#CoolToBeKind was developed to promote kindness and positivity, and teach kids how to be kind to themselves, kind to others and kind to the environment.

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Our Kool Kids know it’s #CoolToBeKind

A Campaign Focused on Kindness

The campaign evolved from our Social Issues Strategy, seeking to understand better ways of supporting kids and young people to tackle bullying. Through a structured process that put the community at the heart of the thinking, the idea of a kindness campaign emerged.

We noticed that there were lots of campaigns and projects out there that focused on what to do if you’re being bullied, what to do if you see someone being bullied, and how not to be a bully. But there was nothing to teach and encourage kids the alternate way of being.

Our Kool Kids know it’s #CoolToBeKind

It's Cool To Be Kind

Cool to be Kind features a series of activities that highlight what it means to be:

  • Kind to self
  • Kind to others
  • Kind to the environment

This has become an overarching framework that informs our program delivery and organisational culture.

We have developed activities to stimulate ideas and encourage people to engage in kindness in their daily lives.