The Transition Program is designed to provide a positive experience for children becoming teens. The program aims to build confidence, promote resilience and support these young people as they enter high school.

 The program runs for 4 weeks, giving young girls the opportunity to choose what activities they would like to participate in. Activities include- snorkeling at Clovelly, a “make-over day” with a professional photographer, rock climbing, or an afternoon with the famous Harlem Globe Trotters. Following each activity session we held discussions with the girls in a relaxed and safe environment covering topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, lifestyle choices, concerns and fears relating to starting high school. All the girls involved in the program were well engaged, enthusiastic and supportive of each other.

We would like to thank our sponsors- All Sorts Fitness for giving our girls the opportunity to attend the training session with the Harlem Globe Trotters and a special shout out to Tania Holloway from Darlinghurst Theatre for giving her time to take awesome photos of the girls following the make over day.

 We wish all our girls the best of luck starting high school!



The Kool Jarjums had another amazing Term with Darrio Phillips teaching Hip Hop dance. The girls got together on Friday afternoons to learn new dance moves and rehearse a new routine. We had a busy term performing at two local community events- They opened the La Perouse Public School Presentation night and also amazed the crowd with their routine at the Duffy’s Park Family Fun Day. The dancers worked hard throughout the lessons to learn the steps and be confident to perform in front of an audience. Girls you should all be very proud of yourselves!


A big thank you to Dace and the wonderful staff from La Perouse Public School for all the support and providing the school hall each week for our lessons. Thank you to Darrio Phillips for teaching dance to the Kool Kids.


Kool Jarjums you all did a fantastic job this term, see you in Term 2, 2014.


Aboriginal Surf Program


What a term of surfing!

Each Thursday the Kool Kids made their way to Maroubra beach for an afternoon of surfing with the crew from Let’s Go Surfing. We had strong northeast winds and rough swell this term, which brought in the blue bottles and terrible surf conditions. This did not hamper the kids keenness to surf, the crew gave 110% each week and we had three of our kids, who where standouts throughout the program receive wetsuits at the completion of the Term.

A group of Aboriginal girls from Burke attended a surf session with the Kool Kids and what an afternoon we had. Again rough sea’s, North East winds and blue bottles however the kids battled through the blue bottle stings and the pain to keep surfing. Plenty of stories were shared between the kids about their communities and the difference of city and country living.

Congratulations to Maui Montga, Wirrin Lowe and Gerald Golding who surfed their hearts out and received awards. A very BIG shout out to Claire and the team at Surfing NSW , without their on going support the Indigenous Surfing Program would not be possible

Keep surfing kids, stay stoked and you will be forever smiling. See you in Term 1- Surfs UP!

Duffy’s Park Family Fun Day




Kool Kids Club were on the organinsing committee for the Duffy’s Park Family Fun Day, which brought all the local families together. There were over 600 people at the event.

The Kool Kids Team and local parents set up a stall which remained busy throughout the afternoon. The kids painted a community mural which attracted a lot of attention and many smiling faces.

Our Kool Jarjums dance group performed a Hip Hop routine which was inspiring for all who attended; the girls did an amazing job and must have been exhausted as this was their third performance for the week. Weave’s very own Evie Willis captivated the audience with her magical voice singing a few songs to entertain the crowd.

The day was a huge success and we are so pleased to be able to contribute to such a great community event.

Basketball program, term 4, 2013

IMG_0051.jpg IMG_1139.jpg

This was the first time we offered a basketball program to Kool Kids. Thanks to our incredible sponsors- All Sorts Fitness, the program ran for 8 weeks at The Basketball Factory and sessions were facilitated by Ben Madgen, the captain of The Sydney Kings.

Ben is an amazing basketball player but also an amazing human being. The Kool Kids really admired Ben, engaged in the program and developed some exceptional basketball skills.

Ben was so kind and generous, he gave away his OWN training gear to the kids as prizes!  

A big thank you to All Sorts Fitness, the Sydney Kings and Ben Madgen for this wonderful opportunity to run this program.

