Christmas  Hamper DRIVE 


Weaves Kool Kids Team and Switch Leaders Beau, Karl and Kobie helped deliver hampers and gifts to every child and all Weave Kool Kids Club Families.  This was possible thanks to Sparke Helmore Lawyers, Sharron Smith, The Salvation Army, Benevolent Society - Shack Youth Service  and all the families from the Zig and Zag Long Day Care Centre in Botany. 

 Thank you to Hannah Rose from Sparke Helmore Lawyers, who came with us to deliver all the hampers. 

Words can not describe how amazed we are by this generosity.  It made such a difference to so many families this christmas,  thank you so much for your contribution. 




 The Kool Kids Christmas Party

was a huge Success this year. We were lucky with the beautiful weather so all the kids enjoyed having fun on the beach, then making cards and racing santa. It is always so fantastic to see all the families, children and supporters coming together and celebrating the year. Thank you to all the Weave staff that came to the party and celebrated with us. 

A huge thank you to Sethy Willie and Medicare Local for printing 200 shirts with Kool Kids Club kids designs. We love our new shirts and all the  kids are wearing them with pride. 

 Thank you to the boys from Youth Off The Street's who cooked up our bbq and thank you also to long time supporters David and Adele from All sorts for coming to the party and bringing all the kids gifts. 



 ‘Shout it Out, Stand Proud’ Program:

During Term 4 of this year we

had a lovely group of young girls from Kool Kids partake in the ‘Shout  it Out, Stand Proud’ Program with Evie. Over the 8 weeks the girls had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and draw inspiration from having discussions about things that inspire and uplift them in their life. As the weeks progressed they also learnt different songs and engaged in fun musical activities. This allowed them to learn, have fun, as well as build confidence through self expression, song writing and singing. The girls ended up completing and recording the song that they wrote called ‘Dream Out Loud.’ Parts of the song were also filmed to create a video which each of the girls will receive to show at 

Dream Out Loudtheir schools. Thank you to all the Kool Kids Team for being so supportive throughout the program as always.  

 (Chords: Am, F, C , G)

Verse 1:

We dream to surf and be safe in the sea

Come and you will see, everything we dream to be

Look at that movie that could be me

Cause I can do anything, nothings impossible to me


Dream out loud

Don’t be afraid to stand out

Dream out loud

I’m proud to be me, sing in harmony


Sing with me now


Dream out loud

 Verse 2:

Let’s make the right choice

And respect our elders

Be kind to one and another

Don’t be shy

Be unique and free

Cos you mean the world to me


Dream out loud

Don’t be afraid to stand out

Dream out loud

I’m proud to be me, sing in harmony


Sing with me now


Dream out loud


Early Morning Fitness Blurb.

 This program was one of my highlights this year. We continued to run the morning program with Youth Off The Streets workers Eric, Jamie, Kane and Matt. Although the weather wasn’t always the best, we had some great turnouts with anywhere from 10-15 young people making there way to Coral Sea Park at 6am.

 Sisifa was a standout on program, as was Lizzie and Trei. We had a range of different exercises from boxing, shuttles, sprints, touch games and fitness tests. We were also fortunate to go down and be apart of the White Ribbon walk from Randwick to Coogee.

 It was awesome working alongside Y.O.T.S and I am proud of all the sleepy heads that got up each week rain, hail or shine!



MAKING CHANGE The trip to Berrima with the Boys.

Youth Activity Worker Matt Cogin took 5 incredible Switch Leaders on an adventure camp in the country Side of Berrima Southern Highlands.  This camp was a  thank you  to the boys for all their hard work and the dedication they've shown this year to the Switch Leadership program.

The highlights of the camp were abseiling, cooking and being out in the natural environment. The boys sat around the campfire for hours talking about life, the youth of Australia and the problems they face, the struggles and triumphs in life and they talked about the future and the changes they want to make.

 'This was one of the most incredible discussions I had been in for a long time, and to say I was inspired by the boys and proud of the young men they have become would be an understatement.' Matt Cogin 

 Thank you Wade Dever, Matthew Tranter and OEG for making this dream a reality for Weave. A huge thank you also to Jan Ellis who made a crowd Funding film that allows Weave to give more opportunities and experiences to the young people we work with.


OEG sponsored this camp and Wade volunteered to take the boys on their journey.



Thank you Surf Camp Australia, Surfing NSW, Surfboard Agency, Southend Boardriders and Rob Bain from O’Neill 

Mel from Kool Kids volunteered on the last Saturday of each month to pick up  6 Kool Kids  to compete in the Maroubra Board Riders. On the last week of Competition Carmen WON her division. We are so proud of all the Kool Kids that competed. This has been so exciting for the Kool Kids Club. Thank you Surfing NSW was giving us the opportunity to compete and sponsoring the program. 



What a winter break it was for the Kool Kids Club surf team.

Through speaking with Sam from Weave who was in communication with Dan from the Surfboard agency we received 4 surfboards from the Surfboard Agency the following week. The Surf board agency then put us in touch with Rob Bain from O’Neill Australia who then proceeded to donate 18 new wetsuits for the kids.


Enormous thanks go out to Dan from the Surfboard Agency who donated 4 brand new Fiberglass surfboards that are valued at $600 plus each and are shaped by some of the best shapers in the country.

Some of our kids are ready to step up to these pro boards after years of riding soft learners boards. Exciting times for this crew of young , keen surfers.

Thank you Dan from the Surfboard Agency so much as this is a donation that will be thoroughly used.

Thanks to Sam from Weave for making this contact possible and passing on the Kool Kids Club as a contact.

You guys ROCK!

