Touch Footy Comp – Holiday Program

 On Tuesday 4th July during the School Holidays, Kool Kids held their annual NAIDOC Touch Footy Comp down at Yarra Oval. The Lapa Kool Kids Team were up bright and early with the buses getting ready to pick up kids and to drop them off at the oval. The kids were super pumped and excited to get on the field. They were all greeted with some light morning snacks and fruit upon their arrival, which our amazing workers and volunteers all helped with. Everyone then warmed up with some fun games and bull rush to start off with.


The kids were split into teams and were separated into two different comps on the field whilst Beau, Matt and Moses helped out refereeing the games.The day consisted of different fun activities including, the footy, art, music and everyone enjoyed a tasty delicious BBQ kindly provided by the Maroubra Youth Off The Streets team. We were extremely fortunate to have had a huge turnout more than 70 children, families and supporters – sadly as you all know it was also my Farewell. During the break I enjoyed connecting and entertaining everyone whilst enjoying lunch one last time together. I felt very lucky to have my good friend/guitarist Adrian join me on guitar too.


Our very own little Dwayne Carr  also jumped up and ripped out his deadly rap while some of the other younger girls stood up and joined me and to sing ‘True Colours”, it was a moment I’ll never forget.Thank you to Lucy & our dream team here at Weave & KKC for your beautiful gifts & heartfelt speeches and to all the amazing kids who presented me with their gorgeous hanging artwork that they designed and created themselves at the Art Table with the help of our awesome and talented Karlie Stewart.It was indeed a picture perfect day and words cant even begin to describe how incredibly grateful I am to everyone that came down to show your love and support, it truly means the world to me. And also to all the kids and their families who expressed their gratitude towards me with some of the most precious flowers, gifts and cards that I have ever received in my life!


Your presence alone on the day was a huge blessing. Again it shows how important and significant we are as workers in the eyes of the precious young people, their families and their communities that we are fortunate enough to work in. It has been an absolute honour and one of the greatest experiences of my life working with you all.Thank you once again to everyone who came along and contributed to make this day so special, you are loved and appreciated!



Year 7 Switch Camp


On Thursday the 14th of July, Weaves' Kool Kids Club began our 2nd Switch campfor 2017 in partnership with a Jewish leadership organisation, Stand Up. On this camp, we had nine amazing young people come along, accompanied by six of our incredible Kool Kids workers and four awesome Stand Up workers.

 Lucy, Mel, Beau, Adam and myself met at Kool Kids Club on Thursday morning to do some last minute prep, then we hopped onto our busses and got on our merry way to pick the Switch’s up. Following pick-ups, we headed to Stand Up’s clubhouse, Habo House in Waverly. Once at Habo House, the Switch’s joined in on some super fun icebreakers to warm everyone up, then we had some time to unpack and settle in before discussing the theme of the camp.

Importantly, the camp was centred on healthy relationships, and physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing as themes that are extremely significant for our young people. All of the activities that our Switch’s enjoyed were structured around the main themes of the camp, and through this, our young people engaged really well with topics that they could relate to. Following day one’s activities on the themes of the camp, the Switch’s packed their lunches and we headed off to SkyZone in Alexandria for a super fun afternoon of SkyClimb. The rest of Thursday with our Switch group and Stand Up was amazing; we ate lunch, played a game of netball (mostly to keep ourselves warm) and enjoyed more activities around emotional wellbeing. After some downtime, we walked to Our Big Kitchen in Bondi to cook our dinner: Zucchini and Sweet Corn Fritters, and Spaghetti Bolognese, followed by delicious apple strudel for dessert! Yum!


Fortunately for myself, Beau and Adam, the Switch’s were so exhausted from their big day that, apart from a couple of giggling girls, bedtime was (mostly) a breeze. However, true to form, those giggling girls were the hardest to wake in the morning. Once everyone was awake, we packed all of our things up, ate brekky super quick whilst awaiting Evie’s arrival and then got started for the day!

Our Friday was jam-packed! We started off with some more activities regarding healthy friendships, emotional regulation and teamwork. By this point, our Switch’s were well and truly exhausted from engaging in all of the activities, so we headed off to Sydney Aquatic Centre at Olympic Park for the rest of the afternoon. The Aquatic Centre was super fun, the Switch’s hung out in all of the play pools for an hour, then we headed to the diving pool where they went crazy jumping off of the diving boards. Some of them were so brave and took on the 7.5 metre diving block! Eeeek!