Kool Sorts Swim Squad, Term 4, 2013


Teaching Kool Kids how to be safe in the water and learn how swim, is one of the most important life lessons we can offer. Thanks to our amazing sponsors All Sorts Fitness and Christine May, we had a lot of new faces in the pool this term and thrilled that another group of Kool Kids are learning how to swim and appreciate water safety. Together we are saving lives…. Kool!



Youth connect.


It is such a privilege and pleasure to be working with these amazing young people, this program is really growing in leaps and bounds! We had some fresh recruits with the boys joining us last term. We all caught up and went down to Clovelly to have a bit of fun and brainstorm what we wanted to do. The young people ended up deciding to make a documentary and to try and raise some money so they could all go away on a camp.


All Sorts Fitness helped us out where we were able to find some work doing a memorial over 2 weeks painting a huge Aboriginal flag with the help of some pros. We had a surprise visit from Corey Grech who helped fire the team up and get the ball rolling.

We began to start recording for the documentary and every single one of the young people stepped up. We also began to organise for a movie night where the documentary would be viewed, Koori food would be served with the help of Cory. The youth came up with some incredible ideas, organising a raffle, setting up a theme, creating the invitations and hosting the movie night. The Big night finally arrived, with many hours of preparation about to pay off as the night began. The food was delicious, the entertainment was awesome (A big shout out to Evie who blew everyone’s socks off with her amazing voice), the movie was viewed and nearly $2000 was raised!!!!!


Thanks to all who supported and came to the night, Evie for all the hard work behind the scenes, Cory for his support and the youth who did above and beyond to pull the night off. Bigger and brighter things are in stall for these young people!


Deadly movie night.



Hard work really does pay off! The Deadly Movie night was one of our highlights last year; we were so proud of the young people and the night they coordinated.

We all got in early and began setting up, the kids arrived dressed looking fresh and ready to get the show underway. The theme was “Change 4 Change.” The kangaroo Bolognaise and strawberries and chocolates were getting ready in the kitchen. Each one of the young people had a role to play, some collecting money at the door, setting up the space, welcoming the guests, hosting, serving food and making all the guests feel very welcomed.

The movie was sensational, having the privilege to work alongside these young people, to hear and record some of their incredible stories and then see it previewed to a crowd of around 60 was a special moment.

Weave surprised us with the surprise fundraiser which was a blessing, announcing that $1000 could go towards the camp, the raffle went well with the Rabbito’s jersey sold for a whopping $300! West in his Italian accent had the crowd laughing away, Evie’s performances had people picking their jaws up from off the floor and Corey help do an amazing job doing his thing in the kitchen!

Nearly $2000 was raised for the camp so these talented and inspiring young people can venture into a different community and share their struggles and listen to the struggles of others and putting their minds together to make “A Change!” Can’t wait to see how it goes next year.


Finding My Voice:


The Finding My Voice Program was a great success, over the 8 short weeks our young girls with the help of Evie J Willie, the Kool Kids Staff and Producer Phil Rigger from Monstereo Music was able to write and record a song which entitled ‘Finding My Voice’.

Through this program each child had the opportunity to learn singing and performance skills, which also helped them to gain confidence and good self-esteem. The Healing Foundation, which is why the program allowed children to explore their feelings and to connect through song and discussion.

Have a listen to this beautiful song from Kool Kids with a little help from Evie J Willie! It's gorgeous!!

 Click Here


Kool Kids Christmas Party:



The Kool Kids Christmas Party was a great success!! We had over 50 young kids and supporters from the Waterloo, Maroubra and La Perouse community who came down to Yarra Bay to join in on the fun.


The afternoon consisted of face painting, games, a BBQ, swimming and the kids had a surprise visit from Santa, which they all had a race and Santa won! Each child received a Kool Kids calendar as well. A big thank you to Youth Off The Street for running the BBQ.




Surfing with Kool Kids and Tough Tiddaz girls from Bourke High. 


Weave's Kool Kids had a really exciting program this week where 12 Aboriginal Girls from Bourke High School participated  in our Aboriginal Surfing Program at Maroubra Beach. This was a fantastic opportunity for rural kids to meet up with urban kids.  The girls spent some time at Weave with Siobhan, Bahadur and Sethy. It was great to have everyone’s help with the afternoon.