 MORE ENORMOUS thanks go out to Rob Bain from O’Neill Australia who contacted me after speaking to Dan from the Surfboard Agency and offered the wetsuits after hearing about the work and surfing program that we run.

Rob donated 18 wetsuits in various sizes that retail at over $100 each.


Rob was a professional surfer for many years and is also involved in helping push through a surfing program in Africa to get homeless kids, heavily dependant on crime and drugs to survive, off the street and into the water to surf and change their lives.

An amazing man who saw the need at Kool Kids and responded straight away.

This is a really big deal for Kool Kids as I have personally contacted other Wetsuit companies to see if they could in some way assist Kool Kids and the surfing program but got no response….ever

 THANK YOU Rob and O’Neill Australia for this amazing donation that will put a lot of warm smiles on chilly faces. As you can see above. 

Words will never be enough to show our gratitude.

Thanks again ROB.


Sponsored by Surf Camp Australia. 

On the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of October during the second week of the school holidays, the Kool Kids Club hit the road to Gerroa for three days on the Salt Water Dreaming Camp. We had 16 super keen kids and 4 Staff from Weave ready to hit the surf and soak up the sun. 

 Once we arrived in Gerroa we settled in on camp site to pitch our tents up and got fitted in our wet suits to head to the beach for the first surf. Sam & Nick from Surf Camp Australia greeted us and facilitated the surfs throughout the whole camp, they also provided great meals and made sure everyone was well looked after. 

On the Thursday, we had an early morning rise to have breakfast and once again hit the beach for a second surf. Everyone including most staff got suited up and had a go in the water. The majority of the kids did exceptionally well including Bebola Brennan who for the first time had a go and was up and surfing away on her board in no time! that was definitely one of the highlights from the whole camp.

 After having lunch and showers we then headed to the National Park where we were joined and greeted by Deedre who was the Aboriginal National Parks & Wildlife guide for the day. Everyone gathered for a talk and was shown all different types of tools, plants and materials that were and are still being used in Aboriginal culture today. The kids got to taste some  bush tucker that Deedre had picked for them including some delicious tasting apple berries as well as taking part in some traditional weaving which most kids made bracelets and anklets with.

 After the National Park we headed back to camp to settle for dinner and story time around the fire. Matt spoiled the kids with a treat of Tim Tams and milk before sharing stories and singing a few tunes around the camp fire wit Evie. 

 On the Friday everyone was up bright and early to pack up and have breakfast before hitting the beach for their last surf, everyone had an awesome time and really soaked up their last time in the water before heading back to the camp site to change into gear for their Presentation. Mel Lucy & Sam had a few words before presenting the kids with Surf Awards as well as some really cool hats that Sam gave out on behalf of Surf Camp Australia.

We would like to firstly thank Mel for her hard work and amazing dedication in ensuring the camp was well organised and ran smoothly, you did a fantastic job and we really appreciate that. Thank you also to the Kool Kids Team Lucy, West, Matt & Evie for also chipping in and helping out as well, many hands made lighter work and we thank you for your awesome team work!


 We would also like to especially acknowledge and thank Bobbie from Weave for kindly offering her time to help out with driving our equipment back to storage, you are just incredible. Big thanks to Deedre from National Parks & Wildlife for sharing her invaluable knowledge and stories, it was an awesome opportunity to learn about the history of Aboriginal Culture around the South Coast.

 Lastly also a huge thanks to Sam. Guy & Surf Camp Australia for allowing us to have this wonderful opportunity to take part in sucha fun, learning surf experience in beautiful Gerroa. We felt so warmly welcomed and absolutely loved it. We can not thank you enough for this incredible camp and the generosity of SURF CAMP AUSTRALIA. 

 Thank you on behalf of the KooL Kids Team 

By Evie and West  




 2015 STAND UP -  Transition to High School Camp.

The weather was perfect, the 11 kids were excited, the buses were packed and the journey began

 We arrived at camp Wombaroo around 12pm Wednesday afternoon. We were met by the incredible team from Stand Up; Alana, Marissa, Nicole and Hayim.

 We all sat down for a delicious lunch and met James, the talented camp leader from Womberoo. After spending some time getting to know each other we were off to the high ropes course. They say, “courage is being afraid, but going on anyway,” and so many of the young people stepped out of their comfort zones to conquer their fear of heights and they excelled.

 That night we all hung out, went chasing kangaroo’s, huddled around a camp fire and even got some cool pictures with a friendly wombat.

 The next day we went canoeing which was personally a highlight of the trip. Watching everyone work together in pairs to canoe, and having a laugh when Lucy and Mel, along with many others were sadly capsized.

 That afternoon we split into two groups to “attempt” to make a raft, boys versus girls. The girls made a relatively simple raft that proved to work very effectively, managing to even paddle around the lake twice before the boys were ready to launch their masterpiece. Sadly, the raft wasn’t as effective as Tom Hanks small ship in “Castaway,” and fell apart within about 30 seconds.  

 That night was the talent show, and the stand out in my opinion was the song that Alana, Marissa, Nicole and Hayim created for all the kids.

 All in all the camp was phenomenal! I couldn’t capture with words how much the young people loved and grew from those three days, and how many golden and memorable moments we all had.  

 The programs and activities that the Stand Up team came up with were all based around getting all the young people ready for high school.  The activities were some of the most creative and impressive activities I have witnessed. The volunteers worked brilliantly as a team and with engaging with the kids. Thank you all so much for your time, love, passion, support and effort you put in, you are an incredible bunch! Stand up not only oranges this camp but they fund the camp as well. We can't thank you enough for giving the young people these opportunities. 


