Let's talk about mental wellbeing, over a cup of coffee 

Posted by: KatieSharman November 22nd, 2015


During Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Weave Youth & Community Services partnered with some of our local cafes to promote our #WeaveSurvivalTips campaign. We printed a selection of tips from our local young people and community members onto stickers that cafes stuck on their takeaway coffee cups during October, donating $1 per 'Survival Tips' coffee to Weave. 

The campaign was a great success, and allowed us to connect with our local community and share inspiring and positive messages via daily caffeine hits; messages that encourage us all to value our mind and make mental wellbeing a priority in our daily lives. Weave raised $5000 that will go towards programs that support young people in our community to improve their mental health & wellbeing. To find out more out Weave's programs please visit:


In addition to the money raised, the campaign helped us reach over 6500 coffee (+ tea + chai + hot chocolate) drinkers in Sydney, and through support for the campaign on social media we reached up to 164000 social media users. 

We would like to sincerely thank all the cafes that got involved and their staff and customers for supporting Mental Health Awareness and contributing their own valuable #WeaveSurvivalTips. A very special thanks to everyone who supported us by purchasing their 'Survival Tips' coffee and getting involved in the campaign on social media. 

Vivo Cafe, Sydney CBD | @vivocafe

Three Williams, Redfern | @threewilliamscafe

Don Campos, Alexandria | @doncamposcoffee

Scouts Honour, Redfern | @scouts_honour

PorcoRosso, Waterloo | @porcorossowaterloo

John Smith Speciality Coffee, Waterloo | @johnsmithcafe

Pavel & Co, Sydney CBD | @pavelandco.com.au

The Rag Land, Waterloo | @theragland

Dolcini Cafe, Putney | @dolcinicafeputney

Six Shooter, Menai | @sixshootermenai