Manning works in IT, and loves problem solving.

Read his short reflection about his experiences as a tutor.

Currently, I work in IT as a DevOps Engineer – which is a job that allows me to spend most of my day trying to solve problems with technology. Outside of work, I enjoy bouldering, which is another form of problem-solving that allows me to stay fit and social.

One of the aspects of my job which I enjoy the most is teaching.

I find that breaking down complex concepts into simple terms and helping others reach their own epiphanies can be immensely satisfying.

This made me realise that tutoring was a perfect outlet to satisfy this itch, which led to my discovery of the Tutoring Program at Weave.

– Manning loves simplifying complex ideas

Weave’s volunteer program has been a perfect fit – not just for my desire to teach and my skill set but also in terms of impact.

I believe that tutoring can offer enormous benefits to each student’s unique learning situation, helping them to improve their educational outcomes and attitude towards learning.

This is even more important – and may make all the difference – for kids who are already coming from a challenging background, with education being the most powerful tool to secure a future.

I’ve also felt that removing the financial burden associated with tutoring helps to foster a more positive learning environment and a closer relationship between students, parents, and tutors.

One of the reasons I love Weave is because the team is always warm and caring, while also being accommodating to the needs of both my student and my own personal commitments. This was especially crucial during the recent lockdowns and hybrid learning environment where flexibility in both the program and volunteers was necessary. Because of this flexibility, I was always able to stay in touch with my student, while also making sure that our sessions were convenient; in fact, heading to the library for a lesson was often the highlight that I looked forward to the most each week – helping to break the monotony of a work from home routine.

I’ve found that being a part of the Weave program is a fantastic way to meet other like-minded volunteers and improve my social skills in engaging conversations. While the past few years have made it difficult to meet in person, Weave always offers excellent opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, and get involved in other programs.