 James and the O.E.G staff, thank you for another fantastic camp. James, we appreciated all the support you gave to the kids to help encourage them to overcome their fears and have a go on the high ropes. And helping teach the team how to tie knots to keep a raft together, and last but not least helping rescue all those that were capsized with a big smile on your face!

 Thank you also to the Weave Kool Kids Staff. We had a chance to talk about each young person. We spoke about their strengths and what they have achieved.  As we have worked with this group for so long, this was an emotional and incredible moment for us as workers and for the young people. Everyone had a go and it made me realize how we really know these young people and we have seen them grow. This group of young people have been connected since they were 7 years old. 

 Good luck next week for your first day in high school we believe in all of you.

 Looking forward to next year!! BY MATT COGIN




Sydney Kings Kool Kids Club Basketball Program Term 4 , 2014.

 The kids were so excited about doing another basketball program with Ben Madgen fro

m the Sydney Kings!

Firstly a huge thank you h

as to g

o to All Sorts Basketball Factory. Thank you to all the staff for helping us out each week and for letting us use your great facilities. This incredible program would not have happened without your support. Thank you also for all the gifts on the last day of program. 

Our last program with Ben was incredible and word quickly spread that it was on again in term 4.


Once again Ben came in and within 1 program knew ALL the kids names and had them doing some amazing drills and skills. A big thank you and shout out must also go Kings player Kevin White who came to help out on a few weeks.

 Thank You Kevin! The kids really connected with Kevin as well and it just goes to show what incredible people and an incredible organisation the Sydney Kings are!

 At the end of the 8 weeks we do a presentation for the kids.  Ben gave all the kids involved in the program shirts and posters. ……Amazing!

But wait it gets even better…

Ben and Nicola from the Sydney Kings then arranged for the whole group to come to a basketball match to watch the team play. 

 At the game the kids were treated like KING’S (sorry couldn’t resist that) and courtside seats were then topped up with Josh Childress Foundation, Basketball pack. Inside the pack was a shirt, water bottle, hat, pens and pencils and KINGS STICKS that you use at the game as you clap them together.

 Josh Childress was on board with this evening. After watching the Kings beat the top of the table team, he came up to meet the kids first, before seeing the hundreds of other kids waiting to see him at the Stadium. Thanks Josh, You are also awesome and the kids have put you on the best ever list with Kevin and Ben.


Ben did the same and came straight to see the Kool Kids team after winning the game and being highest scorer, highest assist points and man of the match! He then signed EVERYONES t-shirt, water bottle and hat for the kids!

 In all of my time in the last 7 years of working with these kids, I have never seen such commitment, devotion and inspirational work from professional sportsman or sports corporation and I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the SYDNEY KINGS….(you guys ROCK ), Kevin White….( Thanks for all your work and help, the kids love ya), Josh Childress….(Set us up with Josh Paks and was there for the kids straight after the game) and finally ….. Thank You Ben Madgen, you are an amazing teacher, player and all round human being. You have enriched these kids lives and inspired them all to go and be better at what they do.

 I am in awe!

 West , Kool Kids Club






Swimming Program , Term 4, 2014.

 Another great term from the swimming squad.

 It’s always nice to see a new group of faces for the term and this group of kids excelled as they learnt the basic’s of swimming freestyle and backstroke.

There were a few standouts but a special mention goes out to Miss Jaylee who went above and beyond what was asked from her, well done Jaylee.

 A big thanks once again go out to David and Adele from Allsorts pool and gym for the use of the pool and everything else they get involved in each year.

Also a bid thanks to Cristene May, who has been teaching the kids since the swimming started, and also Kool Kids Club worker Mel.

Great work this term guy’s and look forward to next year.




Switch Boys Program, Term 4, 2015

 It is always strange when we see some of the Kool Kids grow up and go into high school.

 Strange because we have watched these kids from the age of 8 and then suddenly it is time for the switch program as they have hit year 6 and are about to switch to high school.

 What a great group of boys we had this year. Because of our program set up we only got 4 weeks with the boys.

In that time the boys got to design the program each week and we worked on how each activity was a good pretext for starting high school.

 They really challenging themselves with rock climbing (overcoming obstacles and choosing a path), snorkelling ( looking for new and wonderful discoveries in a new environment), fitness program ( staying healthy….body and mind) and bodysurfing ( a great combination of ALL of the above).

 I know these boys are going to do really well at high school and I can’t wait till they come back for the switch leaders program.

 Congratulations and well done lads.




Kool Jarjums Dance Program Term 4 2014


The Kool Jarjums Dance group met on Friday afternoons at La Perouse School Hall for our weekly Dance program, we had Liorah on hand each week to teach kids the latest dance moves.

 We started off with a crew of 6 for the first few weeks, before I knew it the team grew bigger each week with 8-12 kids in attendance. Liorah, our amazing teacher was a breath of fresh air with her positive vibe, knowledge of teaching and her KOOL moves, her fun teaching style had filtered through the group. Word was out that the dance routine was awesome and kids starting turning up in numbers ready to dance.

 As a reward we finished each Friday off with 10 minutes of learning new tricks, the girls were cart wheeling, back bending and twisting each other around the hall which got a little crazy. The excitement was contagious and it showed during the girls dance performance at the La Perouse Public School end of year presentation. They were a hit once again

 We were a strong team this term, the girls worked hard teaching each other the moves during their school lunch breaks, a number of them showed leadership skills towards the younger team members, this was an amazing thing to be part of.

 BIG congratulations to the Kool Jarjums Dancers: Ashanti, Alea, Carmen, Coolalia, Carla, Iesha, Kiani, Lateia, Shanae, Tori, Shauna-Lee and Christine. Thank you for your dedication and commitment and making it such a Kool program for us all. Liorah, you are one of a kind, thank you for your energy and being so amazing with the kids and can’t wait to see you back with us next year.

