Light Up is a youth resilience program for young people in years 5 to 12. The workshops are designed to empower and build resilience in young people to reduce the impacts of mental health issues and youth suicide rates by helping participants navigate the challenges that life throws at them.

"Some of the Youth Advocates shared their stories about tough times and this made me feel more comfortable with telling and sharing stories of me.”

– Light Up participant

Light Up workshops are about creating a safe and nurturing space for young people to have the hard conversations and shed a light on issues often kept in the dark.

Workshops are co-facilitated by professional counsellors alongside Youth Advocates, young people who have been recipients of services in their lives and have lived experience of mental health, substance use, grief, loss, family violence and other issues.

Light Up's Aim

  • Empower young people with knowledge and skills
  • Encourage young people to reach out for support
  • Connect young people to themselves, to others and the wider community
  • Build resilience in young people so they know they can bounce back from hard times and that everybody goes through hard times and it is part of life
  • Develop young people’s capacity to empathise and be kind and compassionate to each other
  • Give young people hope for their future

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Key Program Sponsor

Thank you to Gotcha4Life for making this program possible.

"I didn’t even know there was such a thing as emotional abuse – I think I am in a relationship like that now.”

– Light Up participant