"It was awesome that the Kool Kids got to hang out with the kids from Bourke and compare stories about their communities. It is great that the girls from Bourke had the opportunity to come Surfing with the Weave Kool Kids. The afternoon was full smilies and laughter. The girls put their fears aside, watching them swimming in the waves was amazing. The girls told the Kool Kids that in Bourke there are three shops so they were so excited to be going shopping at Bondi Junction. One of the workers said the girls had been saving their money for months. It is these simple things that are a great learning experience for the Kool Kids." Melissa Leaudais Activity Worker 

Tough Tiddaz are a group of year 7-9  girls from Bourke High School who are participating in a strengths-based program  which provides the opportunity for improved education outcomes, enhanced self-esteem, health and resilience and to reduce the risk of harm from AOD and violence.  The program is being led by Senior Constable Kelly Edwards, the Youth Liaison Office with Darling River Local Area Command with the support of the Bourke Alcohol Working Group, Centacare Wilcannia Forbes, NSW Far West Medicare Local, Bourke PCYC, Mission Australia  and other local service providers. 

The girls have been working towards a visit to Sydney to participate in the Corroboree Aboriginal Cultural Festival Sydney. 


The Kool Kids Club run an Aboriginal Surfing Porgram every Thursday afternoon partnered with Surfing NSW and Let's Go Surfing. The program develops young people's strength and resilience and teachers them about water safety. The program has been running for over 7 years and has had a measurable positive impact in the local community. 


It was a fun filled afternoon of cultural sharing, surfing and having fun. The Kool Kids were so excited about this opportunity. The afternoon was proudly sponsored by Surfing NSW Indigenous Surfing program. A huge Thank you to Claire Bunting and Surfing NSW for your support. 




IMG_0024.jpgBarton Lynch Blast Off Surf Event – Whale Beach September 2013

Our year 7 Switch leaders headed to the Northern beaches for a fun day of surfing thanks to former world surfing champion, Barton Lynch.

 The BL Blast off surf comp, sponsored by Hurley, was held at Whale Beach on Wednesday 25th September, 2013. The day was made possible by the team at Surfing NSW. Big thanks to Claire from Surfing NSW for sponsoring and arranging the day, your support with our Indigenous Surfing programs is amazing.

 The kids got to hang out with former World Surfing champ Barton Lynch, they all received a goodie bag consisting of hats, rash shirts and lots of KOOL stuff by Hurley. Kool Kids joined Uncle Terry for a cultural dance on the sand which was a special moment.  Kool Kids Yarraan and Matthew were recognised for their talent.

 We piled back into the buses and headed to Palm Beach for a surf lesson with Manly Surf School. As we arrived we noticed the beach was FLAT and not a wave in sight. However, we suited up and hit the water for paddling practice. A few kids caught “bath tub” waves which kept smiles on their faces.

 A great day was had by all, again thank you to Claire from Surfing NSW and Surfing NSW Indigenous Surfing Programs. You guys rip.



 Youth connect

 WOW! The youth connect program was a highlight in my books.

Sometimes the best way to discover what you want to be in life is to step out and try something, and that’s exactly what we did.

 Starting with a small, tightly knit group of three, which quickly grew to five we stepped out to test and try different jobs and meet new people to explore some of the passions the young people have.

 We got to got to visit “Pets R us,” sit down with a nurse, and gain some insight into what its like which was a blast. We got to visit a pound and a day care centre which was amazing.  One of the girls was offered a traineeship at the centre!

 The trip to the fire fighting academy at Alexandria was a stand out.  We got a personal tour around the grounds having a spray of the fire hose, a spin around the yard, sirens blaring in the fire truck and much more. The girls have been invited to come back and do work experience and three of them want to pursue firefighting as a career.

 We also got to meet up with a cool hairdresser in Kings Cross who was amazing and offered one of the girls some work if she stayed in school.

 The program was a huge success and I felt very privileged to work with such an amazing and talented group of young people with incredible futures ahead of each of them.

 Matt- Kool Kids Club Activity Worker 


Swimming Term 3, 2013

 The Kool Sorts swim team once again had a fantastic swim program in

Term 3.  Each week the kids swam at All Sorts Pool and learnt water survival skills and swimming techniques t

o keep them safe in the water. With the help from our amazing swimming instructor Christine May, the kids are now more confident in the water than ever before.