 Stay KOOL and Keep dancing


 Switch Girls Transition Program Term 4 2014

This is one of the workers favourite programs, it’s always an honour to watch the girls grow and see the confidence within the group as they prepare for High School.

During the 4 weeks the girls choose to participate in activities such as Snorkelling at Clovelly, a “makeover day” followed by an afternoon with a professional photographer and jumped around at SKY-ZONE. Discussions were held following each activity with the girls in a relaxed setting , a few topic’s we discussed were: self esteem, healthy relationship and lifestyle choices, concerns and fears relating to starting high school and lots of other interesting topic. We were very lucky to have Julia from the Shack Youth Services on hand each week to inform the girls of the variety of programs that they now can access and what support services are available to them. We finished the program with a night at Dong Dongs Chinese restaurant with the boys switch group.

 The transition program was a huge success for all involved, the girls showed interest throughout the program and interacted well with each other and staff at Kool Kids. Also a shout to Tania Holloway from Darlo Theatre Group for giving up her time and taking awesome photos of the girls, thank you for capturing the girls being amazing. We finished off with an incredible camp, the team from Stand UP took the kids away during the January holidays to Camp Woomberoo, the time and effort the volunteers put in was obvious through the successful workshops that were arranged for the group, the kids walked away from camp prepared and confident to take on high school.

 Good luck with starting high school girls and a new chapter in life.




City to Surf Term 3 2014

 On Sunday 10th August, four of our Switch girls, two of our Switch boys and three of our very own Weave staff took part in the City to Surf Run with more than 80,000 other people to help raise funds for Weave & The Kool Kids Club. 

 In lead up to the Run, the girls and boys worked and trained extremely hard each week to prepare themselves for the challenge. 

 We are so proud of the guys for sticking it out and staying committed till the end! Thank you so much to Matt and his dad for being so kind in helping out with the early morning pick ups in the morning, Sam & Grace for your support and dedicating your time to join in on the run as well we appreciate it, also thank you Mel and The Kool Kids Team for organising and ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Everyone received a medal of participation at the end of the run, which was awesome. Overall we were able to raise a combined total close to $1700 for our programs minus $580 for registration costs - thanks to the generous donations from various people on our fundraising pages. Not a bad effort at all!! So, so thankful for all the support, we will definitely do it again next year. 


 Weave’s Kool Kids Surf Team

 Maroubra Southend Boardriders 2014



Each month I look forward to picking up six very excited Kool Kids and them jumping in the bus surrounded by surfboards, wetsuits, food and drinks to head down to Maroubra Beach for the winter surfing competition held by Maroubra Southend Boardriders Club.

 Like true professionals, the kids carry their boards down to the competition area, have a meet and greet with the official’s, sign on as competitors, get the lowdown on their heat times and prepare themselves for the day ahead by waxing their boards and making sure they’re all zinced up.

 Although the kids feel both excited and nervous on comp day they always manage to put their fears and nerves aside and go into the first round of the competition feeling confident.   The free surf before the comp helps the kids mentally prepare for their 15-minute heats.

 Whenever there’s any time to spare during the day the Kool Kids will definitely be seen hitting the water to carve up the waves and practice their surfing.

 Our kids have taken out spots in the finals of each competition and are getting awesome overall scores that have given them positions on the winner’s board.  These kids have excelled with their surfing and have gone above and beyond anyone’s expectation over the past few months. We have had some seriously cold and harsh conditions in and out of the water, however this has never dampened their spirits or prevented them from surfing.

 Our current overall standings after comp 4 are:

 Micro Girls (12yrs and under)           Carmen-Lee Ingrey 6th/10

 Micro boys (12yrs and under)            Kayde King 5th/32

Maui Mongta 14th/32

Riley Foster 22nd/32

 Cadet Girls (12yrs-15yrs)                    Shauna-Lee Withers 4th/7 

WOW, what an achievement kids!  A HUGE congrats to you all.  You should all be so very proud of yourselves and the effort you have put in to make the days a huge success.

 This opportunity would not be possible without the support of the team at Surfing NSW who sponsor the kids and provide free membership to Southend Boardriders and Surfing NSW. This is achievable through the amazing Surfing NSW Indigenous Surfing Program, so to Claire and Hayley a BIG, BIG thank you for all your support.

 Also, a shout out to the boys at Southend Boardriders who volunteer so much of their time to make the competition days such a success and for helping to put stoked smiles on all the kid’s faces…. Thank you.

 And from me… kids you are so inspiring and I look forward to the surf comp every month.  You make me want to surf more, push it to the limit and go out there and shred!  Yip yip!!

 The fifth competition will be held on Saturday day 23rd August from 11am at Maroubra Beach.


  July Holiday Program 2014

 Touch Football Day by Matt Cogin 


 There was a cool breeze that swept through Yarra oval early Friday morning. One by one the bus loads of children and adults arrived, people had come to play football. 

 There was a group warm up, and everyone was divided into four teams: purple, green, yellow and red.

Moses and Matt were appointed as referees. The sun was hot, the eagles were circling high above, and as each team wiped the sweat from their brows the whistle was blown, game on!

 The youngsters came out hard, some of the explosive footwork of the young ones was hard to keep up with as a ref, and than the Telstra team began to work their mojo, making countless breaks and try saving touches.

 Evie went down with a dislocated knee with only a few minutes to go as she offloaded a pass that nearly won her team the game. The teams came in and rallied around Evie, one of the fearless and courageous captains, and made sure she was okay.

