Streetbeat Bus

Many young people do not have family members or other adults who can pick them up from their Friday or Saturday night outings. The Streetbeat Bus picks up young people from across the inner west and inner city areas of Sydney for FREE between 9pm and 2am and drives them home or to another safe place.

Importantly, this service also provides an opportunity for young people to make contact with Weave youth workers and be referred for assistance if the young person needs help in other ways.

"Streetbeat is always there to take me home when I’ve been out and they were really fantastic with my little cousin when she started hanging around Glebe. They made sure she was taken back to my Auntie’s place."

- Weave client

Our Streatbeat Bus that helps young adults get home safe every Friday and Saturday night.


Safe Trips Home


Young People used Streetbeat in 2017

Casework & Counselling

This program assists Aboriginal young people aged between 12 – 18 years of age. Many of the young people we assist are at risk of homelessness and alcohol/drug use and need intensive support to get back on track. Service delivery includes a lot of outreach work. This involves meeting young people on their “own turf” to build trust and facilitate positive relationships.

What we offer intensive case management to help Koori young people access:

  • Birth certificates and other identification
  • Accommodation
  • Education and training
  • Employment assistance
  • Court support
  • Dental, general and mental health
  • Support with Centrelink
  • Transport services
  • Recreational activities
  • Advocacy counselling
  • Expressive therapy

"I like the youth services because the workers are nice, are there when I need them and help me to access things I wouldn’t normally be able to access. The environment is good as it is laid back and relaxed."

- Weave client