 By the time Friday afternoon rolled around, our Switch’s had bonded so well with one another, and some were quite sad to be going home and leaving their friends. On the way home, we played games of Spotto (obviously I couldn’t let any of the kids win), sang our hearts out and slept. All of the kids thanked us and asked when the next camp will be as they got off the bus at their homes.

 As expected, our Switch’s were so well behaved throughout the whole camp. They were respectful, polite and open to learning new things. Kool Kids workers have no doubt that our amazing Switch group will grow into amazing young leaders. Big THANKS to Hayim, Yionni, Laura and Daniel from Stand Up for putting together an amazing camp for our young people. Thank you to the amazing Nicole Mekler, for coming along and helping out. Last but not least, thank you to our incredible Kool Kids workers! You each work tirelessly to ensure our precious young people are cared for, comfortable and loved, which is invaluable


Tuesday - Cooking From All Over The World 

0T1A9489.jpg 0T1A9465.jpg0T1A9393.jpg

 During Term 2, we had a huge group of Kool Kids engage in our Cooking From All Over The World program. We held the program at The Shack and each week the kids had the wonderful opportunity to experience different cuisines from various countries including Spain, Italy, China, Philippines and our very own Indigenous cooking with Jess Sinnot on the last week.We were very fortunate to have so many amazing volunteers from EY and local friends from the Sydney community, who all kindly shared their knowledge and cooking skills with us.


 We would like to thank everyone who helped this program each week and for investing your love, time and energy into the kids. It was such a fantastic program!Each kid received a certificate of participation on the last week and received a cool little winter pack with gloves, socks and a beanie for winter - which were kindly donated by the Property Industry Fund last year. 


Namatjira Dreaming Program. Term 2 

On Monday 19th June we celebrated the final day for the term of the wonderful Namatjira Dreaming program. It was a good turn out of local kids and some community members attended to celebrate and have a BBQ.  Some staff from Kooloora Community Centre, Aunty Maxine and also Weaves' new CEO Greg come down to see the kids and the program. This was awesome and very kind of them, we appreciate that they took the time to come down and enjoy a good afternoon with us. I would also like to thank the volunteers (Nicki & Manny) who have been so dedicated in making these kids enjoy every moment spent with us. They have created so many different arts and craft activities every week.  I also showed the kids how to make some yummy potato salad to go with our delicious BBQ which the kids and adults enjoined.The kids also made a vision board with some healthy messages, food and pictures of themselves to keep at the Community Centre.  At the end we did our presentation with help from Greg and we presented all the kids and volunteers with awards and some gifts! It was a little pack filled with beanies, socks and gloves and they were very appreciative. Thank you to the Property Industry Fund for the donation.


This is such a special program for these kids throughout the term because not only is it a place for them to come down and learn how to eat healthy and do healthy activities but also a place for them to come down and feel safe having fun with all their family and friends. We have done so much through this term like teaching them how to make healthy food from a healthy website such as creamy bacon cabonara, tacos, Omelettes, satay chicken noodles, san choi bao and other delicious foods.I would also like to thank Karlie Stewart for her time spent with us at Nama you are a huge help! The kids love her and she is such a great person to have around.

Thank you South Eastern Sydney Local Health District keeping this wonderful program alive and for the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet who have sponsored our program.

Surfboard Donation


Local Maroubra legend, ex world surfing champion & surfing Hall of Fame inductee, Lynette Mackenzie, cruised into the Weave’s Kool Kids office with surfboards, leg ropes, a wetsuit tucked under her arms and a smile from ear to ear. She was excited to donate two of her own sponsored custom made Nirvana boards for our little Kool Kids grommets to use.  

Lynette was bitten by the infectious Kool Kids vibe during her time volunteering with us on the Aboriginal Surfing Program & more recently at our 3 day Salt Water Dreaming Surf Camp at Gerroa. Lynette’s experience & knowledge has been invaluable. Her belief in the kid’s surfing is evident and her commitment to our community is priceless, as is having the opportunity to have access to state of the art boards. Lynette we thank you for all that you do for our Kool Kids and we are very grateful to have you as part of our surfing team. 

