Just Reinvest 


Kool Kids Activity Worker Keenan and 2 Switch Leaders attended a morning tea in support of Just Reinvest NSW hosted at Government House by his Excellency General Hurley. It was wonderful to see our young men stand for such important issues and advocate for funding to be diverted from incarceration and moved into early intervention programs that support children and young people to lead better lives. ‪#‎communityhastheanswers‬

Click here to here the podcast 

Weave Christmas Party and Hamper Drop Off 2015 


Weaves Kool Kids Team delivered hampers and gifts to every child and all Weave Kool Kids Club Families.  This is possible thanks to the neighbours at the Australian Technology Park,  Sparke Helmore Lawyers, AFL Australia,  Lee Shaberman from Benevolent Society and all the families from the Zig and Zag Long Day Care Centre in Botany.  

Thank you also to Emma Brunton, Rosemary Workman, Maryann Walsh and Tony Reynolds from the Sparke Helmore Lawyers, who came to pack all the food hampers with us and to Leah Harman for organising the food drive. 

 A big thank you to all the families from the Australian Technology Park and Zig Zig Childcare who took the time to find the perfect gift and this enables us to bring so much joy to the community. 

 Words can not describe how amazed we are by all this generosity.  It has made such a difference to so many families this christmas,  thank you so much for your contribution. 

 One grandmother said today  'Kool Kids is the best thing that has happened in our lives, you are all amazing and I am very grateful. '


Kool Kids  Christmas Party 2015


 On Tuesday 8th December we had our annual Weave Kool Kids Christmas Party down at Yarra Bay. This year we had a massive turn out with over 100 children, families, services and elders attending!  We are so grateful to have had so many people help out and contribute to the activities including Sam from the Nature Play program at Centennial park, AFl NSW and  Alex and the crew from Bauerdbird created a beautiful artwork with the kids on the day.

20151208-TRI_4839.jpg Other representatives came along from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,  Junction Neighbourhood Centre, Shack Youth Services- Benevolent Society, Youth off the streets, David and Adele, All Sorts Fitness and Wellness Centre, Tristan and his photography team, Gaby from YSC Sydney and her wonderful BBQ skills, Volunteers Michelle, Nicole and Maddy, Weave Staff & Stand Up Volunteers. Thank you so much for all your help and support on the day.

 The kids had fun swimming atthe beach, playing games, and getting their faces painted! Everyone enjoyed a BBQ lunch and the afternoon ended with the famous Santa Run (well done Keenan) the kids seem to be getting quicker each year! The afternoon ended with everyone receiving plenty of gifts and treats to take home.  

 The atmosphere was great, and it was so beautiful to have had so many families come down and take part in the event, it was truly special and a great way to celebrate the year and the fantastic community that we are part of. 

 All Photos by -  photographer Tristan Stefan Edouard

 Thank You everyone that has come together this year to support the Weave's Kool Kids Club Program. We have had a huge year and we could not have had the positive impact we have had without your support. We thank each and everyone of you. 

 We would like to send out a message to every one, this message came out of our anti bullying campaign this year the message is

 It's Kool To Be Kind

 The film clip to the song created within this theme will be ready in the new year and we will be launching  the song in all the local schools. 

Thank you to all our supporters  

 The Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet,

Randwick City Council, AFL NSW, Jan Ellis, Lynn Harvey, Ficap Finical industry, 

Lynn Harvey, Surf Camp Australia,  Ann and Ted Robinson, All Sorts Fitness and Wellness Centre, Benevolent Society - Shack Youth Service, Clovelly Bendigo Bank, Stand Up, Surfboard agency, Botanic Gardens & Centennial Parklands, Barnardos Family referral service, Housing NSW, Surfing NSW, Surf camp Australia, Telstra Team, OEG- The Outdoor Education Group, YSC Sydney, Sparke Helmore Lawyers and all the families from the Zig and Zag Long Day Care Centre in Botany and the Austrlian Tecnology Park 



Paint The Bus Program Term 4 2016 

 During Term 4 this year we were fortunate to work with a well-known local community Artist by the name of Angela. Over the first four weeks we brainstormed ideas for our new bus design.

The kids came up with some really cool and interesting ideas, which will eventually be put into a massive designed sticker for the new bus next year.We also traced around some of our Kool Kids Grandmas hands during one morning tea – we hope to incorporate the kid’s designs into the elder’s hands. We think this will be a beautiful and nice way to include our elders on the bus as well.

0T1A0312.jpgThe whole aspect of this program was to produce artworks done by the kids that represent Strength in community as well as having positive messages projecting out, wherever the bus may go.The last four weeks we finished off making Story Books. Each Kool Kid received a book to decorate and tell their stories through pictures & words. The kids absolutely loved it and had so much fun scrapbooking and being creative.

Thank you to the Buck Foundation that donated the bus that we can now put our design on. 



Aboriginal Dance Program

 During Term 4 we had an amazing opportunity to work with well- known Australian, Indigenous contemporary Performer Kerry Johnson.  Kerry is a proud Wiradjuri woman who kindly gave up her time to share and impart her dancing skills and knowledge with the kids over an 8 week program. In this time the kids learnt three different Wiradjuri dances; A Welcome Dance, Murri Cod & The Emu dance. It was great to see the kids so proud, connecting to culture and expressing themselves as well as learning different movements, dancing techniques and communicating stories through dance.  

 Duffy Park Family Fun Day

On Friday 11th December, the Kool Kids Club took part in the Duffy Park Family Fun Day. There were many other community services involved as well and it was so nice to see so many kids and their families join in and participate in all the activities.WEAVE/Kool Kids Club had a stall with vision boards, the kids pasted on empowering words and messages and painted around them. We also had WEAVE’S Photo Booth & Survival Tips workshop running as well as T-shirt Screen Printing, which was very popular.There was free food, rides, tug of war, live music, races and prizes given out. It was very warm in the sun but eventually cooled down in the afternoon. We love being apart of this community event each year.

Early Morning Fitness

Scott Geddes, owner & operator of First Grade Fitness Maroubra (also ex first grade Rabbitohs player) ran our NEW Monday Early Morning Fitness program during term 4. First pick up’s started from 6.30am & some weeks appeared to be harder than others.

