On Friday May 26th Weave Kool Kids Club got an awesome opportunity to go to the Swans vs. Hawthorn game and verse other youth services and primary schools at halftime for the Indigenous Round.

At 4:00pm Beau and Adam who came along to hang with the KKC, were off to pick up the little ones. After all the pickups were done we bought them back to the office to feed them before we headed off to the oval.

6:20pm ~ We were at the gate ready to collect our tickets but while we were waiting we saw some kids from La Perouse Public School and the kids got excited seeing each other, so they decided to play around with the free Frisbee’s & Bouncy Ball’s they all got outside the stadium until the lady Arianna came with the tickets.

6:50pm ~ It was time to find our seats and settle the kids until it was time to get them inside into the changing rooms and run them through the rules.

7:20pm ~ Coaches and goal umpires had to go through a briefing with some of the members from Auskick to show us where to take the children.

7:50pm ~ The game started! We sat and watched the first 15mins of it then we were collected by the Auskick team and at this point I could see the excitement and nervous looks on some of the kid’s face’s, but they were ready!

8:15pm ~ Ready to go on the field! The kids are fired up and ready to go and have some fun when that halftime buzzer went off their faces were lit up and they were encouraging each other and the crowd as they were running on. The Kool Kids started playing against NCIE and both teams went extremely well, especially for the kids who had no idea of the rules and what to do. After the incredible performance from both teams, it was time to get off the field.

8:25pm ~ Getting the kids changed back into the normal clothes then it was time to say a big thank you and goodbye to the Auskick team and then it was time to take the little ones back home to their parents! It was a night I’m sure we will always remember and cherish!!

Thank you AFL Australia for giving us this incredible opportunity.