The program was such a success that two of our “first timers” completed the program within term 3. What a wonderful achievement for the kids. We were fortunate to have two Switch leaders attend the program throughout the term, a big thanks to Yarraan and Reece for helping and mentoring the younger crew throughout the program.

This program would not be possible without the support from the team at All Sorts Fitness, David and Adele we can’t thank you enough for your sponsorship to the swim program.  A HUGE thanks to Miss Christine May (as thekids would say) for teaching the kids each week, we look forward to the program commencing in Term 4. Congratulations to the Kool Sorts swim team.

 Mel - Kool kids Activity Worker 

IMG_0929.jpgKool Jarjums Dance

 The dance crew had an amazing Term 3. We met at La Perouse Public School Hall each Friday afternoon to learn “Hip Hop” with our awesome new teacher, Darrio Street.  The Kool Jarjums welcomed a number of new members this term which made up a strong dance crew each week. The kids learnt lots of new KOOL moves and Darrio put together a Hip Hop routine that the kids loved.

The Kool Jarjums were lucky to have the company of two amazing Switch Leaders Raquel and Kyra each week. We are excited to have our Switch Leaders attend through Term 4.

The Kool Jarjums performed at the WEAVE “Cool to be kind”  Mad Pride Youth Event @ 107 projects 9th October, 2013. The girl’s energy on stage was captivating, they had the audience cheering loudly. Thank you to Darrio for having the crew well polished and confident to perform.Keep dancing like no-one is watching. See you in Term 4. Mel - Kool kids Activity Worker 


IMG_0028.jpgIndoor Sports, Term 3, 2013

 The plan was to experience new forms of indoor sports that the kids were not really familiar with and once again Allsorts Indoor Sports Centre came to our rescue with the use of the centre for 4 of the 8 weeks. Started off with soccer and went on to basketball, netball and dodge ball and finished off with cricket.

There were some amazing surprises along the way with some kids showing outstanding skills they weren’t aware that they possessed.

Standouts were Ihi, Victoria,  Sisifa,  Adam and Kiarni. Great program team and we definitely have some future stars of sport in Kool Kids Club, but we already knew that didn’t we!



IMG_0017.jpg Music making Program, Term 3, 2013

 We only had 8 weeks to write a song, get it recorded and then make a film clip, which not only sounds big but was!

The kids came up with the theme of Bullying and Racism as the subject for the song and after 4 intensive weeks of songwriting and the help of a musician/producer, David, the song was ready. Then a couple of weeks recording the song at Mission Australia Studio (big thanks to Liz) in Taylor Square, the song was finished and we had 1 week to get the film clip done

Another friend of Lucys’s did all the filming and we cannot wait for the finished product. I believe that this song will be a real hit as the kids have really put their hearts and souls into this project and produced a quality song that has a powerful message. We are very proud of it.  I can assure you it will be seen by many people. Keep your ears out for this one.


You can see the film clip HERE 


IMG_0223.JPGBoxing Term 3  2013

 Lucy wanted to put on a program for the older Switch Leaders crew who have already done a couple of years in high school so we could touch base and see if we could assist them in the years after Kool Kids.

 We went to see David and Adele from Allsorts and asked if we could set up a boxing program for the older kids. Adele not only gave us use of the boxing ring and equipment but also provided a professional trainer by the name of Brad Hardman.

Brad boxes professionally and is trained by the very well known Johnny Lewis who trained Jeff Fenech and Kostya Ziu (2 of Australias well known world Champions).

IMG_0822.jpgBrad is an amazing man who knew all of the kids involved and provided elite training and confidence building to the boys.

We weren’t sure how many young people would turn up and started the program with 5 boys. Each week it grew and we were regularly getting 10 plus boys. It got to the stage were Brad realised a need for the program and provided it (and transport home) to the boys on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as our Friday program.

2 boys ended up going on to compete at the state titles in the last week of the 8 weeks we were involved. They didn’t win the final but put up a great fight and made us all very proud. Well done Lads.