The program was open for the high school girls to try something new & positive, get fit, build confidence & feel good for summer. During the program we completed programs on the grass area at Maroubra beach where we did football drills, lots & lots of running along with squats, planks, push ups and stepping exercises. We were lucky enough to use Scott’s gym majority of the weeks, for most of the girls this was their first time accessing a local gym & getting familiar with the equipment. The girls & Lucy excelled in the gym………….. Mel struggled to keep up. Watching our crew complete boxing drills and circuits was very rewarding, they pushed themselves to the limit.

 Thanks to Kyra, Drew, Tenaya, Alana and Sisifa for staying committed. Bring on 2016 to do it all again.

Switch Girls Transition Program


We had a big group this term attend our four week year 6 transition program. The 4 weeks consisted of snorkelling, rock climbing, strength based workshops and lots of yarns about the transition to high school. On our final week we headed to Newtown to finish off with afternoon being pampered and having a professional photographer take the girls pictures at Camperdown Park, Newtown.

Our year wrapped up with a dinner at dong Dong’s Chinese restaurant where the switch boys joined us for a night of yummy food and plenty of laughs.

This program is a special one, we have had the privilege of walking alongside the girls from a young age and to watch them as they grow, learn & prepare for their teenage years is a rewarding pleasure. Good luck for next year’s transition to high school. We are proud of you all & are looking forward to becoming our new Switch Leaders next year. Mel

Term 4 Switch Boys


The switch boys program went for 4 weeks but the boys and I really enjoyed our time together, we had the opportunity to play Oz tag with Beau Champion and meet Nathan Hindmarsh.

Every week we spent 1 hour together talking about High school and all the different challenges they may or may not be faced with on the next step in their journey.

 We talked about homework, peer pressure, time management, bus timetables and the different support networks for them and where to find the right support.

 The boys where very respectful and gad a lot of questions but the thing that stood out for me was the boys had a really good understanding about peer pressure and how to deal with negative peers.

 We than talked about the changes in teenage bodies and what to expect, who to go to for answers and we talked about healthy lifestyles.

 We got to go to different places every week and had a special visitor Justice Roger Dive, Mardi and Tristan. They got to see the boys and I in action as we painted a didgeridoo, it was a special day for me to get to do the painting with the boys.

A very big thanks to Melissa Leaudais who was apart the the boys switch program and the boys made her feel like one of ‘the boys’ thanks Mel.  


Term 4 Swimming

Term 4 swimming at All Sorts Gym was my first swimming program with Kool kids and it was another amazing experience, to see these wonderful kids in the pool giving 100% week in week out. 

For some of the Kool Kids it was their first swimming program too, learning the different strokes and breathing techniques. I came on board the swimming program on the second week and all the kids made me apart of the team.

 The effort put in and commitment from the kids need to be recognised and for some they did get full acknowledgements, by completing the swimming program the Koll Kids received awards and others graduate moving on to surfing in 2016.

 Congratulations to all the Kool kids for completing the full term for swimming and for the hard work they put in. I would also like to give a big thank you to miss Christine May who is our lovely swimming instructor and has been for the last 5 plus years.Another thanks to All Sorts gym and Evie for making me feel very comfortable to come into the program after term has began.

Dance – Kool Jarjums Mad Pride


 The Kool Jarjums dance group danced up a storm at Weave’s Mad Pride Event in October 2015 at The Commune in Erskinville. The kids were full of excitement leading up to the event & as always they danced the night away with their winning Naidoc dance routine. The kids flipped, cart wheeled & hip hopped the roof down on the evening, congratulations dancers on an amazing performance. Three of our amazing switch leaders also performed during the evening singing the song "Let it go" by James Bay. Evie did an amazing job having the girls well tuned & confident to perform. Thank you Evie & Switches ! 

Thank you to our teacher, Liorah for a great year & for having the kids well rehearsed & confident to perform on the night. Well done Cherubs. Mel

October Holidays SWD 


Salt water Dreaming by Keenan Mundine 

 I want to share with you my first and amazing experience with the Weave's Kool Kids Club Salt Water Dreaming Surf Camp. It was a three-day surf camp from 30/09/2015 – 02/10/2105 but it felt like it was three weeks, surfing waves, sharing stories, chasing mud crabs and staying up late telling the famous campsite ghost stories. We had 17 kids on the camp and 3 Switch leaders. 

 I firstly would like to thank Surf Camp Australia and Surfing NSW for sponsoring this camp, what an incredible experience it is for these kids and all the workers involved. 

 We left the shack in Maroubra on Wednesday 30th of September. On our drive to Gerroa on the South coast, we made a quick stop at Kiama blowhole for some lunch, photos and a quick game of footy. The weather just started rolling in from the horizon and it looked like it was going to rain and ruin our surf camp. We got back on the road and it started raining, we came around the bend, past the emu tree, over the hill and there it was the 7mile beach.

 We arrived at the Big 4 Caravan Park where Surf Camp Australia are based and the rain slowed down, there we were joined by Lucy and Austin. Lucy and Austin headed down before us to prepare the tents.  I really want to thank them both. Thanks Lucy and Austin you guys did a great job pitching up all the tents. A big shout out also to Austin for coming along on the camp as a volunteer. 


 Upon arrival at Gerroa we all got into our wetsuits and headed down to 7mile beach to meet up with the surf camp Australia instructors. We had a meet and greet, spoke about rules and boundaries then we were off into the deep blue. The kids all blew me away with their amazing surfing skills and their fearless attitude to get out the back and catch the biggest waves.

 We had some first timers on camp but it didn’t show in the water, the confidence levels of our amazing kids in the surf was incredible. 

 Day two started with a bang, the kids were up at sunrise and woke me up asking what time our surf session was? I told them after breakfast. We took the kids to the jumping pillow where they jumped and jumped and jumped. I recognized they had a lot of energy, so I made an obstacle course for them. They were all keen to have a go and were all super competitive, the boys and girls pushed each other hard through the course. Carmen came in at number 1, for the boys it was Terice.

 After breakfast and the jumping pillow we headed back to 7-mile beach where the surf god’s provided us with the best surf conditions, surf camp Australia meet us for the second surf session. Once again the kids were fearless shredding the waves out the back, the first timers were all catching wave after wave.

IMG_6826.jpgWe then got prepared to go to the national park to meet with Damien and Jacob from the seven mile beach –discovery rangers, they entertained the kids and staff with some traditional stories passed down from the Yiun tribe. They also talked about some traditional artifacts they brought with them the emu caller, boomerang, spears, nulla nullas and kangaroo skin. It was very well put together and a very big thanks to the boys they were wonderful.  