Overall the day was a huge success, over 45 kids were down there, let alone all the others that came down to join us and help out. A huge shout out to all those from Telstra and Youth Off the Street's that helped make it such a special day and for all their enthusiasm with the games, you guys are champions! Big shout out also to Sam and Moses who came down to help out, you are both legends, all the kids are looking forward to seeing you both again.

 And of course the Kool Kids workers, Lucy, Mel, Evie and Kate, who ran around like headless chooks to make it a successful and memorable day!


Year 7 July Switch Camp by Matt Cogin 


 This was such an incredible camp, what an awesome job Jewish Aid did looking after us. Not only did they organise the camp but the volunteers also facilitated workshops around physical and mental health. The workshops were engaging and fun. 

 The kids were so excited. After we picked them up, we went straight to the venue in Bondi. We met all the cool volunteers, hung out for a bit, made some lunch and took off to the city. We had a training session at Cook and Phillip Park pool. The kids loved the workshop as they had a turn on lots of different machines in the gym. We had a swim for about an hour then headed back to the place we were staying.

 We got changed and headed to the “Big kitchen” which was unbelievable. We were looked after tremendously and the kids were able to make their own dinners and deserts. 

 Friday morning we were up nice and early, the boys woke up at 7am and wanted to go for a run to Bondi Beach, which was a great way to start the day. We came back, had breakfast, packed up and went rock climbing, which everyone loved.

 We returned back at the lodge, did a few more activities with the volunteers and then said our farewells and headed back home.

 Jewish Aid, you were amazing and it was inspiring to watch how well you all work together. I was blown away watching you and I learnt so much. Thank you for making the two days so special for the young people, the only complaint I heard from them was that the camp was not long enough!!

You are all champions, and a huge shout out also goes to Kez for organising the camp. We are looking forward to the next camp!


 TERM 2 Programs 2014

 Switch Leadership


 Weave Kool Kids Club Switch Leaders Making A Difference

Here's a photo of the Weave Kool Kids meeting with the Hon. Victor Dominello, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Youth. Our Kool Kids move in important circles!

Kool Kids told the Minister what they learn and get out of the Kool Kids Club.

 Switch Leaders Raquel, Kyra and Sisifa sang a song and Switch leader Lizzie gave a speech about being a Kool Kids Club Switch Leader. 


 SistaSpeak Program: Term 2 2014


During Term 2 at Kool Kids, our Switch Girls group have been very busy taking part in the SistaSpeak Program with Evie.  The program kick started off with the girls writing a song about Mental Health which was filmed the following week with Felicity Ward and ABC 2 at the main Weave building in Waterloo. 

 During the rest of the program the girls took to the beaches of Coogee and Maroubra to train for the City to Surf run coming up in August. They also had the wonderful opportunity to sing for the Hon Victor Dominello Minister of Youth during his special visit to Weave as well, the girls have had a rather fun and productive term.



Song for mental health week, filmed for ABC2 


 We make a promise to keep healthy

We make a promise to talk to friends

We make a promise to keep smiling

To ask are you ok?


We make a promise to be happy

To listen in time of need

We make a promise to lend a shoulder

You can lean on me



You can count on me

You don't have to fight these battles on your own

You tell somebody

There's help if you need it

You can count on me




 Annandale Primary School put on a fundraiser 




to raise Money for Weave's Kool Kids Club. Kool Kids Switch leader Lizzie went to the school and gave a fantastic speech about being a leader.


'Being a leader at Kool Kids is a lot of fun. Thanks to Lucy, Mel, West, Evie and Matt. It is one of the best feelings you'll ever have':  a little part of Lizzie's speech 

Lizzie accepted the cheque on behalf of all the Kool Kids. The entire school coloured their hair in red, Black and Yellow and raised $350 for Kool Kids Club. Thank you Annandale Primary and Switch Leader Lizzie.


Switch Leadership Term 2 2014


 We have had lots of Kool Kids High School Switch leaders helping us out on Programs in term 2. In these photos you can see Sisifa, Gerald and Lucas helping out. 


Switch Leaders meet the Mayor Term 2 2014


 Weave’s Kool Kids Club received an invitation to attend a “Questions Without Notice” evening with the Mayor of Randwick, Councillor Scott Nash on Friday 4th April 2014.  The evening was to open Youth Week 2014, “ Our Voice. Our Impact” was the theme.

 We invited five of our Switch Leaders to attend the event. Our leaders gave up their time on a Friday night to represent Weaves Kool Kids.

 While in the bus, making our way to the event one of leaders Kyra Banton made the following comment “ I had my friends party to go to tonight but I wanted to come along cause Kool Kids have done so much for me and my family and I think it’s important to be here for Kool Kids”

 WOW! Kyra couldn’t wait to say this to the Mayor, which she did when she had the chance. Amazing.

 The Mayor opened the Council Chambers for the young people to learn about what Council does and how young people can have an impact on decision-making, and improve the well being of young people living, studying and working within Randwick City.

 The leaders participated during the event and asked some great questions about issues that were important to them and their local community.

One particular question that sticks in my mind was that asked by Francis Smith who asked the Mayor “ Can we have more money for Kool Kids because I want my sister to have the opportunity to go to Kool Kids like I did”. He then followed with “ Can we get more Basketball Courts in the Matraville area”. 

 Following the time spent inside the council chambers we were invited to enter the VIP room for refreshments and a casual yarn with the Mayor.

 Kimmy Porter approached The Mayor to ask what the plans are, if any to re open the Malabar horse riding school located on Malabar Headland. The business was closed down a few years ago due Asbestos being found on the land. The Mayor smiled with the reply “ I am in full support of the Riding School re-opening once the land and surrounding area is cleared from Asbestos and is safe to be used “. Very cool question that meant so much to Kimmy as it was a big part of her younger years.