 Thanks first to Brad who did an incredible job with the boys and was an inspiration to work with.

 Thanks also to our long-time supporters and sponsors, David and Adele from Allsorts who really gave us an incredible base to work off and constant support and thanks also to Lucy Butler from Kool kids who had the insight to recognise a need for this sort of program and put it into place.

David and Adele also supplied tickets to 2 Friday night South Sydney Rugby League matches that were enjoyed by the boys. What a great program and what a great outcome.



IMG_0021.jpgBean Bag Making

 Wow! another fantastic program developed by Vanessa Edwige as part of the Healing Foundation program. The program was about building family relationships. 15 children participated in a bean bag-making program. Children interviewed Weave staff about positive relationship and what makes up a happy family. All kids learnt about qualities that make up a happy family and learnt that families come in all shapes and sizes. The Bean Bags look great and all the kids now have a memory of the program in their rooms. Lucy, Kool Kids Club


IMG_0603.jpgSalt Water Dreaming 

 Another successful Salt Water Dreaming, YEW! That was an amazing three days of SURF, CULTURE and FRIENDSHIP. 

 Surf Camp Australia sponsored the camp and covered all costs of the camp. This makes such a huge difference to the work we do.  Words cannot describe how thankful we are. All the surf Camp Australia instructors not only run the lessons but really take the time to get to know the kids and make them feel safe and to ensure they have an amazing time. Guy, Cody, Mitch,


Sam and Patrick thank you so much for all your help.

 This partnership was born through Surfing NSW taking an interest in our program and coming on board to support the work we do.  

 The camp also had some great workshops facilitated by National Parks and Wildlife. The kids got to learn all about hunting and all the different tools used. That night we sat around the camp fire and were mesmerised by Elder Aunty Julie's Dhugan gambi biritch, Campfire yarns. 

 Another fantastic camp and we could not have done it without the dedication of three volunteers: the amazing Janet from Jewish Aid and University Students Nikki and Megan, thank you girls for giving 200% of your energy and time. 

 And not to forget the incredible Weave Kool Kids Team. When you go on a camp like this you feel really proud of the Kool Kids and the team that we have. Everyone works so hard and the team has so much insight and time for the kids. Thank you Mel, West and Matt for all your hard work. A big IMG_0017_2.jpgthank you to Mel for organising the camp. 

 Looking forward to the next Salt Water Dreaming, thank you to everyone for your support. 

 Surfs Up !


 Team Leader Weaves Kool Kids Club







Justice Reinvestment


Weaves Siobhan and Kat spent this week in Adelaide with our Justice Re-investment Campaign Youth Ambassadors.

Beau, Kobie and Trie travelled to Adelaide to present at the AYAC Youth conference about the Justice reinvestment campaign. We are so proud of the boys. 

  Please see below the story which appeared on NITV yesterday and has since been uploaded onto the SBS website.

Story - Click Here 



A big thank you to you and the boys who were fantastic and hope you agree it’s a great story for the campaign.





Summer.jpgAustralian Indigenous Fashion Week (AIFW) is a new and unique initiative, which is set to become an annual fixture in the Australian fashion calendar as of April 2014. AIFW has been created to foster the talents and showcase quality designs of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders from all over Australia, under the one banner. 


They are in the process of organising a photo shoot with Indigenous supermodel Samantha Harris, which is to be held on Monday 5 & Tuesday 6 August.  They will be using two of the Kool Kids painted skateboards in the photo shoot – see that story bleow. Stay tuned to see photos.






The Kool Jarjums Dance program ran during Term 2, 2013 at La Perouse Public School Hall and was again a big success.

The Kool Jarjums gathered together each Friday afternoon to learn and practice the latest Hip Hop dance moves. Our dance tutor, Justin, taught the kids how to dance the “Douggie”, the kids had it well rehearsed and polished by the final week of term.


dance_2.jpgKyra and Raquel, two of our Year 7 Kool Kids Switch Leaders and Youth Mentor’s attended each Friday to assist and Mentor the Jarjum’s while on program. A big thank you to Kyra and Raquel for they’re effort and hard work each week, it was fantastic having the girls being part of this special program.We would also like to thank the staff at La Perouse Public School for your helping making the program such a success and giving us access to the school hall. A big thanks to Justin from Dance Studio 101 for his awesome teaching and great Hip Hop routines. See you Kool Jarjums in Term 3.



