Welcome to Weave Survival Tips!

Posted by: JackBrown March 26th, 2015

Giulia_WST.jpgWelcome to our Weave Survival Tips Blog! We are thrilled to be able to officially launch our Survival Tips project and have an online space to provide updates about the project and what we are up to.

Weave Survival Tips is a campaign that acknowledges that all people go through hard times and celebrates our unique ways of coping and surviving. Together, we are creating a space with this project where people feel safe and encouraged to share their Survival Tips. Our goal is to create an online resource of Survival Tips that is accessible and constantly expanding and where people can identify and connect with other people’s experiences and tools for getting through tough times.

We believe that asking “what do you do to get through hard times?” is a positive way of shifting the focus from problem centred thinking to a strengths-based, resilience focused frame and we have experienced the power of this shift when people are so willing to share and contribute when they are asked to reflect on their strengths and what works for them.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to DeepEnd Creative Agency for their help and support with our Blog. We would also like to thank Inner West Sydney Partners in Recovery and the Australian Government Department of Health, who have funded Weave Survival Tips through their Innovative Grant Initiative. 

We look forward to sharing the Survival Tips journey with you! Please visit our Instagram feed for more Weave Survival Tips updates.  

This is our first blog post test for Weave Survival Tips. One of our Weavers, Giulia shares her Survival Tip #betruetoyourself


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