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Formerly known as the Shop, and established in more than 30 years ago, Weave Women and Children's Centre offers a supportive and holistic drop in, casework, and groupwork program to women with children aged 0-12, and women experiencing domestic violence. We are open Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:30 and Fridays by appointment. We work from a strengths-based perspective, with a focus on family relationships and child wellbeing.
Our aims:

• To offer a safe and welcoming space for women and children
• To support women to identify and build upon their strengths
• To ensure the physical safety of women and their children
• To support women to make positive life choices and engage in healthy relationships
• To reduce vulnerability factors, such as homelessness, domestic violence and drug and alcohol issues, and child protection risks
• To strengthen relationships between women and their children

Our Team

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Staying Home Leaving Violence Caseworker



Staying Home Leaving Violence and Early Intervention and Prevention Caseworker



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Early Intervention Caseworker and Groupworker



Early Intervention Caseworker



Early Intervention Caseworker



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Our Clients

Women with children aged 0-12 living in and around the City of Sydney LGA, and/or women leaving violent relationships living in the Redfern, Marrickville and Glebe Local Area Commands. We also provide drop-in support and basic casework to a small number of older women without children living locally. Approximately 70% of our clients are Aboriginal.

Our Programs

EIPP (Early Intervention and Prevention Program) – funded by NSW Family and Community Services, $269,000 per year. The focus of EIPP is early intervention and child protection for families with children aged 0-12.
Staying Home Leaving Violence – also funded by NSW Family and Community Services, $197,000 per year. This program aims to support women to leave violent relationships and stay in their own homes, or a home of their choice, by providing casework, court support, safety planning and brokerage to fund security upgrades.
Many of the women we work with at the Women and Children's Centre fit criteria for both of our programs, and we are able to offer them a comprehensive combination of the above services.

Services We Provide


we offer casework in 3-month blocks. We use a case plan model of service delivery, where we work with women to develop goals and support them to work towards these. Case plans are reviewed every 3 months, and new goals are set where appropriate. Some of the issues we commonly support women with are housing and homelessness, parenting issues, child protection issues, domestic violence, legal issues, drug and alcohol issues and poverty. Casework is usually delivered in the Centre, however we do home visits and outreach where necessary, particularly in the Staying Home Leaving Violence program.

One-off Casework Sessions

Two mornings a week, we provide one-off casework sessions to women who don't need ongoing casework but require worker support for a short-term issue such as form filling, discussing a parenting issue, or having a referral made.

Drop-In Service

Women are welcome to drop in to use the phone, pick up a food parcel, use the computer or have a cuppa.

Oz Harvest and EAPA vouchers

Each Tuesday and Wednesday, we distribute food parcels donated by Oz Harvest (see below). We also give out EAPA (electricity bill) vouchers 3 afternoons per week.
Groupwork – we offer a range of therapeutic and parenting groups such as 123 Magic, Tuning In To Kids, Keeping Children Safe and Bringing Up Great Kids. We usually run 1-2 groups per term.
Childminding – underpinning all of the above is our childminding service, which we offer 3 days per week to women who come to the Centre for casework or groupwork.

Our data



Over 2014-2015








11 over 2 groups

57 over 8 groups

Child Minding

Average 6 per week


One-Off Casework Sessions

Average 2 per week


Drop-In Support

30-50 per week

Approx 1500 occasions of service


Our Partnerships
We have service delivery partnerships with the following agencies:
CAPS (Carer and Parent Support) Ashfield - We have co-facilitated Keeping Children Safe parenting group with CAPS twice this year. Last year we also co-facilitated Wrapped in Angels, a therapeutic group for women who have experienced trauma.
St George Community Housing (SGCH) - We have been selected by SGCH as nominating partners in both their CHAP (Community Housing of Aboriginal People) and their PJSHP (Port Jackson Supported Housing Program). Both of these programs are targeted and not open for application from the wider community. This year, we have worked in partnership with St George to house 12 women through the CHAP and 2 women through the PJSHP.
Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women's Legal Service Marrickville – A Wirringa Baiya solicitor offers Outreach legal advice to Aboriginal women at the Women and Children's Centre on a monthly basis.
Legal Aid Early Intervention Service – a Legal Aid solicitor offers Outreach Family Law advice to women at the Women and Children's Centre on a fortnightly basis
CONNECT Redfern Alexandria Park – CONNECT Redfern is a community centre based in Alexandria Park Public School. We have delivered 123 Magic parenting group as an Outreach Project at CONNECT twice this year.
Relationships Australia Family Relationship Centre – we are currently in negotiations with this service around a mediation Outreach program at the Women and Children's Centre.
Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Scheme (WDVCAS) – Our Domestic Violence Caseworker participates in the WDVCAS roster, attending the Downing Centre Court once a month to support women who are attending domestic violence hearings.
Oz Harvest – Oz Harvest visit weekly and drop off unused food they have collected from supermarkets and restaurants, which we distribute to the community
Dandelion Support Network – Dandelion Support Network collect donated baby equipment and children's clothes. We have an MOU with this organisation, which allows us to refer families and collect packages of donated goods to pass on.



Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.