 The night was a huge success for all involved and I think it’s fair to say that the Mayor won’t forget meeting our amazing Switch Leaders.

Well done team, you did the Kool Kids Club proud on this evening as you do with all that you get involved in. Thanks again for being so SWITCHED on.


Early morning Fitness Term 2 2014


What an incredible program. Our aim was to get fit and to run the ‘City to Surf’ to help raise money for the younger kids in Kool Kids. The boys were keen and committed, and for about five weeks they didn’t miss a morning. They would wake up from 6:15-6:40am to get picked up and start training at 7am, training two mornings a week!

 It is amazing how good you feel after starting your day with a little training session and good, healthy breakfast. It is a great way to make sure they get to school on time, and throughout the program I was able to help organise some work with a builder for two of the boys involved.

 The group grew from 3 to 5 by the end, and the boys are willing to keep training next term and come help mentor and train some of the younger ones when we open this program up to the high school kids.

 We also filmed a Crowd Funding film that will hit the screens soon.


 Sydney Story Factory Term 2 2014


 Special effects and one on one volunteer’s that helped to engage the youngster’s creative side. Richard and his team looked after us so well. The kids were always excited for the delicious raisin bread as we walked in each week.

 The kids began with creating characters and developing a theme and story. Each volunteer had 2-3 kids, and it was amazing watching how focused the kids were after a full day at school.

 Once the story was written, and the pictures were drawn, it was time to record the voice-overs and special effects. On the final session the kids were able to watch the final result of all their hard work, and they were stoked!

 We just wanted to say a huge thank you to Richard and the team, plus all the incredible volunteers that made it such a special program.  We look forward to coming back again soon!!

 You can see some of the stories here -

 NAIDOC Preparations Program: Term 2 2014


 During Term 2, Kool Kids took part in a 7 week Naidoc Preparations Program which included activities ranging from Arts & Craft, Basket Weaving, Music, Painting and designing Aboriginal Artefacts. Before each session a Kool Kid was nominated to stand and deliver an Acknowledgement to Country which was really great to hear and see them do it every time.  The kids had fun gaining new skills and learning about the different types of activities they can do to celebrate Naidoc and Aboriginal culture in their schools and communities.

 We made some great clap sticks and emu callers that will be for sale at an upcoming Bear Island Market.

 Bondi Showcase Term 2 2014



Dance Term 2, 2014

 The Kool Jarjums dance crew met on Friday afternoons at La Perouse School throughout Term 2 to put together and rehearse a Hip Hop dance routine to be performed at the Bondi Showcase with La Perouse Pubic School in August 2014.

The Kool Jarjums dancers stepped up in a big way during the later half of the term by helping to teach their school peers the dance routine in a short amount of time.

 It’s rewarding and inspiring to watch the kids take ownership of the routine and want to share it with the rest of the school. The Bondi showcase is huge event and I have no doubt that our dancers will excel on the evening.

 A special mention and huge thank you goes out to Coolalia, Ashanti, Aleah and Kiarni for all their hard work, effort and patience this term. Girls you deserve not 1 but 5 gold stars for your commitment.  The program and the Bondi showcase performance would not be possible without the support and hard work from the staff at La Perouse Public school and our amazing dance teacher Jacinda. 

 Keep dancing and smiling and good luck for the big performance coming up in August. You’re all super stars.


Ma Karate Squad, Term 2 2014


 This is the first time Kool Kids have offered a Martial Arts Program and EVERY Child put their name down to participate and be part of it.

Unfortunately there were only 16 spots that filled very quickly.

The class is run down at Lexington Place shopping area in Maroubra by a gentleman called Jim Sklovas, who is the highest ranking Sensei of Kyokushin Karate in Australia.

Jim is not only a great instructor but has an amazing talent at teaching and getting the best out of the kids.

The kids have turned up each week and trained really hard to learn basic Karate skills over 7 weeks but have really grabbed on to the principle of Karate that it is only for self-defence.

So many standouts in the class but a special mention goes out to Latia Duckett and Cruiz Gruelyen whose parents have told me they are training at home as the passion of this remarkable sport fully kicks in.

Big thanks to Jim and his wife Eva (Full contact and non contact Australian champion).



Koolsorts Swim Squad, Term 2 2014


 A stable program at the Kool Kids Club, that has been running for over 5 years and was started by our resident instructor Christene May.

This program has been responsible for teaching over 150 kids to learn how to swim and be safe and confident in the water.

Some kids come in to this program a little terrified of the water but graduate with the ability to tread water, float on their back, learn to use a kickboard to establish strong kicking ability and learn how to do freestyle stroke with the ability to swim 25 meters minimum by end of term.

All kids have to pass the swimming program to graduate to the surfing program and it would be the most constant, strongest program that Kool Kids Club have ever offered.

Big Thanks To David and Adele from allsorts gym and pool who have provided( amongst many other things) a lane at the pool for free for the last 5 years….Thank you both very much.

Thanks also to Christene May for her tireless effort at teaching and providing goggles, towels and spare swimwear as well as instruction and support for the last 5 years.

Add another 10 kids to the list Christene, Thanks.



 Surfboards donated to Kool Kids Club for Aboriginal Surf Program Term 2 2014


 This was a major surprise as the donation was obtained through Sam Johnson, Team leader of Speak out team from Weave head office. Sam casually mentioned the donation at the strategic planning day and the surfboards turned up the next day to Kool Kids Maroubra office.

