An initiative of our #WeaveSurvivalTips campaign, encouraging young people to share what they do to feel #HealthyStrongWell.

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What Maddie does to feel #HealthyStrongWell

Mental health is a difficult subject, purely because everyone goes through something in their lives that can dramatically change their state of mind, and that is different for everyone.

The struggles that I’ve been through have taught me that having strong mental wellbeing is about dealing with your issues head-on, having the ability to turn negatives into positives and being aware of yourself and others.

When I was younger I used sport as a way to release my anger and stress, I played basketball all day and I really felt better. I am a little older now and I deal with tough times differently. I found communication either with friends or family really helped lift some weight off my shoulders, and taking time out of my day to reflect on how grateful I am to be here. Exercise is still really important, it puts me in a great mindset.

– Maddie, 17 years old

What Connor does to feel #HealthyStrongWell

To me, positive wellbeing looks like someone who is happy in all aspects of their life and surrounds themselves with positive people.

When I’m going through tough times I communicate with people that are supportive, play basketball and stay strong and connected to my culture.

– Connor, 17 years old

What Ash does to feel #HealthyStrongWell

I stay healthy well and strong by living an active lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s hard to have time to yourself when being a mum but whether it’s going to the gym, going for a run, working out at home, or by being involved in the community.

I model to my son that to be there for others you need be there for yourself and by doing so I am able to be a better me and a better Mum.

– Ash

What Dushan does to feel #HealthyStrongWell

I like to stay mentally and physically healthy by eating well and eating regularly, lots of my friends don’t eat all day and then eat junk food I also play sports with my friends including basketball and soccer and I like going to the gym. Having a routine helps me deal with stress.

Having reliable and trustworthy friends that won’t turn their back on you and that will help you out when you are in trouble is important.

Everyone experiences being down and for me, it helps if I distract myself and try to think about other things.

– Dushan, 18 years old

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