Our rockstar Driving Change Volunteer, Chris Howard took out the Youth Work Volunteer of the Year Award!

Huge congratulations to Chris for his well deserved win!

As a volunteer for our Driving Change Program, Chris has been helping young people to get their licence since 2016. Chris helps young people go through the process of obtaining their L’s, driving for 120 hours, and finally getting the freedom to drive.

Chris is also a huge supporter of Weave and is passionate about the work we do. He attends many (if not all) of our events, he is continuously encouraging people to volunteer on our programs, and has hosted lunch parties for other Driving Change volunteers.

It is rare to meet a volunteer more engaged in our organisation and dedicated to support young people in our communities.

In 2017 through his own efforts and time, Chris raised enough money for Weave to buy two new cars for our Driving Change program. Usually this amount of generosity is once in a lifetime, but in 2018 Chris again raised enough funds for Weave to buy yet another car for our Driving Change program.

From Chris’ efforts, young people engaged in the Driving Change program now have access to four cars, allowing significantly more young people to access the program and gain their licence quicker.

– Chris receiving the Youth Work Volunteer of the Year Award

Chris has donated approximately over 480 hours of his time to young people engaged in the Driving Change program. Chris has helped four young people gain their P1 licence and three of them passed the driving test on their first go! Gaining a drivers licence opens up a world of possibilities for any young person, but for those facing disadvantage a licence can help young people have better access to employment and educational opportunities, and better health outcomes.

Congratulations Chris!

Thank you for all of your time and contribution.

See Chris in action: Driving Change Program – A Licence to Live