Grant joined Weave’s Tutoring Program in 2015 and has been a valuable member of our volunteer community ever since.

As a recently retired teacher, Grant wanted to continue his involvement within the community and upon his first visit to Weave, he knew he was in the right place.

I’m very happy I found Weave — I felt at home very quickly. And I felt a synergy with what Weave was attempting to achieve and what I was hoping I could do with my time.

Grant’s built a strong connection with his students, rooted in trust:

I’ve had the one student since 2015 — she was in year 7 and now she’s in year 10. She’s achieving stuff that she wasn’t before I met her. The school has mentioned me in a couple of reports and I get her to talk to the maths teacher so we can plan. She sees me as a trusted person who she can talk to about stuff.

I now have 2 other students, and I’ve had others along the way.

The ultimate “all-rounder” volunteer, Grant’s also supported one person learn to drive as part of our Driving Change program and is dedicated to helping others learn and grow.

Grant believes that Weave’s volunteers are a special group of people, committed mentoring and supporting young people.

We love it! We love helping people and seeing them achieve. Weave’s an incredibly complex organisation that does a huge range of things. It’s definitely worth exploring the full suite of stuff that exists on the website.

Grant and his Driving Change student Elkyrra