Each January for the past four years we have had a “Switch Transition Camp.” The three-day camp provides practical tools for the year 7 students, on how to overcome obstacles, work through problems and different situations.

The camp helps the young people to better manage their time for their new journey into high school and body change. This camp is organised by Stand Up and we can’t thank you enough for providing these opportunities for Weave’s Kool Kids. Weave Kool Kids Inner City were at the campsite too, so we got to hang out and get to know some of the kids as well, which was great. STAND UP had some really great activities, the topics included bullying, building self-esteem, managing time and coping with stress and change. There were also activities like canoeing, giant swing, catapult building and archery but unfortunately, we missed out on archery due to the weather.

We arrived at Camp Wombaroo around lunch time where we seen the STAND UP team patiently waiting to meet and greet us. We all headed into the activities room and we did a cool icebreaker activity, where we had to balance our seat in a circle while one person shouts out “LEFT” “RIGHT” or “SPIN” and whoever drops their seat is out. We followed this activity with another icebreaker called “Ninja.” We all stood in a circle and tried to slap the other person’s hand but you could only move once. After the activities, we were shown to our cabins and we put our belongings away and got settled in. Then it was off to canoeing. Canoeing was so much fun and everyone got involved. It was a great way to cool down in the terrible heat.

Thursday flew by with more great workshops that really engaged the kids, provoked thought and discussion and also taught them independence. Wamberoo workers (Sally and Bodey) took us to challenge ourselves in climbing a very high tree. It was great to see all the young people really challenge themselves and give it a go. Later on in the afternoon both boys and girls did a catapult challenge. We finished off the night with watching a movie after dinner then it was off to bed.

Friday was a bit of a crazy day, we just stayed inside all day doing different activities because of the rain. We still made the most out of it and had fun, Ariana made some cool little athletic challenges like high jump, long jump and triple jump. After such an awesome day it was time for the presentations followed up with some lunch then it was back on the bus back to home sweet home.

Every year Stand up volunteers organise amazing activities and put on a camp that the Kool Kids remember forever. This year we gave the volunteers a gift of an artwork made by the kids and some digging sticks. I explained to the group the meaning of these objects. Thank you Stand Up, it was great to see all your activities come to life. Also a huge thanks to OEG your camp staff are incredible and really helped the kids reach for their dreams and challenge themselves. Thanks again for a great camp.