Switch Movie night


On Thursday 5th May ten excited switch leaders met at The Shack ready to head into the city to attend the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 5. The leaders were very excited as we arrived at the Events Cinema. We were greeted by the team at Ernst & Young who assisted the crew by collecting our complimentary popcorn & drinks. The kids represented Weave in true style, and with their good manners on show, they received double popcorn & drinks which made for an interesting evening!  The tickets were allocated to 10 leaders as a reward & thank you to their commitment to the Kool Koll Switch leader program. Well done leaders & thank you for a memorable evening.

Thank you to Ernst & Young for this special opportunity by donating 12 tickets to Weave’s Kool Kids Club. 

Friday Term 2 – Music & Performance Program


During Term 2, the Kool Kids Club ran a first time ever, special Music & Performance program with Evie, which was held every Friday, each week at The Shack in Maroubra.

The program consisted of fun, musical engaging activities, which allowed the kids to learn various different songs, movement & vocal warm ups, as well as participating in ice breakers that encouraged the kids to open up and feel comfortable to express their talent and to not be shame.As the weeks continued, the kids started to work on their own individual and group performances and focused on rehearsing tirelessly each week in lead up to their showcase, which was last Friday 23rd June, it was a great success.


It was amazing to see so many of the kids families join the night to watch them perform their special acts that they worked so hard on and rehearsed throughout the duration of the program.Many of the kids mothers that attended the showcase, were so moved by the performances that it brought many tears to their eyes!

This program was initially set up to be the main performance group that will perform at the many different upcoming events with Weave. It’s such a special crew, these kids are passionate and growing so much more with their self confidence, self-esteem and pride for themselves. THANK YOU to both Barnados Family Referral Service and the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet who have helped these incredible young people find their voice.

April Salt Water Dreaming Camp

Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th & Friday 21st


April 2017. On Wednesday 19th April, Kool Kids once again hit the road to Gerroa for our annual Salt Water Dreaming Camp.  This year we had fifteen kids and our incredible team of six workers who were keen and pumped to hit the surf. Lucy, Beau and our amazing placement student Karlie had an early start and went to set up the tents, while Mel & Evie picked the kids up. This year we were also fortunate to have the awesome, talented pro surfer Lynette McKenzie who kindly volunteered her time with us on camp. Lynette really paved the way for all upcoming female surfers today – we felt so privileged to have Lynette on board with us. We also had a few new youngsters join us for their first time on SWD Camp this year, which was really exciting and special.

 We stopped at the Kiama blow hole for a lunch break, and let the kids have a bit of a stretch and play before hitting the road again to arrive at Gerroa Discovery Park which is where we camped for the whole three days.  The rest of our team had the tents set up ready for everyone to settle into.

 As we all gathered underneath the shelter to begin, we went over Camp Rules and the themes for this year’s camp, which were ‘SURF, CULTURE & KOOL TO BE KIND’. Beau & Karlie elaborated on the fact that we were all standing on another country and explained to the kids how important it is to be respectful to the land as well as showing respect in all aspects on camp, this resonated with the kids and really did shine throughout their behaviour during the whole three day


 DAY 1: After lunch the kids got changed into their wet suits and were ready to hit the surf for the first day. The weather was absolutely perfect, we were blessed with blue skies and the ocean provided the goods with perfect waves for the whole crew.After the surf we headed back to Surf Camp, had showers, got changed and had some dinner - Surf Camp Staff so kindly provide us with delicious meals each time.  We then got the kids ready for some storytelling by the campfire with the beautiful Aunty Julie Freeman, we are so grateful to have Auntie Julie share her stories with us each year, she truly captivates everyone when she speaks and is always so moved by being around us. By the end of the night the kids were sleepy and it took a while for them to drift off to sleep in their tents but it is always a late night on the first day of camp.


DAY 2:On Thursday morning we were woken by the crashing sounds of the waves and nature outside our tents. Everyone had to be up early for a 7.30am breakfast, and we then headed straight down to the beach ready to rip the waves up around 10am.  It was nice to surf in the morning, we had so many kids including the workers catch some really cool waves and some standing up on their boards for the first time which was deadly to see.

 After the surf we then headed back to surf camp did the usual shower, change, had lunch and headed out to the National Park where we were guided once again by the beautiful Aunty Dedre.Aunty Dedre had one of her grand daughters who accompanied her through the cultural talk. The kids got the chance to look at different medicinal plants, bush tucker and traditional items and weapons. It was nice to end the session making some yarn rope as Karlie & Beau entertained the kids with some last minute fun games and activities in the park.

