During Term 2, the Kool Kids Club ran a first time ever, special Music & Performance program with Evie, which was held every Friday, each week at The Shack in Maroubra.

The program consisted of fun, musical engaging activities, which allowed the kids to learn various different songs, movement & vocal warm ups, as well as participating in ice breakers that encouraged the kids to open up and feel comfortable to express their talent and to not be shame. As the weeks continued, the kids started to work on their own individual and group performances and focused on rehearsing tirelessly each week in lead up to their showcase, which was last Friday 23rd June, it was a great success.

It was amazing to see so many of the kids’ families join the night to watch them perform the special acts that they worked so hard on and rehearsed throughout the duration of the program. Many of the kids’ mothers that attended the showcase, were so moved by the performances that it brought many tears to their eyes!

This program was initially set up to be the main performance group that will perform at the many different upcoming events with Weave. It’s such a special crew, these kids are passionate and growing so much more with their self-confidence, self-esteem and pride for themselves. THANK YOU to both Barnados Family Referral Service and the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet who have helped these incredible young people find their voice.