For Cherry, who moved overseas to study in Sydney, volunteering for Weave’s Tutoring Program has been a big part of connecting to the community.

“This is the thing that I can contribute. So I feel that I belong to the community. Because I’m an international student it’s a good way to connect.”

As an experienced teacher currently doing her PhD at UNSW Sydney, Cherry says her two years of tutoring with Weave have helped her to find herself through a kind and supportive tutoring community.

“Sometimes I spend the whole day studying at my university. And then I come to Weave and it refreshes my mind. Then, I go back to my studying after that. I can concentrate more.”

A dedicated educator, Cherry says a big part of tutoring is developing a bond with the children she works with. One thing that really helps is the care taken when placing tutors with students.

“The supervisor (Denise) cares so much about the students and tutors. She matches the students and my strengths so we can best support them.”

But most importantly, the program is about connecting with people.

“I used to be a teacher and I love children and their individual differences. I feel satisfied when I can help or teach them. The children are so cute and do fantastic work.”

Want to join the ranks of our amazing tutors like Cherry? Apply to be a volunteer tutor at Waterloo, Woolloomooloo or Maroubra today.