We then headed back to the camp-site where the kids had a bit of free time – in between having the jumping pillow and the pool they had so much fun. Our student Karlie worked so hard to organise an incredible Art Workshop, which involved painting a surfboard that told a story about the Kool Kids journey from Sydney down to the south coast for Surf Camp. It looks so good! Karlie is originally from Nowra and being an Artist herself, she provided Aboriginal symbols and words for the kids to reference to and guided them to produce their own mini canvas artworks which was special – it was beautiful to see the kids connect so well with this activity through sharing their culture and different tribes & totems. Thank you Karlie for doing such a fantastic job with everything! It was great.We then had dinner and the kids snuggled up in the game room where we then watched a movie and had some yummy snacks.  By the time the movie was finished, the kids were exhausted! It began to rain slightly but eventually cleared up in the morning. Everyone fell asleep with ease ready for the last final day of surfing.


DAY 3:Early morning rise! We were awake at the crack of dawn, bodies were feeling sore (BUT it was a good sore J) we were already packing down the tents and had our bags piling back into the bus for our trip home. However, we had one more day of surfing to smash out!After exceptional team work from all the workers AND the kids we were able to pack down all the tents and clean up all the rubbish around the campsite, the kids were rewarded with a small treat for helping out. We were actually quiet impressed with their cooperation and willingness to help out this year. We headed over to the Surf Camp kitchen where we fuelled our bodies up with some good brekkie for the last surf.By 10am everyone was changed into they’re wetsuits and ready to hit the water.  Again we had gorgeous blue skies and the waves were perrrrfect. It was great to see everyone getting into the water and having a good go at surfing. We saw so many kids AND one staff stand up on their boards for the first time. It was so nice to see everyone smiling and enjoying them selves. This would have to be by far the most special camp that we’ve had as mentioned by the workers themselves.We headed back for lunch and a finished with a lovely presentation at Surf Camp where all the kids were acknowledged for their participation and efforts.A massive THANK YOU to Guy, Sam, Luke and the awesome team at Surf Camp for allowing us to have this opportunity once again.  Thank you for having us, and for always feeding us so well and for looking after us.


Thank you also Lynette for hanging out with us this year, we really appreciate you’re time spent with us and how you went above and beyond to provide the kids with some really cool surfboards to surf on whilst on camp and all the other many kind gestures, you truly have a heart of gold.Last but not least, thank you to our DREAM TEAM here at Kool Kids. We just want to give a huge shout out to Mel for doing such a fantastic job in organising this phenomenal camp every year. We are super grateful.

 Well done to everyone that was apart of it this year, it was great fun.

Aboriginal Surfing Program Term 1, 2017


We welcomed a number of new little “Grommets” to our surfing team this term which put a buzz through the surfing group.   

Mother Nature threw us some tough conditions for our Aboriginal Surfing Program at Maroubra Beach with large seas, strong winds & very dangerous beach conditions our program was cancelled 4 weeks out of the 8 week program. When we did surf the kids gave it their best to ride the waves and learn the art of surfing. Congratulations to our four team members who took out special awards for their efforts. We were very blessed to be joined by retired professional Australian Tour Surfer & Maroubra local charger, Lynette McKenzie who helped out with pushing kids onto waves, sharing her surfing expertise & keeping the kids safe in the ocean. Lynette, we are very honoured to have you join our program. Welcome to Weave’s Kool Kids family.

Surf Coaches Award - Juwarn Simpson & Isaac Kirosky

Fearless Award – Jahra Mongta

Surf Star Award – Jayla Forbes

Surf camp is just around the corner so the surfing vibe is still alive at Kool Kids.   Well done surf team, looking forward to seeing you at Surf Camp.  Thank you to our supporters Surfing NSW & Surf Camp Australia for making this program a success. A shout out to Dan & Wil, from Let’s Go Surfing, for their efforts and commitment to our Kool Kids surfing program.

Mel Kool Kids Activity Worker

KKC_Halftime_Auskick_6.jpg KKC_Halftime_Auskick_5.jpgKKC_Halftime_Auskick_3.jpg

KKC Halftime Auskick Sydney Cricket Ground 

On Friday May 26th  Weave Kool Kids Club got an awesome opportunity to go to the Swans vs. Hawthorn game and verse other youth services and primary schools at halftime for the Indigenous Round.

At 4:00pm Beau and Adam who came along to hang with the KKC, were off to pick up the little ones.  After all the pick ups were done we bought them back to the office to feed them before we headed off to the oval.

