Speakout Program


The Speak Out program is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing to deliver this service to young people in need across Sydney. The name "Speakout" refers to the need to discuss mental health issues in the wider community and is a program that is flexible and responsive to young people and local community needs. 

Speak Out works with young people who may be experiencing a combination of systemic disadvantages connected or related to socio economic disadvantage, low literacy and numeracy levels, chronic homelessness and contact with the criminal justice system. For many young people in this program these disadvantages are compounded with the presence of Alcohol and Drug use and emerging or diagnosed mental health conditions.

The program works intensely with young people to empower them to make sense of their circumstances and support their achievement of their desired quality of life.

Caseworkers work with young people to develop an action plan with the young person to empower young people to achieve their short term and long term goals, deal with challenging circumstances or provide support for young people in crisis.

Counsellors work with young people who require this service. This can be provided as a stand alone service or in combination with case work requirements of young people. Counsellors at Weave are trained to provide both dual counselling and casework services.

Project workers coordinate activities, groups and events for clients in the Speak Out program and other young people that fall into this target group. These programs are open to young people receiving casework and counselling support and also available to young people in the community to drop in and participate in.

To make a referral for a young person to access any of the programs or services offered through the Speak Out team please contact Weave on 9318 0539. 



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