The Kool Kids attended a Tennis skills program at Snape Park Tennis Centre each Tuesday throughout Term 2, 2013. Barbara coached the Kool Kids, she taught 

them  to hit forehand shots, backhand shots, volley strokes and rally the ball. The kids showed a high standard of enthusiasm, effort and good sportsmanship each week.




Tennis_3.jpgA huge thanks to Oksana and Sergey from Snape Park Tennis Centre for their support and assistance during the term. Also, thanks to our Tennis coach Barbara who was fantastic each week and made the program fun and interesting. I believe that we have a few tennis stars in the making here at the Kool Kids Club.





The Kool Kids Club reintroduced the Switch Youth Mentoring Program in Term 2, 2013, the program was an amazing success. Our Switch Leaders attended a range of programs as Youth Mentors to our younger Kool Kids.The leaders were asked to set and complete goals during each program and also assist with Supervision and keeping the kids focused which they did very well.  It was great to have the leaders come along and they were a huge help to everyone involved with Kool Kids. Thank you to Youth Oppotunities  Funding and Clovelly Bendigo Bank for supporting this porgram. 




To finish off the term we had a “sleepover” in Sydney that was made possible by the wonderful people at Jewish Aid Australia. We spent the night at Habbo house in Waverly, we had two full days of Kool activities which the kids got a lot out of the activities and came away with some great tools to use to helpthem in life. The “sleepover “ (strange to call it this as no one got much sleep) was based on “ Healthy Minds” and “Healthy Bodies”.

The volunteers from Jewish Aid Australia did an awesome job planning and organising the sleepover, a MASSIVE thank you to you all. Your dedication and consistent enthusiasm doesn’t go unnoticed. Champions!pathways.jpg

The enthusiasm and dedication from the leaders was nothing short of fantastic. It is very rewarding to watch the leaders grow and become wonderful mentors. Great job team, keep up the hard work, we are looking forward to another great term ahead. Stay Kool! 

Click here to see the best pictures from the sleepover 




West Coleman reports on the wonderful work of Christine May


Another great term with the Kool Sorts Swim Squad, one of the longest running programs and which continues to go from strength to strength.

Christine May first approached Kool Kids Club four years ago with an opportunity to teach the kids swimming that didn’t have those resources.

We thought it was a great idea and Christine then arranged for us to have a lane free of charge at the All Sorts pool and gym complex at Alexandria and also introduced us to the incredible staff and David and Adele.

Christine is still teaching the kids four years later and David Hannan and Adele Taylor have since become major sponsors of the Kool Kids Club and have provided not only the pool for the kids to do swimming but also two boomerang auctions, countless hours of use of the indoor sports area , boats for the sailing program, and there overall support has been nothing short of amazing.

Thanks so much Christine for your continued dedication and involvement with the Kool Kids Club and your swimming legacy will always live on!

Four more kids graduated from program this term and we will start next term with new kids who have a right to learn to swim. A great program which all came about due to one person’ dedication and vision.



West Coleman reports


It’s amazing that in only eight weeks the young people who came to the cooking program can walk away with the preparation and cooking skills to present seven meals from their recipe books that they were given.

Corey Grech has done a great job again and is well known and liked by all the kids that have come to his cooking programs over the years. This term the kids learnt to cook kangaroo stir fry, emu burgers, fish and vegetables, crocodile curry, lemon myrtle chicken wrap.



We even had a Mini-Master Chef Cook Off on the last week of program. To see the confidence that the kids gain over the program and to taste the meals each week makes this a really popular and rewarding program.

A great job by all the kids and a big thanks to Mel and Corey who helped make this program so successful. Awesome job guys! This program was thanks too QBE and Maroubra Seals. 




After the success of the Youth Connect Surfing program in Summer Lucy Butler wanted to continue the program for Winter and we went for a meeting with Adele Taylor from Allsorts . Adele put us in contact with Brad Hardman who has started with Allsorts Indoor Boxing and once again the program has blossomed into a strong program that took on a life of its own.