IMG_6861.jpgWe then went back to surf camp had dinner and put our pj’s on waiting for aunty Julie who is an indigenous elder of the wreck bay community and representative for Galamban extraordinary experience, to come and share her famous dream time stories under the stars. The stories had the Kool Kids on the edge of their seats, what a very special moment telling dreamtime stories on camp under the stars.

Salt_Water_Dreaming_1_.jpg Day three started the same as day two at about 5:45 am and the kids asking what time is the last surf session and once again I told them after breakfast. After all the Kool Kids woke from their beauty sleep, we went to breakfast which was provided by surf camp Australia and then back to camp to help clean up and pack away all the tents. Day three was only a half day so after helping pack up we headed straight back to 7 mile beach, where we had an earlier surf session around 9:30 am and finished up 11:30 am. We than got together to take our group photo and thank Surf Camp Australia and the instructors for the very special Salt Water Dreaming Surf Camp. 

We went once more to surf camp headquarters to have lunch and do our Salt Water dreaming awards and presentation. There we thanked all the staff Mel, Lucy, Evie, Austin and myself Keenan for running a very smooth and relaxing surf camp, we also presented Kool Kids with awards. 

Screen_Shot_2015-10-01_at_3.14.29_PM.jpgThe awards went to:

Keanu: Surf your heart out 

Summer: Surf Star

Jade: Helpful award 

A.J: fearless award

 After the presentation we got back on the road to Sydney, the kids where so tired and I know the staff were just as tired. Overall it was a fantastic experience for me and one will cherish for years to come, I want to send a very special thanks to Lucy, Mel and Evie for inviting me on the camp and making me so comfortable so Thanks very much guys. 

IMG_7027.jpgI would like to extend our gratitude and shout out to everyone on board to make this camp possible because it means so much to the Kool Kids and the community and was one of the highlights of my time with the Kool Kids Club.

 Thanks to Weave, Guy Olbourne and jordy phillips and  Surf Camp Australia, Big 4 Caravan Park Gerroa for the accommodation,  Ann and Ted Robinson for their contribution, Aunty Julie from Galamban extraordinary Aboriginal experience,Surfing NSW and the boys Damien and Jacob from Seven mile beach National Park-Discovery Rangers. This camp would not be possible without your support. 

 By Keenan Mundine 

Term 3 Netball / Trapeze

Term 3 netball program was half a term which was 4 weeks. The Kool Kids learnt basic netball drills and teamwork. Each participant had fun warming up as a group and then splitting up into smaller groups, the smaller groups then worked on hand eye co-ordination, ball skills, and the most important of all working together as a team.

 netball.jpgThe Kool Kids where having fun whilst getting fit and the kids all had smiles on their faces all through out the program, even Keenan got in and learned some vital netball skills. We finished up the program with a mixed team game where everyone was a winner.

 Term 3 Trapeze program was a good program, with a twist of circus acts such as juglling, tight rope walking and spinning plates.

 The Kool Kids where fearless once again, challenging themselves by going up a two story ladder to be harnessed in then jump out to swing on the trapeze and try to swing upside down whilst holding on with only their legs.

 Tristan came and shot some wonderful photos, Moses also came and the kids enjoyed the very special visit.

 It was overall a good program for challenging the Kool Kids, and the other activities were very creative. The Kool Kids where entertained and so were the staff.

 Keenan Mundine 
Kool Kids Activities Worker 


Message Making: Term 3


 During Term 3, the Kool Kids Team facilitated an awesome Music and Message Making program, which ran over 8 weeks at Redfern Community Centre. The aim of the Program was to create a song that focused on our new anti-bullying campaign ‘Kool Kids Say NO to Bullying’.

We were so fortunate to have had so many incredible volunteers come on board and assist with the activities throughout the process of writing and composing the song, as well as recording a range of clips in various locations including The Block in Redfern and down on the harbour at Lady Macquarie Chair.

 The kids were actively involved with clay modelling and making figures for the video clip. They also made signs with empowering messages that were part of the song. This program really allowed the kids to have an insight and to talk about the effects of bullying and turning them into positive messages.

 On the last week, our group of kids headed into the studio at Redfern Community Centre and recorded each of their parts. We are so proud of our kids for getting in there and having a go! It was great fun.

 We hope to share the song and video clip with you all very soon. A huge shout out needs to go to Alex Unteregger from the Buerdbird creative group who came on program every week to help out and also did all the filming for the film clip.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this program a great success.

 Evie Willie, Aboriginal Activities Worker 


Kool Kids at The Shed.


The Wednesday afternoon program was a surf board shaping program. 

 It was a partnership program between a local surfer, surf board shaper and supported by the Kooloora Community Centre's Men’s Shed and their volunteers. 

 A local surfer saw our program and wanted to be part of it, so he made a board for the Kool Kids and run a competition for the design of the board. He is now facilitating a surfboard shaping program for us. This is a little story one of the volunteers put together from the Men’s Shed and I have also included the story about the local surfer that shaped a boardfor the Kool Kids and is also helping to facilitate this program for us. 

 A little while ago the Eastern Woodturners were approached by WEAVE Youth and Community Services to see if The Shed could be used by one of their groups to help some kids.


 The Kool Kids group wanted to help the kids make a surfing Hand Paddle out of wood.

For this they would need access to a workshop and some tools. Hence the approach to the Wood Turners. After ensuring we had people with Working with Children checks completed the kids arrived on the first Wednesday after school started.

 The kids were very enthusiastic and soon started. The first step was to make a full-scale version of the final product. This allowed them to practice and learn the techniques that they needed for the final product. To produce the mock up of their paddle they needed to use saws, sanding equipment and pyrographs (wood burners).

 They were being instructed by Steve, (a surfboard maker), and Phil, (a member of Eastern Region Wood-turners). When completed each of the 14 kids had their own hand-crafted paddle that they can use to surf with. It is made from solid timber. In the process they learned basic workshop safety, and how to use various tools and equipment in The Shed.

 IMG_3123.jpgThe kids were  in The Shed each Wednesday from 3:30PM to 5:15PM during school term.

