Sam is a recent philosophy graduate who began volunteering with Weave in September 2018.

Read about his journey as a volunteer tutor.

Sam first joined Weave’s Tutoring Program when he had some spare time during his studies, and decided to use the time to give back to his community.

He started tutoring because he believes that “sharing educational opportunities is an important part of growing a strong community.”

During his time with Weave, Sam has developed a strong connection with his student.

“Mostly the relationship is built on talking about how to manage school and fit it into the kind of lifestyle he wants to lead,” says Sam.

“He has a passion for rugby and is determined to succeed in that area, so we talk about how best to organise and complete his assignments properly within the limited time he has due to his intense sporting commitments.”

For Sam and his student, tutoring is about finding ways to balance the different areas of his student’s life.

– Sam is one of Weave’s wonderful tutoring volunteers

“The goal is to give him the best possible access to the advantages that school and study provide in a way that fits into his lifestyle and needs. This means that often we talk about his interests and thoughts as they relate to an assignment rather than working through something like a worksheet on the rules of grammar or punctuation.

“I don’t think it makes sense to expect someone to care about the intricacies of grammar before they care about the topics they use that grammar to express.”

Sam also appreciates the community aspect of the tutoring program, saying:

“The thing I like most about Weave is the group of people who meet at Waterloo library every week. The students, tutors, and Denise [the tutoring coordinator] are all positive, calm and engaged people who are easy to talk to and who I look forward to seeing.”

Sam believes that this community contributes significantly to his connection to the tutoring program.

“While tutoring can often be more challenging than you expect, at Weave there is no end to the support and encouragement given to tutors to help them to succeed and become strong mentors.

“The challenge of understanding someone’s needs and helping them to achieve their goals is definitely worth your time.

“The general feeling there is one of safety and community that extends into all od the tutoring sessions. It’s a great place to spend time and I would recommend it to anyone that has the time to give.”