Check out the beautiful photo project from Mad Pride 2019

A collection of photographs taken by young people in response to the feelings that can be associated with mental health experiences.

This was a youth-led community project that was showcased at Weave’s Mad Pride Event in October, 2019. With the help of Weave’s Youth Advocates, Weave ran workshops and spoke with different groups of young people in the community about what mental health means to them. They explored the value of self expression and creativity, and considered different ways in which they could communicate their feelings and emotions through photography.

Some of these images explore the feelings associated with anxiety, depression, bipolar, grief and loss. While others capture the people, places and things that have helped them get through tough times.

Check out the Mad Pride photo project!

Thank you

Weave would like to thank every young person for their creativity and bravery in being a part of this project.

If you would like to find out more about this project, please contact us.

Music by Tilman Robinson

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