Once again we’ve come to the end of an amazing school term with our young La Perouse Kool Kids. This term, we were lucky enough to collaborate with Sydney’s amazing Belvoir Theatre to deliver a super fun acting program for our Kool Kids. Each week, either Jane or Katie from Belvoir Theatre came out to the Kool Kids Clubhouse and ran super engaging performance related games with the Kool Kids. Their favourite game was one centred around storytelling, where one kid would tell a story and each of the kids had to pick a character in the story and act out the scenes for it. It was really fun to watch their special imaginations unfolding before our eyes!

This acting program was especially important for the Kool Kids that were chosen to participate, as we witnessed each of them gain more confidence in a group setting, and also watched the development of their performance skills. As always, the program was great for helping the Kool Kids venture out of their comfort zones, and also to make friends with people they don’t get to interact with often. Ultimately, the acting program signifies everything that the Kool Kids Club staff aim for in working with our young people: a safe space, skill development, relationship building, respect amongst the Kool Kids and most of all, FUN!!!

I want to thank everyone who was involved with the term 3 acting program, including the Kool Kids staff (Beau, Lucy, Troy and myself), Briana (La Perouse Public School Social Work Student), the super special Kool Kids and especially Jane, Katie and … from the Belvoir Theatre. The program was very special, and we cannot wait to do it all again next time.

Until next time, Karlie!