“Young people are not the leaders of the future but are the leaders of now.” - Jahin

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What You Don’t See is a partnership between young people, City of Sydney, Weave Youth and Community Services, Koori Radio, National Art School (NAS) and the Community Media and Training Organisation (CMTO) that was originally created for the City of Sydney’s Youth Fest 2020 to be showcased as a multimedia exhibition at 107 Projects in Redfern. Due to COVID-19 limitations, What You Don’t See has been completed as an online exhibition and digital campaign.

"We are paving the way for the future generation." - April

The project features portraits and audio interviews that capture the stories of 17 young people from NSW, with a focus on the rights of young people. Koori Radio, The National Art School and CTMO ran workshops with the Weave Youth Advocates and other young people from the local community to teach them how to facilitate interviews, tell stories from a strengths-based lens, use audio and editing equipment and develop skills in creative direction, photography, curation and editing.

The project focuses on storytelling and portrait taking and provides a space for young people to discover confidence in themselves, their abilities and their voice. Throughout the project, the young people involved in the project have felt seen, heard and valued through shared vulnerability, respect, support and a whole lot of creativity.

The intimate stories shared within this project shone light on issues such as displacement, gendered violence, mental health, racism and discrimination. They provide an insight into these young people’s achievements in the face of adversity and their hopes and dreams for a future where their rights are respected.

Please honour the courage of these young people and take your time to listen to the insightful, vulnerable and powerful stories at www.whatyoudontsee.org, where you will find a collection of portraits and audio interviews.