 Dan and Kurt from “the surfboard agency” are responsible for the Surfboards coming to Kool Kids and I have since been in Contact with Dan and he is really keen to come down and meet the team and see the kids in action.

 These boards are a blessing as we really needed some new gear after 5 years of heavy use to our older equipment.

 Mel, from Kool Kids, has been taking a group of kids to compete in the local South Maroubra Board Riders competition on first week each month and these new fibreglass surfboards will really help the kids compete and learn new skills.

Enormous thanks to Sam from Weave and Dan and Kurt from the surfboard agency.

This donation makes a huge difference to our program and the kids gaining skills required to go forward in the ocean.

I think we will use the boards till their lifespan is up (after years of heavy use) and then turn them into classic art pieces by getting the kids to paint them thus giving them an eternal existence as art.


Thanks again Sam, Dan and Kurt

From all at the Kool Kids Club


 April Holiday 2014

 Young Mob Leaders Camp


 We just wanted to share the stories of the incredible Young Mob Leaders Camp that took place over the week. The highlights and the journey of the camp are captured in the attached document put together by Evie. 

 Please also check out the great film Evie put together for the Young Mob Leaders Camp  

 Click Here 

 Evie did an incredible job organising this camp and the kids and the team will cherish the memories forever. The smile that is captured in the photo at the bottom of this page really captures the spirit of this camp. No reception, no phones, kids really having fun in nature. 

 Thank you Evie. We felt so lucky to get to visit the community you grew up in and it was so amazing that the Kool Kids were welcomed into the community. We also spoke about the possibilities of the kids coming and doing a camp here in Sydney with us. 

 The team worked so hard over the weekend. Thank you so much Grace for coming along. Grace was not only a fantastic team member but she also made a great dinner consisting of three healthy stir-fry's on the second night. Matt as usual worked really hard all weekend and kept all the kids entertained with games and stories. 

 The highlights were hearing the Kool Kids sing in language at the Cathedral Caves and then to have the kids connecting with local Aboriginal kids from Wellington Barnardos. On the last day both groups of kids performed songs in language. 

 The last morning we spent in Nanima Common with the Barnardos kids and a group of elders from the Wellington Community. The community came together to cook damper and tell stories. The kids played by the water and took part in a cultural workshop with Paul West. It was great to hear the Kool Kids ask the elders questions. It was a very special morning of bringing two communities together through cultural exchange. 

 On behalf of the Kool Kids Team we would like to thank everyone who made this possible:


Healing Foundation

Vanessa Edwige and WEAVE Youth & Community Services

Helena Stanley & the Team from Wellington Barnardos

Aunty Violet Carr, Other Local Aboriginal Elders & The Wellington Community.

Richard and the Team from Lake Burrendong

The Dubbo Taronga Zoo, 

Wellington Caves

Paul West

David Peachey


 TERM 1 Program 2014


 Kool Sorts Swimming Program, Term1 2014


 The Swimming program is always full of discovery and surprises and this term was no different.

 It is truly incredible is to see kids arrive the first week, some are too scared to even go underwater. By the end of the 8 weeks, all of the team are swimming

 Swimming instructor Christine May has done yet another outstanding term and continues to assist kids to realise their swimming potential. After five years of teaching the kids to swim, the amount of kids that have learnt to swim safely and properly at the Kool Kids Club is in the hundreds. Thanks Christine.

 All Sorts once again provided the lane at their pool, THANK YOU All Sorts (David and Adele) for your constant support.


My favourite thing about this program is not only the fact that kids learn to swim and be safe in the water but I constantly hear about the kids doing so well at the school swimming carnivals and surprising the teachers as well as their family members.



 Duffy’s Park Program, Term1 2014


 AFL Auskick Program came on board with Kool Kids Club to run an outreach program for all the kids in the area at Duffy’s Park.

 The program started off with 12 kids and then rapidly grew to 50 kids coming each Tuesday to play and learn new AFL skills.

 Well done Lucy for having the foresight to recognise a need in the area and providing the activities needed.

 Thanks to James from Auskick as this was his second Kool Kids program. He did an outstanding job teaching new skills and challenging the kids with amazing ball games. AFL Auskick also gave each child that attended a football to take home. Thank you for all your work James.

 The local area has been crying out for an outreach park program and I can comfortably say that the Duffy’s Park program was an outstanding success. It was so well received by not only the kids that came but also by the parents and family members that came and witnessed the program and were happy to verbalise their gratitude to Kool Kids staff.

 Aboriginal Surfing Program, Term 1 2014


 16 kids came to the surfing program this term. Aboriginal Surfing program is run two terms a year and there is also two Surf Camps (Saltwater Dreaming) each year.

 This term we were met with bluebottles and very large waves. This did not stop this incredible group of kids. This program has really grown to the point that even the Instructors from “Let’s Go Surfing” cannot believe the skills, dedication and fearlessness that is shown to them each week. They teach many kids from different schools each week and the Kool Kids have them shaking their heads with amazement.

 All the Kool Kids workers are not surprised at this but are constantly thrilled to be part of this program as we know and see every day what these kids are made of.

One worker has been so impressed it has been taken to the next level.

 This year is rather special as 4 kids have joined South Maroubra Board riders Club and will be competing in the local competition on the last Saturday of each month.

The brainchild of this program is Kool Kids worker Mel (great local surfer.) After 1 comp, 2 kids came 3rd and 4th in their division.

 Awesome dedication and commitment from Mel who picks up the kids, feeds them, encourages them in the water and competition and then drops them home.  Outstanding Mel.

