Helen Graney joined the Weave Board in 2015 and is fiercely passionate about supporting the team to provide a way up and a way forward, empowering people to change their own lives.

Read on to find out more about her pathway to Weave.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am originally from Liverpool in the North of England, making my way (via ten years in London) to Sydney over two decades ago. For most of my time here, I have worked in marketing and communications for IPG owned agencies and now I lead Weber Shandwick (PR, Comms) and Jack Morton (brand experiences) here in Australia. In my down time I ride horses, go to the beach, read books and hang out with friends (preferably with a cheese plate!).

How did you find out about Weave, and what inspired you to join the Board?

A good friend of mine was on the Board. She and her family had been involved with Weave for many years and she always talked so passionately about the organisation and the role they play in the community. I loved the sound of it – the wide-ranging support, the practicality and tangibility of the services, the amazing, committed team and the sense of connectedness Weave has with the families they serve.

I met with Shane, (the then CEO) and got involved!

I joined the Board in 2015 so, that’s 7 years! It’s flown.

– Helen Graney loves being part of the Weave Board!

What’s kept you connected to Weave for over 7 years?

The people. My fellow board members who, united by their passion for Weave, bring such varied insight and perspective to the table. The amazing Weave team under Siobhan’s leadership who deliver the Weave Magic every day and despite every challenge they face (especially over the last couple of COVID years) are unwavering in their commitment to help their clients. And the clients and the community themselves – there are so many great stories of resilience that it’s inspiring.

When you talk to people about Weave, what’s the first thing you tell them?

That there is no organisation like it for genuinely changing lives and having a lasting, positive impact on individuals, generations of families and the wider community. From the practicality of helping people to get their Driver’s Licence to tackling the complexity of how to reduce recidivism and how to support women experiencing Domestic & Family Violence and so much more, Weave is there for the community. They wrap their arms around the client and figure out how to help, for as long as it takes, in whatever form of support the person needs. I love that.

What’s your favourite experience of being on the Board at Weave?

So many to pick from, but I have to say that I’ll always remember my experience at the Weave Cultural Camp in Stanwell Tops. Having Uncle Dean and the team at Weave take us through so many amazing experiences – from sunrise ceremonies to sitting around the campfire together and getting to share in the wisdom and learning of Uncle Dean and to feel better connected to country, culture and each other was unforgettable.