The Winter Boxing program started with four young people and ended up with over ten kids coming each week.

Brad knew all of the kids involved and really got them passionate about not only learning strong boxing and workout skills but provided a safe learning experience on the Friday program.

Brad then got All Sorts involved to pick up the boys on Monday and Wednesday to provide the program outside the days that Youth Connect was involved. The older boys really took to the challenge and responsibility of encouraging and looking after the younger boys of the group.

It was truly a pleasure to witness and came about due to the incredible skills of Brad and Adele from All Sorts. This program will produce a contender in the future, of that I am quite sure.

A big thanks to Adele and Brad from All Sorts and great insight Lucy!

Katrina Ball reported on the KKC puppets, footy, art, NAIDOC Day and skateboards before she took off for her own global adventure. Bon Voyage Katrina.




In partnership with the Healing Foundation and Weave colleague, Vanessa Edwige, we ran an eight week Kool Kids Club puppet making program with special guest storyteller, Aunty Chris, a Darug woman, from Yarramundi Kids.

This was great for the kids to see and during the following weeks we all got together to create stories and characters that represented part of the kids lives. Making the puppets went on over six weeks then, in the last two weeks, the kids had to incorporate a story and background to go with their puppets.

Some let their imagination roam and had their puppets coming from a planet made of cheese, others made their puppets represent one of the Kool Kids workers and yet others did a show about bullying.


All the stories were amazing and the puppet show really highlighted what a talented bunch the Kool Kids to the everyone who came along to a special presentation including the team, families and special guest, Mayor of Randwick, Tony Bowen.  

The puppet program strengthened relationships and built confidence and self esteem in all the Kool Kids who took part in this creative program.



Our annual touch footy day at Yarra oval was great as always. This time we had over 30 kids and families turn up. The kids picked their teams and names, QLD, NSW, Indigenous All Stars and, of course, Souths! We had a whole day of just hanging out playing touch chucking the frizby and having FUN!


ART GALLERY AND NAIDOCArt_gallery_day_1_.jpg



On the last day of holiday program we all went to the Art Gallery of NSW. This was very interesting and the kids were intrigued by all the artworks. We had a guided tour of the Indigenous part of


the gallery "Yiribana"  meaning "this way" in Eora, Gadigal land, on which the gallery is located.

After our tour we then did some art work, had lunch in the park and headed to the NCIE for NAIDOC Day. The kids especially loved this and got to take home little gift packs, jump on the jumping castles and meet singer, Evie Wille. (Evie worked with Weave and did a few programs with the Kool Kids Club before going on tour with Christine Anu in 2012.) The kids had a great day and had plenty to talk about on the way home!











Three Sixty Project provided ten Kool Kids with skateboard decks to paint and also all the gear to have a four-hour lesson with Totem Skate School.The Kool Kids and Weave would like to say a huge thank you to Paul and Nick from Three Sixty Project; Nigel from Totem Skate School and our skating instructor, Chris.This was a fantastic day for our young boys who were just in awe of all you guys. You all helped our young boys build confidence on their boards, showed them how to respect other skaters on the park, and lifted their self esteems and encouraged them to just have a go.




The incredible Katrina Ball has decided to leave Kool Kids to travel the world. We will have an event later in the term for Katrina is say goodbye to the kids and we will send the invitation out to all other staff. 

 Katrina has worked with the Kool Kids Club for over two years and during that time she has run countless programs and contributed to the development of the work we do in the community. Katrina is honest, warm and such an inspirational person. We are truly going to miss Katrina and wish her all the best in this new exciting page of her journey. She has become such an important person to all of us. 

'I have loved working with Weave and the Kool Kids Club. Thank you for this opportunity for working with my kids, meeting new people, making friends and being a part of the Aboriginal community in La Perouse and Maroubra.' Katrina Ball 


Thank you Katrina for all your hard work and for everything that you have done to contribute to the important work we do. Below is a letter to all the Kool Kids from Katrina

To Kool Kids,

  You are all very special to me. I have watched you all grow over the past two years this has been a wonderful very special part of my life, which I will treasure and hold in my heart. You are all amazing, talented and beautiful kids of all South Eastern Sydney. You are all my nieces and nephews, I feel blessed to have you all in my life. Every single one of you hold a special space in my heart! 

