Kool Kids Club Survival Tips Photography Workshop

Posted by: KatieSharman July 13th, 2015

For 7 weeks, our Kool Kids Club visited various locations around Sydney, armed with Canon SLRs and guided by our wonderful photographer and teacher, Tristan, and our incredible Kool Kids leaders, Lucy, Evie and Mel. We visited Lady Macquarie's Chair for shots of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Fernside Skate Park to capture some tricky movement shots of skaters and riders, The Block in Redfern to shoot the iconic Aboriginal Flag and their local beach at Maroubra to capture some beautiful beach shots at dusk. 

We started the first week by sharing our 'Survival Tips' with each other and and hearing Tristan's story and inspiring journey to photography, and his own Survival Tips - which were 'get lost and take photos' and 'go for a swim in the ocean' which the kids could really connect to. The kids shared lots of their own Survival Tips and tips for getting through hard or sad times - which included "listening to the sound of the waves", "going to the beach", "playing with my dog", and "playing footy".

Over the next 7 weeks we experimented with portraiture and composition and using different lenses at all the different locations we visited. For the last workshop, we celebrated with a Kool Kids Photography Exhibition in Maroubra, where Weave staff, the kids and their families came to see the best photos from the workshops proudly hung on the walls. Every participant received a beautiful award for completing the workshop and there were lots of group and funny photos taken with everyone. Zac received 'Tristan's Apprentice Award' which he was very proud and excited about. We finished the night by watching a slideshow of the rest of the photographs that had been taken and lots of hilarious behind the scenes moments captured over the weeks. This was really special for the parents and family members at the exhibition, who commented how much they enjoyed seeing what their kids were seeing and choosing to capture through the lens. It was a wonderful night that celebrated the Kool Kids' new skills and achievements and honoured their amazing creative journey and special new friendships that had been formed. 

A very special thank you to the Kool Kids Club Team Leader and staff, Lucy, Mel and Evie, who always do such a fantastic job, and to the Kool Kids for making this such a meaningful and successful program, and finally to Tristan, who made each week exciting and lots of fun, and who all the kids adore. 

Check out the amazing photos below, taken by the Kool Kids and by Tristan. Read more about our Kool Kids Club Program in the 'Programs' section on the menu above. 

Visit Tristan's blog to read his reflection about the Kool Kids Workshops and how much of an impact this program has had on his own journey. 


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