Kool Kids had the pleasure of taking six Switch leaders to the 15-year Clovelly Community Bendigo Bank Gala night celebration. A big thank you to Greg Benson and Shane Brown who also attended the evening.

It is incredible how much this Community Bank has done to support their community and us. The Switch Leaders were really moved by the other presentations. Please read on to see the speeches these incredible young women put together for the night.

Good evening everyone, my name is Lizzie. I want to start by thanking Bendigo Community bank without your support Kool Kids would not be what it is today.

After being a part of Kool Kids for seven years. I can assure you that some of my best memories are at Kool Kids. One of my favourite memories was when we were on surf camp and the water was freezing cold and everyone wimped out and went back to camp but five of us girls stayed to surf, while we were waiting for a wave we looked behind us and saw a pod of whales. An experience I will never forget.

That’s what Kool Kids is all about – incredible experiences you will never forget. Kool Kids has always been my family they have been with me through my greatest moments and been the shoulder I cry on in my lowest. Without Kool Kids I wouldn’t be who I am today, they taught me nurtured me and supported my decisions. They have always steered me in the right direction whatever that direction may be.

I am the person I am today because of them. Kool Kids has taught me many great things from how to swim to how to surf. Kool Kids has always inspired me to follow my dreams whatever they may be whether it be a singer, dancer, actor, lawyer, doctor, a teacher they have always been here for me. They support us 100%. Kool Kids is one of the best families to be a part of. So on behalf of the rest of the Weave Kool Kids and switch leaders thank you Bendigo Community Bank for keeping this family alive.

– Lizzie


I started Kool Kids in 2011. I am now 14 years old. I have been doing Kool kids for six years.

What I love about Kool kids, is it has helped boost my confidence. It has helped me not loose shame and it has helped me learn about my culture. As soon as I became a Kool kid, my brother and sister wanted to be a part of it and now they are part of it and they try and go on as many programs as possible. As a kid, I loved the program. I got to make new friends, learn new things, have fun, and go to go places I dreamed of. Now as a Switch leader, it’s my job to act as a role model to the younger leads like I have seen other switches do. We help out with the programs and it makes me feel like a leader and that I have a role.

This makes me feel special, if it was not for Kool kids, I would probably be getting in a lot of trouble. They have helped me realise I can reach for my dreams. I love seeing my little brother and sister also have the opportunities I have had. I thank Bendigo Community Bank for helping me have these opportunities they would not be possible without you.

Weave Kool Kids Club works with over 170 children a year and each child and young person gets the same support I have got. This is something that is so special and I don’t know what we would do without it. I am going to sing a little song we made with Kool Kids worker Evie it captures finding your voice.