 “This is the best program, can we do it again. “ Beau Kool Kid

 “I wish we could do this program everyday. “ Kelly Kool Kid

 “I can work on this at school too, I am learning lots of new skills and I love helping the younger kids on the program.”  Shauna Lee, Kool Kid High School Switch Leader

 “It has been great to connect with the Eastern Wood Turners for this project. It is a community program that has brought together local children, resources, and volunteers to work together in creating a really special program. This is what community is all about. Weave is so grateful to be able to give this opportunity to the kids and thank the Kooloora Community Centre for helping us create this partnership.  It is an absolute pleasure to get the chance to learn new skills from the Eastern Wood Turners and local surfer and Kool Kids supporter, Steve.   “ Lucy Butler, Team leader of the Kool Kids Club 

 The program was proudly funded by the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. 

 Morning tea with Kool Kids elders 


Kool Kids Team took a group of Kool Kids grandmothers out to lunch.  We listened to their incredible stories of their past and were overwhelmed with admiration for these strong women’s stories.  They all have grandchildren in their care. When we asked about what they thought Weave Kool Kids does in a sentence this is what they said. 

‘ Weave’s Kool Kids Provides consistent support, opptunities and life skills. The programs keep young people with complex lives connected with community, support and education. Boosting confidence to take them through for the rest of their lives, to be strong, proud adults. The program provides stability, humour and love. We are proud seeing our Kool Kids growing up. “

 Ashanti's presentation 


“ Good Evening, my name is Ashanti. I have been going to Kool Kids Club for 5 years. I am in year 6. What I love about Kool kids club is that we get to do different programs and it does not matter who you are. All that matters is that you respect one another and your community. At Kool Kids I get to make new friends, meet new people and have fun. I learn all sorts of  things and get to go to places that I have never been before. 

 I have watched my brother Beau as a Switch Leader. A Switch leader is a Kool Kid in high school that comes back as a peer mentor. Beau represents his community and he has taught me a lot of things about being a good person. He spoke at parliament house and different places. Now it is my turn to be a role model for my community. 

 Kool Kids helps us grow and lets us reach for our dreams. I want to be an artist and a rapper when I grow up like my brother. I know Kool kids can help me like they helped my brother.


 This is Ashanti's Older Brother’s  Weave Survival Tip 

 Wise Wednesday Words - "Express your feelings through music" 

What do you do to get through tough times?

Time to tune into what works for you. 

Time to focus on people's skills, strengths and resilience.

2015 Board Riders



We had a mixed bag of surf conditions this year for our Saturday Winter Boardriders competitions. 

The Weave Kool Kids braved cold & windy conditions with some days feeling like the water was ice.  But in true Kool Kids style, they weren’t deterred, showed great spirit and determination and represented at every comp throughout 2015 and made the most of what mother nature dished out. This year we had three new team members.  Well done to Beau-Josh, Keanu Prince & Coolalia Holten. You had a great year & never gave up.  

 This board rider crew never stop pushing the limits with their surfing.  A huge congrats to Carmen-Lee Ingrey & Maui Mongta on another amazing year. You will both have a big future ahead of you if you keep at it - so stay fearless with your surfing!

 Young Kelly Lyons (aka Kelly Slater) put in a huge effort & attended each month with a huge smile on his face.  Shauna-Lee, our switch leader, helped out to ensure the kids had fun each month & made their heats on time.  Shauna was inspiring in the water & showed that she can have a future in surfing if she chooses it. 

 Thank you to Claire & Hayley from Surfing NSW who support our Aboriginal Surfing program, boardriders & also our two surf camps. Thanks for never saying NO & helping me with my crazy idea’s to keep our kids surfing.

 To the crew at Southend Boardriders Maroubra - thank you for your assistance throughout the year. You guys run a well oiled machine & cook a great BBQ!  A big shout out to Lucy, Kate, Shelley & Nicole for giving up their free time on these Saturdays to help the kids & make the days run smoothly.  Without your help I could not make this happen, so again a big thanks from the Kool Kids & myself.

 Well done Grommies…………. Keep surfing & stay stoked!!!

Kool Kids NAIDOC


 The Kool Kids headed down to Redfern NCIE for their Naidoc Celebration which was held last Friday 10th  July. Our very own Kool Jarjums and Carla Mitchell entered into the Talent Quest with individual acts and both came 1st and 2nd which was awesome! They received a prize of a $100 Westfield Gift Voucher which each kid received a cool pair of headphones each.

 Included in their prize as well, Carla and the Kool Jarjums were also invited to a paid performance at Glebe Naidoc which was on the following Sunday. Five of the performers out of the group went along and smashed their performance out and had the crowd rocking and cheering.

 They were all just too deadly and we are so proud of each and every one of them for having the courage to get up on stage and being proud of their culture and sharing their performance. MASSIVE thanks to Mel, Matt, Keenan, Austin & Bec for your incredible help over Naidoc week, it all wouldn’t have been possible without your input and support. Well done team and thank you again!  

Stand up Switch Camp


 During the winter school holidays the Switch Leaders of the Kool Kids program attended a 2-day Leadership camp run by the amazing team at Standup! The camp was a jam-packed 2 days of activities, social and emotional health workshops, games and a whole lot of fun. We had 10 kids and 4 staff ready to have a blast at the Habo House in Bondi, after a short drive we were greeted on arrival by Lee, Nicole, Elana and Belle who were facilitating the camp.

 We began by introducing ourselves and playing some icebreakers, which helped everyone feel comfortable and get to know each other a little bit better. We started making our own dream catchers, which we were able to decorate with a huge array of feathers, textas, beads and glitter pens! We were then provided with a delicious morning tea of fruit and yoghurt and the kids were each asked to prepare their own sandwiches to take with us on our excursion to Hyde Park. After a few games the amazing Standup crew ran a workshop on Conflict Resolution, which focused on developing skills to effectively deal with situations of conflict. The kids were handed scripts and asked to do role-plays, which was interactive and very funny, they were even given dress ups to really get into character! Each role-play was a bad example of conflict resolution, followed then by a good example of conflict resolution.

image_5_copy.jpg This interactive workshop used scenarios that the kids could relate to, which gave them the opportunity to demonstrate effective and ineffective ways to work through problems that they can understand. After the workshop we all hopped in the vans and headed to Hyde Park where we ate our lunch and played a very intense and exciting game of touch footy followed by and equally intense game of basketball at Cook and Phillip Indoor Aquatic Centre. After working up a sweat on the courts we moved over to the wave pool and had an awesome time playing games and wrestling Matt! After our fingers and toes turned to prunes, we showered and made our way back to Habo house.

