Each week on a Thursday afternoon Weave staff at KKC (Waterloo and Maroubra) pick up the children from their schools for the afternoon Park program.

The children look forward to meeting and playing with their friends from the different locations and it is a magical site to see.

The Park program was mostly done outdoors this term, in child-friendly parks under close supervision of staff and the amazing volunteer Marije. The session normally starts with a yummy bbq which the children love along with lots of fruits. There are many games played but the kids absolutely love playing footy with Matt and the boxing classes with Nat not forgetting the beautiful artwork done with Lucy’s guidance. The parks also had lots of fun interactive sporty equipment for children which they love to play on, the loud laughter and screams say’s it all.

There were times when the weather was not favourable for outdoor activity and so the children were taken to fun places like “All sorts indoor sports, Sky zone”. We also had the children come over to the KKC Maroubra office and they had a great time learning to cook and do artwork. The last day was very special and Weave staff thanked the kids for being so awesome and for participating in the program. Certificates and cool to be kind gear were given to all the children which was much appreciated.

It has been a challenging program at times but it has been awesome to see both the Kool Kids program coming together, can’t wait for next term.