Each week the Kool Kids bus waited patiently outside local schools to pick up our little cherubs, meanwhile, the men from Eastern Wood Turners would be busy preparing the shed for our arrival.

Our Thursday Build a Billy Cart program ran over an 8-week period throughout term three and was proudly supported by our friends Phil, Geoff, John and volunteers from Eastern Suburbs Wood Turners & Bunnings Eastgardens.

The kids were asked to draw a design of what they wished their billy cart would along with artwork, we have many imitative kids in the La Perouse & surrounding areas. During the 8 weeks, the kids started with a design on paper & with the help & guidance from volunteers, the crew each had completed a wooden billy cart to call their own.

The program was a huge success giving our Kool kids an opportunity to build something cool and see it through from design to the finished product.

We used jigsaw cutters, drills, electric sanders & power saws to create the billy carts from strong plywood, rope for steering the cart & extra sturdy tyres to handle rough & tough adventures.

On the final week or program, the kids were taken to Match Park to test the billy carts. WOW!!!! They flew and handled a big grass hill with ease. This program was a really special one seeing the kids so proud of their achievements & taking ownership of the design and end product.

A huge shout out to Emma from Bunning Eastgardens who supplied all materials to build the carts and also her time to join us on program to lend her expertise. Emma you are a true gem, thank you for being part of our team.

Phil, Geoff and John at Eastern Wood Turners, thank you. The men did a lot of work behind the scenes and outside of our program times to ensure the billy carts were safe, up to speed with others and sturdy to handle the big race. This term was our 4th program with the Eastern Wood Turners and by far the best yet. Thank you for taking on our crazy ideas and for your patience throughout the term.

Well done kids! You smashed it.

Mel, Activity Worker