 We had a bit of afternoon tea and played some more games, then got ourselves ready to head over to Our Big Kitchen to make our delicious feast for the night! Once we arrived we were given our own apron and a very stylish hair net and we were divided into teams, Entrée (Corn Fritters), Main (Pizzas) and Dessert (Apple Crumble)….yum! All the kids really enjoyed making their meals and adding their own bit of creativity to the recipes. There was music playing and the atmosphere at the kitchen was great, such a valuable place. The service was incredible, we were asked to sit along a long table as were treated to table service! The corn fritters were delicious to start, the pizzas were amazing and the apple crumble superb!

 The super crew at Standup were making a lasting and very good impression on the kids thus far as they were continuously providing fun and unique activities. After the short walk back to the house all got settled to watch the movie Inside Out, which was received by the kids (and the staff) very well. The movie was about an individuals emotions and the interconnectedness between them all, it was a hilarious and a great watch.

 The kids were all shattered after a day filled with activities and fun, so after a bit of coaxing they were all fast asleep! Overall a fabulous day was had by all.

 The following morning we were all gradually woken by the amazing Standup crew and given some yummy breakfast of cereal, muesli and toast. We all had a good chat about yesterday’s fun and then we had another workshop on Emotional health. This workshop focused on self-esteem, by recognizing other peoples attributes and our own.

 We once again got our lunches prepared as we were heading off to the Indoor Rock Climbing Centre in St Peters for an awesome day of climbing walls, climbing through caves and swinging from ropes! The kids had an absolute ball as the centre had a huge variety of walls and levels to choose from. After a couple of hours of climbing up walls and through pitch-black caves (!), we all sat down for some lunch and had a good laugh about the day’s fun.

 Once we headed back to the house we had a short de-brief and a little game of footy to end a fabulous camp. All in all the camp was a huge success, from start to finish the Standup crew were professional, easy to get along with and great fun to be around. The kids were incredibly grateful for such a fun 2 days. The staff were so impressed by the crew that we’re all itching to go on the next camp!

 Thanks again to everyone involved, it was a short 2 days but nonetheless a great experience.

Kool Kids Club Touch Footy Comp 2015


Clear skies and the sun shining down over Yarra oval was the scene set for this year’s touch football competition.

 Busload after busload of kids arrived mid Thursday morning ready to start the action, starting with a few games of bulrush and kick backs to get the blood flowing and the muscles warmed up for the day!

 After warm ups were completed the little legends were divided into three teams of 7 players, the Rabbitohs, Queensland, and the Warriors. With early morning dew still on the field and sun-rays blasting down it was on!

 With their dashing new boots that were donated by Weave, the Kool Kids were moving smoother then water.

 The kids played like true athletes; with little Juwarn performing daring feats of footwork, Keeanu showing great leadership to his fellow teammates, and Coolalia never letting them slip through the gaps and always covering her mark.

 At lunchtime break the players came off field to enjoy a delicious sausage sizzle that the heroes from Youth Off The Streets graciously provided for the day, and with a quick bit of fuel in their engines they were on the field again.

 All in all, the day was an absolute blast! With over 25 kids coming down and not even counting all the other ones that joined and had a go and helped us out. A massive thank you to the Youth Off The Streets team for supplying some bangin’ tunes out of their speakers and also cooking up the sausage sizzle. It was one of the best I’ve seen, what legends! Also the WEAVE workers that came down with Tristan the photographer for helping out and letting some of the kids show their skills as photographers. It was such a cool group of people, also I’d like to thank the family members and friends that came down and watched their young ones playing, you guys rule! And thanks for coming.

 And we can’t forget Mel, Matt, Keenan who all played their best and tried their hardest to keep up with the youngsters.

Kool Kids Switch supported Kool Kids Worker Evie Willie at the Voice.


The Kool kids recored a story for the show as part of the DREAM OUT LOUD program. It was an incredible experience for the young people to get to see Evie reaching for her dreams. 

 CrossFit Challenge

Check out some great shots of our Weave Youth and Community Service Kool Kids Club exercising with CrossFit 2036 a local business as part of their fundraiser for the Kool Kids Club Start some good porgram. Thanks to Crossfit2036 for welcoming the Kool Kids who had a great time training with members of the gym.


 Kool Kids Photography workshop Term 2


 Please click on the link so you can read about the Kool Kids Photography Workshop and see some of the amazing shots the kids took each week! Their photos are so inspiring and it was great to see all the images proudly hung up at Kool Kids HQ in Maroubra on the last week of the program and celebrate the very impressive achievements and creativity of the group.

 Click Here 

This is Tristan's blog, he was the photographer that ran the program. He not only devoted his time to the project he also built such a special rapport with the community and families involved in the project

Click here 

Kool Jarjums Dance – Term 2 2015


The Kool Jarjums met at La Perouse Primary School each Friday to learn new & the latest new dance moves with our amazing teacher, Liorah. This term we broke a Kool Kids record with the highest number f ki

ds attending each week. A big welcome to our newest members Isabella, Luisa & Stacey and thanks for joining us each week for dance & fun.

 The kids put in 100% effort throughout the term & have taken ownership of the dance routine. The term will finished off with the Kool Jarjums performing at NCIE as part of NAIDOC day celebrations. Kool Jarjums dancers captivated the audience as they have done in the past.

 Thank you to La Perouse Primary School for allowing the use of the school hall.

Thank you to Liorah your commitment to the program. Your experience and enthusiasm is why the dance program is such a success. Stay KOOL and Keep dancing. 

Swimming -Term 2, 2015



Every Monday the swimming program was held at Allsorts Pool Alexandria under the guidance of our wonderful teacher, Christine May. We had a number of new kids join the program this term and they did not disappoint. Welcome to the team and thank you for putting in a huge effort each week.The kids did an amazing job in the pool and learnt new skills and safety techniques to help them become stronger in the water. We finished off the program with a BBQ and presentation at Action Studios where the kids received awards and were recognised for their contribution. Congratulations to Jade, Stacey and Makaylah who received medals for their efforts.We are very fortunate to have the support of David and Adele from Allsorts fitness, which ensures that the Kool Kids have a lane in the pool each week.  Thank you to you both for your continuous support and for making it possible to keep the kids safe in the water. Thanks to our teacher Miss Christine for sharing your expertise and teaching the kids how to stay safe in the water.Good effort kids and thanks for being part of this amazing term.

