Youth Off The Streets team. We were extremely fortunate to have had a huge turnout more than 70 children, families and supporters – sadly as you all know it was also my Farewell. During the break, I enjoyed connecting and entertaining everyone whilst enjoying lunch one last time together. I felt very lucky to have my good friend/guitarist Adrian join me on guitar too.

Our very own little Dwayne Carr also jumped up and ripped out his deadly rap while some of the other younger girls stood up and joined me and to sing ‘True Colours”, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Thank you to Lucy & our dream team here at Weave & KKC for your beautiful gifts & heartfelt speeches and to all the amazing kids who presented me with the gorgeous hanging artwork that they designed and created themselves at the Art Table with the help of our awesome and talented Karlie Stewart. It was indeed a picture perfect day and words can’t even begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am to everyone that came down to show your love and support, it truly means the world to me. And also to all the kids and their families who expressed their gratitude towards me with some of the most precious flowers, gifts and cards that I have ever received in my life!

Your presence alone on the day was a huge blessing. Again it shows how important and significant we are as workers in the eyes of the precious young people, their families and their communities that we are fortunate enough to work in. It has been an absolute honour and one of the greatest experiences of my life working with you all. Thank you once again to everyone who came along and contributed to making this day so special, you are loved and appreciated!