One of our dedicated Driving Change volunteers has gone above and beyond, for the second time!

Chris has been helping young people to get their licence since 2016. As a driving trainer on the Driving Change program, Chris helps young people go through the process of obtaining their L’s, driving for 120 hours, and finally getting the freedom to drive!

“It’s a great sense of achievement,” Chris says. “ You can see it making a difference to their lives.”

It was this sense of achievement that lead Chris to raise money for two cars for the program in 2017.

And now he’s done it again — raising the money to buy another car for people wishing to practice their driving in La Perouse.

Chris says his motivation is the young people he’s met on the program, “The students are all very enthusiastic about it,” he says. “They always say thank you, they’re very appreciative. I’ve never had a student not turn up for a lesson. ”

“It’s a program that helps young people improve their lives. And it’s a very positive program,” Chris explains. “With driving programs, everyone has a positive outcome — everyone ends up getting their licence.”

To find out more about volunteering as a driving mentor on our Driving Change program, contact