Cooking From Around the World Term 2


Our cooking program in Term 2 was on every Wednesday after school. We honed our culinary skills with the help of our very talented and special chefs, who shared a story about their culture and heritage and then helped us prepare some of the unique meals.

 The kids and staff enjoyed it and we cooked a range of different meals originating from all corners of the world. Our culinary adventure started in South America, and toured through Italy, France and Spain and finished up with some home-grown bush tucker. The kids got to make their very own cookbook, and they got to cook and taste all the recipes.

It was my first term on program with the wonderful Kool Kids 

and what an experience, one of high energy and full of excitement as we cooked up a storm at the Shack. I am very excited to be a member of the Kool kids club and was welcomed by the kids and Staff and want thank everyone involved.

I want to also thank the very special guests who came and shared their recipes with Kool Kids, the space provided by The Shack and The Shack staff.

 Written by Keenan Mundine.

Wellington Survival Connect Camp May 2015


 Weave’s Kool Kids Club returned from an incredible camp that brought two communities together. This was made possible by Weave, Barnardos Family Referral Service, the Wellington Community and Stand Up volunteer Nicole Mekler. We hope to do it again some time. 

IMG_8753.jpgOver the weekend of Friday 22nd, 23rd and Sunday 24th May, the Kool Kids Club hit the road and headed west. We had fourteen kids and four staff ready to visit Evie's hometown of Wellington in New South Wales once again. 

Last year we had a slightly different group of kids participate and engage in various cultural and self-development activities, which was awesome. But this time the whole aim of the trip was to be involved a lot more, actually connecting with the people and being part of bringing the community of Wellington together. Well we did exactly that! 

IMG_8908.jpg On the FridayIMG_8787.jpg we arrived in Wellington to visit the Cathedral Caves, the kids really enjoyed the tour of the Caves where they were shown amazing fossils, and the most beautiful Cathedral that was covered in crystal. 

 We then headed to settle in at the Valley Caravan Park while the kids enjoyed some free time before having chicken stir fry and tacos for dinner which was delicious thanks to the Kool Kids Staff. Saturday morning we rose early, had breakfast and got ready to head to the Wellington High School hall where Evie also once attended.

In lead up to the concert, many volunteers including the High

School's very own music teacher and two music students kindly volunteered to help out with the sound, the setting up of the sta

IMG_8913.jpgge and musical equipment. We also had Evie's sister Sarah help out with face painting and the decorating of the hall as well as Wellington Barnardos, whose staff were extremely helpful and met us halfway with the organization and logistics of everything. 






The kids practiced and did a sound check on stage before people started coming in around 1pm. We had a free BBQ and face painting which was really popular with the kids. Once the concert started, the majority of the seats were filled with at least 50-60 people who came in off the streets to support the local concert. It was so wonderful to see our very own Kool Kids connect with the Barnardos kids as well as getting up and performing each of their acts on stage.

 Evie's Mum, Joan opened the concert with a lovely Welcome to Country, which was followed by the Aborginal Dance Group from Barnardos who were just too deadly!  There was a good mix of performances from the kids as well as local Wellington talent Bruce Carr, who performed two of his original songs 'Power' and 'Keep You're Body Moving' which was both uplifting and inspiring. It really did leave an impact on the audience, especially when our communities are facing real life issues and struggles around domestic violence, drugs and alcohol etc. Evie ended the concert by singing a few songs including her original song that she wrote when she was fifteen, called 'Feels Like Home'. Hearts were deeply moved and touched by each performance. 

IMG_8963.jpg Evie concluded the concert by giving out gifts and thanking everyone who was involved and expressed her gratitude.  It was so special to have had the Kool Kids perform on the same stage Evie started out on as a young student at Wellington High School. She thanked everyone for coming down and getting behind the event, especially to those who kindly volunteered their time to help out. It was so wonderful to see WEAVE and the Kool Kids play such a huge part in bringing the community together, sharing and celebrating as one people under one sun. Overall it was such a successful event, people left with smiles on their faces! It was so wonderful to see the real heart and spirit of Wellington still alive. 

After the concert we helped clean and pack the hall up and headed for Mt Arthur. Each Kool Kid and staff took a water bottle and hit the hike. It was a nice way to end the day and reflect after performing at their best. We were so proud of everyone for getting up and having a go. We took some lovely photos at the top of Mt Arthur overlooking the town of Wellington. Once we reached the top, some kids continued on a short bush trail while others waited at the bottom and rested. By the time we got back down to the end where the buses were, everyone was ready to relax and head back to the caravan park for dinner. 

We had some yummy mini pizzas and spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, which the kids loved! We then ended with a small bonfire and marsh mallows to recap and congratulate everyone. It was a massive day, everyone slept very well!  

IMG_8934.jpgThe next morning we rose early for the last time, packed the buses, cleaned our cabins, had breakfast, checked out and headed for Nanima Reserve where Evie spent the majority of her childhood. As we were driving down towards the gorgeous valley, the kids soaked up the scenery as they spotted kangaroos along the way. As we arrived at the park the kids jumped out and met the local kids and played a game of basketball, while the staff went ahead and gave out lunch and ran a workshop on Survival Tips. The Wellington community shared their survival tips about what they do to get through hard times.

 We distributed Kool Kids T-shirts to the local kids and they were stoked! Spending the Sunday out at Nanima in the sun was so beautiful and a nice way to end the time in Wellington. Overall it was a camp that will remain memorable and special. 

 IMG_8840.jpgWe have such a strong, passionate and dilligent team here at Kool Kids and I feel so honored and thankful to have had the opportunity to organize a camp like this. To Lucy, Mel and our AMAZING volunteer Nicole, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart - you made it so much more easier, merrier, and all the more worth while. I love you guys! 

 Massive thanks to Weave, Barnardos, and the Wellington Community. We hope to do it again some time soon.   Evie Willie





KidzFlicks Awards 2015 - Congratulations Kool Kids

Weave Kool Kids and families attended the 2015  KidzFlicks International Awards on Monday night. The films that they were nominated for awards were 

  • The Journey
  • Stop, Walk Away and tell Somebody

The above photo shows Weaves Kool Kids Club filmmakers! Winners of the Australian Guild of Screen Composers Award for Best Music by a Child and the Blackfella Films Award for Best Indigenous Film by a Child


Salt Water Dreaming Camp: April 2015

  Thank you to Surf Camp Australia and Surfing NSW for making this camp possible and sponsoring the Weaves' Kool Kids Club Aboriginal SurfProgram.  2015 Salt Water Dreaming Camp was incredible! 

