Weave’s Kool Kids Club (KKC) is an early intervention and prevention program providing children aged 7-13 years, with opportunities to engage in recreational activities and mentoring. Focused on improving social health and wellbeing, connection to culture and promoting strength and resilience, Weave KKC works with local schools to deliver free after school and holiday activity programs for young people in Sydney.

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“I hope the Kool Kids Club stays in the community forever. We need more of these programs as it helps children stay focused in their lives and have more respect for others.”

- Auntie Maxine, Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Focused on resilience & wellbeing

Activities are purpose driven and designed to address underlying issues. The Kool Kids Club builds connections with community and family, creating a safe, comfortable environment that allows our kids to have fun, make friends, and learn new skills. Through this, our Kool Kids quickly develop their self-esteem and sense of independence, and are better placed to overcome hardships.

At KKC, every child has the opportunity to:

  • Engage in recreational activities like overnight camps, bushwalking, rock climbing, and cultural excursions
  • Work closely with our Advocates to improve their social health and wellbeing
  • Build a stronger connection to their culture
  • Foster strength and resilience in every area of life




Aboriginal Children


Young Leaders


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Kool Kids Club La Perouse

Kool Kids Club runs Monday to Friday from 3pm – 6pm, with our KKC bus collecting students from schools throughout our district.

Address:1B Prince Edward St, Malabar

Phone: 02 8974 1588 / 0420 531 699