6:20pm ~ We were at the gate ready to collect our tickets but while we was waiting we saw some kids from La Perouse Public School and the kids got excited seeing each other, so they decided to play around with the free Frisbee’s & Bouncy Ball’s they all got outside the stadium until the lady Arianna came with the tickets.

6:50pm ~ It was time to find our seats and settle the kids until it was time to get them inside into the changing rooms and run them through the rules.

7:20pm ~ Coaches and goal umpires had to go through a briefing with some of the members from Auskick to show us where to take the children.

7:50pm ~ The game started! We sat and watched the first 15mins of it then we were collected by the Auskick team and at this point I could see the excitement and nervous looks on some of the kid’s face’s,  but they were ready!

8:15pm ~ Ready to go on the field! The kids are fired up and ready to go and have some fun, when that halftime buzzer went off their faces were lit up and they were encouraging each other and the crowd as they were running on. The Kool Kids  started playing against NCIE and both teams went extremely well, especially for the kids who had no idea of the rules and what to do. After the incredible performance from both teams it was time to get off the field. 

8:25pm ~ Getting the kids changed back into the normal clothes then it was time to say a big thank you and goodbye to the Auskick team and then it was time to take the little one’s back home to their parents! It was a night I’m sure we will always remember and cherish!! 

Thank you AFL Australia for giving us this incredible opportunity.   

Kool Kids Club Nature Play Program, Term 1 2017: A program to remember! 


An exciting program of last term for our many young Kool Kids was Nature Play at Centennial Parklands! Every Tuesday we picked our Kool Kids up from school and went on our merry way to our favourite outdoor classroom for jam-packed afternoons filled with birds, animals, nature-based games, clay, building, and most importantly, friendships. 

Upon arrival at Centennial Parklands, Sam, the amazing Coordinator of Education Services, greeted our Kool Kids with enthusiasm and excitement. Sam ran our outdoor programs with a keenness unlike any other, and she really tailored our sessions to suit the varying needs of our Kool Kids, which helped us see fantastic results in them. Importantly, Sam and her colleagues facilitated many activities at Centennial Park, such as fishing, kite-making, boat building and even the construction of Gunya’s (Gadigal word for shelter). The Kool Kids also thoroughly enjoyed the stories that Sam told about certain animals that live in Centennial Park, such as possums. It is without doubt that the Kool Kids learnt plenty through their interactions with Sam and the various activities she ran.

The Nature Play program had double the Koolness in term 1, as we partnered up with Matt, Loren and the Kool Kids from the Inner City Kool Kids Club for the first time. This was particularly special as we watched the two Kool Kids groups intertwine and establish caring and playful friendships with one another right from the first week. It was amazing to see the growth and learning of each of the Kool Kids in our outdoor classroom, especially regarding their interactions with one another. It was a privilege to experience a great partnership with the Inner City Kool Kids and we cannot wait to do it all over again!

 Ultimately, this program was established to help our Kool Kids venture from the indoors into the outdoors and forge a relationship with nature in a safe environment. This program helped our Kool Kids develop skills that only occur from spending time in nature, and the best part was that they did it with their friends. Our Kool Kids demonstrated nothing but respect and fondness when playing in the outdoor classroom at Centennial Parklands, and we could not be more proud of our Kool Kids for their achievements throughout the Nature Play program.

Importantly, considering the success of the Nature Play program in Term 1, 2017, MASSIVE thanks are in order for many parties. Firstly, THANK YOU so much to Centennial Parklands and especially Sam and her colleagues, this program would not have been as great as it was without your eagerness, knowledge of nature and awesome ability to teach your knowledge in a way that kids can be engaged in! THANK YOU to the Inner City Kool Kids for coming along each week and allowing both of our groups the opportunity to interact with one another in a Kool environment. THANK YOU to both Barnados Family Referral Service and the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet who have funded Nature Play, without your help our Kool Kids may not have learnt the skills that they learnt through being in our outdoor classroom, and they especially may not have developed such a special relationship with nature and all of its elements. THANK YOU to our AMAZING Kool Kids team, success in programs such as Nature Play occur only through amazing communication, respect and organisation demonstrated in all of the staff involved.  Most of all, a massive THANK YOU to our Kool Kids for being adventurous and courageous!

Until next time,

Aboriginal Social work Placement Student Karlie & The Kool Kids Team!