The Kool Kids enjoyed yet another fun filled three days of awesome surfing with Surf Camp Australia instructors Sam & James, as always they were amazing and made us feel warmly welcomed when we arrived on Wednesday and hit the surf with 16 kids. 

On Thursday morning we were woken by the beautiful sounds of nature and the waves crashing at the beach, everyone got ready and suited up in their wetsuits to head down for another surf. Miss Tori was able to stand up on her board for the first time, it was awesome to see and witness as well as the rest of the kids getting in the surf and having fun!  

We headed back to the caravan park for lunch and then departed out to the National Park where Aunty Deirdre Stewart facilitated a cultural workshop with the kids. She spoke about Aboriginal culture including bush tucker, artefacts, and Aboriginal protocol. Each Kool Kid got the chance to throw a boomerang and had fun playing amongst nature.


After such a long day we headed back for dinner.   Braiden family brought a cake down and joined us to sing Happy Birthday to him, which was really cool. The day ended with a campfire and storytelling with the beautiful Aunty Julie Freeman who joined us as well. As we listened to her tell both funny and ancient stories about the dreamtime we sat underneath the stars and kept warm by the fire. Evie played and shared a song in language and had everyone singing along. It was a nice way to end the night. 


 On Friday morning it was raining but that didn’t stop us from getting back out in the water. It was such a great help to have Kate and Bec come down to help and be extra hands as well as Matt kindly giving up his time to drive down and join us for a surf. We packed our tents, bags and luggage back into the buses and had finished our last surf before hitting the road. It was over cast and raining but we managed to still have fun and enjoy the water.

  We headed back to the Surf Camp to get changed, had lunch and then finished off with a small presentation. The Kool Kids staff and Surf CampAustralia honoured each kid for their bravery, commitment and participation over the three days. A few were selected for special awards and were also presented with small gifts. Kool Kids then concluded with some of the kids thanking and presenting Sam and Surf Camp Australia with a lovely painting and a designed Emu caller that they painted during program.

Overall the camp was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, on behalf of Kool Kids we would like to thank our very own Mel for always working so hard, organising this camp and doing such a fantastic job in ensuring it runs smoothly. Thank you to Sam & James for being the bestinstructors that we could possibly ask for and for always looking after us during our time in Gerroa. And last but not least, massive thank you to Kate and Bec who gave up their time to come out and help us on camp, your hands made a huge difference and we appreciate the effort you guys put in as well, it all never goes unnoticed. 

We feel so privileged and thankful that we have such a strong, connected, and diligent team here at WEAVE. Thank you all for it possible.  


Bush Education Program, Term 1, 2015

 After participating in the Bush Program at Centennial Park, Weaves Kool Kids Club was invited to do a full term of a program in Nature Play. 

 This was made possible by the Gandevia Foundation and Barnardos for investing in the program and for the incredible and exciting new partnership we have formed with Centennial parklands. 

 Naturally we jumped at the chance as the 2 days that we did in the school holidays were remarkable and the kids that participated had so much fun.

 The nature play program is run by a great team with Ranger Samantha the principle and we had Ranger Shaun for the 8 weeks of the program. 

 What an incredible team of workers and what an outstanding program they run.

 Ranger Shaun had a great relationship with the kids from the start, he knew every kids name within 5 minutes and addressed them as such.


 His knowledge of the bush, animals, bush survival and general Indigenous culture was phenomenal and he had a captive audience and full respect with every aspect of the program that he taught to the kids.

 Many thanks Shaun for your commitment, enthusiasm and education not to mention your passion for your work. On the last week of the programthe kids spoke about how much they would miss the park and how much they loved the program when asked they said they learnt about -

 Culture, how to climb a tree safely, animals and plants, fun games with nature and a place to be me. 

 The Kids covered so much knowledge in the 8 weeks and learnt some really cool stuff such as making a shelter from bush materials, how to sculpture clay into whatever they were inspired by, (animals , lizards , birds , frogs , flowers, bowls and cups etc) bush and Indigenous games, animal awareness (possums, bats and all other creatures living in the park ecology) and the list goes on.

 We also had a visit from an MP , Mr Bruce Notley-Smith, who was very impressed not only by the program but also the kids that attended 

 It was an honour to be invited to attend the Weave Youth & Community Services Kool Kids Club for their program this week at Centennial Parklands. The wonderful team at WEAVE are providing opportunities and pathways for these amazing kids through their mentoring, care and support. Keep up the great work.

 It was great for Bruce to see this amazing cultural program and it really hit home of the need and importance of such a program.

We are very grateful to Ranger Samantha and Ranger Shaun to have such an incredible program to remind all that life outside and in nature is truly AMAZING!!

 Get out and see your world today!


Year 7 Switch Program

On the last week we were lucky enough to have NCIE Life Start Program run a Paddle Boarding Program with us at Malabar Beach. 

As soon as we arrived Ben, Sean and Alex had all the gear ready for us and the kids were helping pump up the inflatable boards. Then we had a safety chat and before we could blink the kids were out on the water. 

 Thank you so much NCIE Life Start Program for giving these kids access to incredible opportunities. 

 We have been working on training this group to work as peer mentors next term. This group have developed their goals and the structure for the upcoming programs next term. 

 We did a survey at the end off the program. All the young people did a Weave Survival Tip and then said that they were all keen to STEP UP and be a leader next term. 

 Some of the year 7 group think a leader is 

 IMG_3325.jpgSome one nice, fun and very helpful, 

Someone kind and that wants to give back to the younger kids

Someone that looks out for everybody and is nice and friendly 

Someone that asks the kids if they are ok, need help and look out for them

  I would bring good behaviour ad be kind and have a good attitude. I will be friendly and humorous.  Ihi year 7 Switch Leader 

The year Seven Weave Survival Tips are 


Play Sport 

Go to the beach 


Walk outside and take a big breath of fresh air

Take anger our by playing sport and listening to music 

If you are feeling sad and have pain jump into the freezing water and the pain can go away 

squeeze your hands then let them go


Laughter and the beach 

 We look forward to having this group STEP UP as Switch leaders Next Term. 

