Bushwalking was a new program that we tried in Term 4 and the kids really ran with it.

It’s pretty special to be outdoors and it is amazing how many special spots and walks there are around the local area.

We got the kids hydro water packs to take with them so they were well hydrated while walking and they felt pretty legit having them on there back!

We packed lunch in our backpacks, set off on a walk and halfway would sit down and have a feed before returning back.

The kids were really well behaved and the walking and exploring kept them engaged.

We walked on the Malabar Trail to Cape Banks Larpa Bush Trek, ventured down to Yarra Bay for a swim, visited the wild play garden in Centennial Park and hung out with Sam and the team.

There is something special about bushwalking that allows you to be present with your surroundings and forget the everyday. We look forward to the next time we get to run the program and the new walks and adventures we go on!