Namatjira Dreaming Program Term 1

Every Monday we go to Namatjira to teach kids the differences between healthy foods & unhealthy foods. Kool Kids Club also teach the kids how to cook healthy feeds for themselves and their family, we get all our healthy recipes from a cook book called “Made Fresh More Mad FEEDS” we have cooked things such as, Spaghetti primavera soup, Chicken & spinach pasta, Chicken burgers and other tasty foods.

 The kids love coming down and having the chance to help us make these tasty foods and smoothies for the staff, volunteers and their friends.  Not only do the kids  get to learn how to cook but they also can come down and learn different arts and crafts with our amazing volunteer Manny, who the kids just absolutely love. It’s also a time for the kids of the community just to come down and hang out and have heaps of FUN riding on the pushbikes and playing sport activities.


 Thank you to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District for funding this important program. 

Nama.jpg Nama_2.jpg 

Term one Early Morning Fitness 2017

Each week the Kool Kids bus wait patiently outside family homes from 6.30am to take the kids to the gym while Shane, our trainer from First Grade Fitness, is busy preparing the gym for our arrival.

Our Monday morning fitness program welcomed three new Switch Leaders to our team this term, Ariana, Coolalia & Jade. Our new members started high school this year so to have them commit to an early start each Monday was an awesome effort, well done girls.

Term 1 was by far our most successful term at the gym. Our leaders challenged themselves (and the staff) to push through the pain and complete weekly circuits as a team. Most weeks we were teamed up in groups or pairs, to see which team could complete the training first. Shane put a lot of thought into our weekly sessions which kept the kids pushing the limits.

On average we had 6-8 leaders attend the training each week which was followed by a fresh healthy breakfast on the beach before being dropped to school.

Congratulations to you all, and to Drew who won the award for best effort & commitment to the program. Huge thanks to Rasharyn & Ihi for staying committed and working out with us girls. Boys, we enjoyed beating you in team challenges. To the Scott, Shane & the staff at First Grade Fitness thank you for getting the best out of the team this term. The confidence amongst the group is a highlight for us at Kool Kids. See you all bright and early in term 2. 


January Switch Year 7 Transition Camp 


Each January for the past 4 years we have had a “Switch transition Camp.” The three-day camp provides practical tools for the year 7 students, on how to overcome obstacles, work through problems and different situations. The camp helps the young people to better manage their time for their new journey into high school and body change. This camp is organised by Stand Up and we can't thank you enough for providing these opportunities for Weave's Kool Kids.  Weave Kool Kids Inner City were at the camp site to, so we got to hangout and get to know some of the kids as well, which was great. STAND UP had some really great activities, the topics included bullying, building self-esteem, managing time and coping with stress and change. There was also activities like canoeing, giant swing, catapult building and archery but unfortunately we missed out on archery due to the weather.


We arrived at Camp Wombaroo around lunch time where we seen the STAND UP team patiently waiting to meet and greet us.  We all headed into the activities room and we did a cool ice breaker activity, where we had to balance our seat in a circle while one person shouts out “LEFT” “RIGHT” or “SPIN” and whoever drops their seat is out.  We followed this activity with another ice breaker called “Ninja.” We all stood in  a circle and tried to slap the other person’s hand but you could only move once.  After the activities we were  shown to our cabins and we put our belongings away and got settled in. Then it was off to canoeing.Canoeing was so much fun and everyone got involved. It was a great way to  cool down in the terrible heat.


Thursday flew by with more great workshops that really engaged the kids, provoked thought and discussion and also taught them independence. Wamberoo workers (Sally & Bodey) took us to challenge ourselves in climbing a very high tree. It was great to see all the young people really challenge themselves and give it a go.  Later on in the afternoon both boys and girls did a catapult challenge. We finished off the night with watching a movie after dinner then it was off to bed.


Friday was a bit of a crazy day, we just stayed inside all day doing different activities because of the rain.   We still made the most out of it and had fun, Ariana made some cool little athletic challenges like high jump, long jump and triple jump.  After such an awesome day it was time for the presentations followed up with some lunch then it was back on the bus back to home sweet home.


Every year Stand up volunteers organise amazing activities and put on a camp that the Kool Kids remember forever. This year we gave the volunteers a gift of an artwork made by the kids and some digging sticks. I explained to the group the meaning of these objects.  Thank you Stand Up, it was great to see all your activities come to life. Also a huge thanks to OEG your camp staff are incredible and really helped the kids reach for their dreams and challenge them selves. Thanks again for a great camp. 






Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.