 Thanks again NCIE for making it such a memorable last program. 







Switch Next Level


The Switch Next Level group was made

up of youth ranging from ages 13-17 from multiple high schools, and the focus for the term was…….

 Giving back and Stepping up as leaders in the community.

 We ran a range of programs each week and saw the group grow in size. Some of the Friday afternoons included cooking a BBQ and spending some time talking to the homeless at Woolloomooloo, we ran a Weave Survival Tips workshop, we had NCIE come and run a program for us in La Perouse, we had a special guest come in and give some insightful pointers on how to be more confident at public speaking and much more!

 My highlight of the term was watching Peyton, Kobie and especially Trei come in each week not only to participate in the programs, but beingable to pay them to help facilitate and run the programs. Seeing the big, proud smile on Trei’s face was priceless when he rocked up to the Shack one afternoon and told me how he had explained to all his friends he had a job as a youth worker.

 Great things install for this group of young people. And a big thanks to Mel, Lucy and all the Weave staff that helped to make the program successful.


Duffy's Park OUTREACH 



 The Duffy’s Park Outreach program ran over 8 weeks in Term 1, we were fortunate enough to have Sydney Swans facilitate the first 4 weeks with AFL teaching the basics and rules around the game. The last four weeks we ended up playing a mixture of traditional Indigenous Games, touch footy and other exciting games.

One of the main Traditional Indigenous Game that stood out was ‘WANA’ which was like a game of cricket, it was a winner with the kids! It was so great to have so many of the parents come down and be apart of the fun as well.  Each afternoon the kids enjoyed some fresh fruit and snacks to finish off with. It was overall a great program having fun, learning rules, playing sports and having fun in the park with friends.

IMG_2280.jpgSwimming - Term 1, 2015

Once again the swimming program was a success with our Kool Kids showing improvement and confidence in the water.  Every Monday the swimming program was held at Allsorts Pool Alexandria under the guidance of our wonderful teacher, Christine May.

 The kids did an amazing job in the pool and learnt new skills and safety techniques to help them become stronger in the water.  This term it was a young crew that completed the 8 week program. 

 We finished off the program with a day at Botany Big Slash which was organised by Christine May, who is forever thinking of the Kool Kids and providing awesome opportunities for us all.  We rode the water slides, swam in the pools and finished off with a BBQ and presentation.

 Congratulations to Destiny, Isabella and Makaylah who received medals for their efforts.

 We are very fortunate to have the support of David and Adele from Allsorts fitness, which ensures that the Kool Kids have a lane in the pool each week.  Thank you to you both for your continuous support and for making it possible to keep the kids safe in the water.

 Good effort kids and thanks for being part of this amazing term.


Surfing - Term 1, 2015

Our Aboriginal Surfing Program started off with a day at Clovelly beach learning about water safety, surf boards and paddling techniques because we were unable to surf due to dangerous surf conditions and the beach being closed.  This did not stop our board riders taking on big, rough swells throughout the term, with our younger newer kids having a red hot go.  They pushed themselves each week to become better surfers.

 The crew were brave in tackling big swells, quick moving currents and blue bottles most weeks throughout the term.  Two of our Kool Kids progressed onto riding Fibreglass boards and it was a joy to see them take on some monster waves which they rode with skill and aggression.  Well done Maui and Carmen - you kids ripped it up.

IMG_3227.jpgEvery week our instructors from Let’s Go Surfing Maroubra shared their knowledge and love of surfing with our team.  Thank you Lars and Crita for sharing your time with us and teaching the kids how to surf and stay safe while at the beach.


Also, a big thanks to Hayley and the team at Surfing NSW for supporting this amazing program.  Your assistance has changed many lives and helped spread the love of surfing within our community.

 Yip Yip, we are looking forward to seeing you all again in Term 4 for more surfing and fun!

2015 Stand Up - Transition to High School Camp 



The weather was perfect, the 11 kids were excited, the buses were packed and the journey began We arrived at camp Wombaroo around 12pm Wednesday afternoon. We were met by the incredible team from Stand UpIMG_8893.jpgAlana, Marissa, Nicole and Hayim. We all sat down for a delicious lunch and met James, the talented camp leader from Womberoo. After spending some time getting to know each other we were off to the high ropes course. They say, “courage is being afraid, but going on anyway,” and so many of the young people stepped out of their comfort zones to conquer their fear of heights and they excelled. That night we all hung out, went chasing kangaroo’s, huddled around a camp fire and even got some cool pictures with a friendly wombat. The next day we went canoeing which was personally a highlight of the trip. Watching everyone work together in pairs to canoe, and having a laugh when Lucy and Mel, along with many others were sadly capsized. That afternoon we split into two groups to “attempt” to make a raft, boys versus girls. The girls made a relatively simple raft that proved to work very effectively, managing to even paddle around the lake twice before the boys were ready to launch their masterpiece. Sadly, the raft wasn’t as effective as Tom Hanks small ship in “Castaway,” and fell apart within about 30 seconds.   That night was the talent show, and the stand out in my opinion was the song that Alana, Marissa, Nicole and Hayim created for all the kids. All in all the camp was phenomenal! I couldn’t capture with words how much the young people loved and grew from those three days, and how many golden and memorable moments we all had.  


The programs and activities that the Stand Up team came up with were all based around getting all the young people ready for high school.  The activities were some of the most creative and impressive activities I have witnessed. The volunteers worked brilliantly as a team and with engaging with the kids. Thank you all so much for your time, love, passion, support and effort you put in, you are an incredible bunch! Stand up not only oranges this camp but they fund the camp as well. We can't thank you enough for giving the young people these opportunities. IMG_9014.jpg James and the O.E.G staff, thank you for another fantastic camp. James, we appreciated all the support you gave to the kids to help encourage them to overcome their fears and have a go on the high ropes. And helping teach the team how to tie knots to keep a raft together, and last but not least helping rescue all those that were capsized with a big smile on your face! Thank you also to the Weave Kool Kids Staff. We had a chance to talk about each young person. We spoke about their strengths and what they have achieved.  As we have worked with this group for so long, this was an emotional and incredible moment for us as workers and for the young people. Everyone had a go and it made me realize how we really know these young people and we have seen them grow. This group of young people have been connected since they were 7 years old.  Good luck next week for your first day in high school we believe in all of you. Looking forward to next year!! BY MATT COGINIMG_8914.jpg






Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.