 Year 8 Youth Connect Term 1 2014


 Our Friday Year 8 Youth Connect program was a huge success in Term 1 2014. The program was for the Year 8 High School Switch Leaders and was an opportunity for the kids to catch up and to make a film based on Leadership and positive role modelling.

 Each Friday we planned a Kool and fun activity for the kids such as Rock Climbing, Snorkelling, Laser Skirmish and attending a gym session plus many more which was followed by preparing and interviewing for their film.

 We were very fortunate to have Darren Broughton volunteer his time to assist with the filming. A big shout out to Darren for all the hard work to help put together an amazing film.

 Actress, Shari Sebbens from the Sapphires movie and an Australian representative Basket baller were kind enough to make themselves available for the kids to interview them about being a role model with in the community.  Wow, check out the film here

 Our Switch Leaders really switched on during the eight weeks, their hard work and eagerness shows in the great film they made. Thanks leaders for attending the program and being so supportive of one another. Well done guys, a huge success once again.

 Youth Connect Term 1 2014


 The theme for this term was “healthy lifestyles,” and looking at making “healthy” choices,

 We had a personal trainer come in for a session at Snape Park, which left everyone’s legs feeling like jelly. We also had a dietician come in for an afternoon and talk about eating right, different food groups and packing healthy meals.

 We had the chance to go to Weave head office where Kat delivered a sexual education program. On the last week we had Lani come across all the way from Penrith to share his incredible and motivating story with the group. His story exposes how he overcame some of the mountains in his past. It was an inspirational day for all the young people that attended.

 It is such a privilege working with these talented young people!

 Year 7 Switch, Term 1 2014


 The Switch Year 7 program brought the group back together.

 It is so inspiring to hear the desires and motivations that these young people have to become  “Switch Leaders.”

 We lost a few of the boys to football training but the remaining of the youngsters came faithfully and excelled.

 One of the memorable moments was when we went rock climbing, an activity that really requires teamwork. Watching the young leaders learn the power of  “a word of encouragement,” when they wanted to give up but others encouraged each other to keep going. Watching them learn that this skill doesn’t only have to be used in rock climbing but can be used as a Switch Leader, encouraging the Kool Kids they work with to keep going even when things get tough.

 I have no doubt that these Switch Leaders will do an incredible job, not only with Kool Kids but also in their schools and in their own lives. Awesome program!

 January 2014

Thank You to Surfing NSW and Surf Camp Australia 





Kool Kids Club are fortunate to have the support of Surfing NSW and Surf Camp Australia once again this year.  The amazing Claire Bunting from Surfing NSW and Guy Olbourne from Surf camp Australia have made the following possible for our past two camps and seasons of Surfing programs at Maroubra Beach.


 In 2014 Surf Camp Australia will be. 

  •  Sponsoring the Kool Kids Salt Water Dreaming Camp and covering all costs. 

See a film here from the amazing Surf camp last year. 

In 2014 Surfing NSW will be 

  • Paying for half of all cost's for the Surf lessons for 12 Aboriginal children every Thursday afternoon. 
  • Providing 6 Kool Kids with registration and Surfing NSW membership. 
  • Surfing NSW will also cover the full cost for 6 children to join the weekend Southend Boardriders under the Indigenous Surfing Program. 

The  incredible Kool Kids worker MEL will be volunteering on one weekend a month to help the selected Kool Kids be part of the Southend Boardriders and this will included entering into local competitions. This can happen due to Mel's dedication, belief in the Kool Kids Potential and love for Surfing. 

 A huge thank you to Surfing NSW and Surf Camp Australia for all of these incredible opportunities. We are so grateful for their sponsorship and support of the Weave's Kool Kids Club Aboriginal surfing program. 


  'Stop Walk Away and Tell Somebody'  


Weaves Kool Kids Team have been presenting the Kool Kids anti bullying song at local Primary Schools. We have had some great feedback from the students and teachers. Some of the parents have said that they hear their kids singing the song at home. 

Click here to see the film. 



Camp Pathways at Wombaroo


 Kool Kids Team and 11 transitioning young people jumped onto the bus on Wednesday the 22nd of January to embark on a fantastic camp sponsored and organised by Jewish Aid Australia.

 The Volunteers that organised the camp connected really well with all the young people and also facilitated workshops that helped the young people get ready for their first week at High School.

 We enjoyed the high ropes, Flying fox, canoeing; raft making and Matt even showed the young people how to become Kangaroo whisperers.  All of the young people and workers had a fantastic time.

 Highlights included a talent quest where Matt, Lucy and Mel performed the story of a breakdancing funnel web, Gerald and his dance moves, the overboard raft, canoeing Jenga, seeing the young people fearless spirit on all the outdoor activities and the song created by Jewish Aid about the camp.

A huge thanks to Jewish Aid who made this camp possible, what a talented and dedicated group of volunteers. A special thanks also to Kez for all your hard work in putting the camp together for us. 

 The camp is such a great stepping-stone for the young people. They all had an incredible time and came away with a toolkit ready for high school.

 A huge thank you to the Wombaroo staff and the chef Nick who cooked up a feast each day for all the volunteers and young people.

 Kool Kids Dream Team thank you for giving 150% on the camp, it is so rewarding to see the respect all the young people have for you.

 We wish all the young people luck for their first week in High school

Click here to see a movie about the camp. 







Thank you to Circus OZ from Matt Activity Worker at the Kool Kids Club 

 The circus was incredible! It was actually my first time to the circus and I wasn’t expecting too much but the performances that night blew my socks off. The kids and the workers absolutely loved it, the performances were amazing, the seats we had were perfect for such a big group.

Thank you so much for helping make a way for the kids to have this experience. I believe it was one of the highlights of the holiday program. A big thanks from the Kool Kids.




Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.