 My time at the Kool Kids has now come to an end and I will no longer be working at the Kool Kids Club, I am very sad to leave you all but this not a good bye, its I'll see you later. I have decided to go on a big holiday overseas, I have always wanted to travel and I now have the opportunity to actually do it. I will miss you all terribly.

I know that you will be sad to see me leave, but as you all grow up you will learn that some people come into your life for a reason and some stay and some go.  I want each and everyone of you to know that you can do and be anything you want to be, once you find your calling and the one thing you can not take your mind off, the one thing that's in your heart to do, you go out there and achieve what your heart is telling you to do.

 Don't ever let anyone stand in your way, hold your head up and be proud of who you are and where you come from, don't ever let anyone put u down, stand up and speak up. I know I will see you all at East Gardens, Yarra or Maroubra beach.

 Stay Strong, Black and Deadly!

 Love Katrina      





Kool Kids were able to purchase their bus through the

Community Capacity Building Funding.  All the kids’ designs can

now be seen driving around their local community.

Thank you to The Hon Michael Daley MP for his support with the Bus Project , to Clovelly Community Bank for funding the Bus Print and to Factory One for the great print job!

All the Kool Kids are very proud of their new bus.


 KKC Program Term 1 2013

  IMG_7189.jpgThe Story Factory (aka The Martian Embassy) in Redfern is a place where children can be creative and make full use their extraordinary imaginations. The Kool Kids loved the Story Factory Program as their world of dreams came alive as they made a story book altogether. The children are placed into groups and then write their own stories to be pulled together in a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.

This eight-week program has been very rewarding for the children as they're building charter and confidence in reading out loud and to a group of people.

The ‘choose your own adventure’ book is 40 pages and it an extraordinary story about fighting against racism and being proud of who you are. This project came together through the Healing Foundation project.

Read the book here - CLICK HERE 






A big thankto All Sorts Gym & Indoor Sports who recently gave Kool Kids the opportunity to take 15 Switch Leaders to the Friday Night Football to see the Rabbits play the Cowboys. Four of the Leaders also got to hold the Rabbits Banner and watch the players run through onto the field.




As this was something they had never done before it was a memorable highlight for the young people.

All in all It was a fantastic night and a great way to get the young people connected into the upcoming Switch leadership Program, which all about being a leader on Kool Kids Programs, in your own life and in your community. 





Swimming Term 1, 2013


We are very appreciative of the ongoing support of All Sorts Pool at Alexandria for another successful term of Swimming. With help from our wonderful swim teacher -proud Wiradjuri woman from Wellington, Christine May, who initiated the KKC swiimming program - the kids were taken through swimming and survival drills in the water. At the start of term we had a number of kids who were not so confident in the water so it is especially rewarding for the Kool Kids team to see the children complete the program and improve their swimming skills. One of our kids, who was not so confident at the beginning of the program competed in the school swimming carnival early in 2013 and walked away with TWO awards! Now that is truly amazing! Well done! Congratulations to all the kids involved – it's great to see you all so confident in the pool.



  Sail away


Though the weather was against us for four of the six week and strong winds prevented us from being able to take the kids out on the water the Kool Kids were very excited about getting back into the Sailing Program. Eight kids turned up each Sunday to sail and were keen for the whole program. We did get two weeks of great weather and the kids all passed the requirement swim and were showing great beginner skills in the water.

Once again we have to thank All sSorts in Alexandria as they provided the boats to the Yarra Bay Sailing Club for the kids to get lessons. Thank you David Hannan and Adele Taylor.

We are looking forward to getting back into sailing again in Term 4. Hopefully the weather will be on our side this time around!



Youth Connect Surf Program,Term 1 – Paul ‘West’ Coleman reports

 DSC_5345.jpg A brand new program for the kids that have graduated from Kool Kids Club and are in their first years of secondary school has been developed – the Youth Connect Surf Program. We wanted to reconnect and see how they were going and offer any help or assistance through an 8-week program.

Starting with six kids we met the surfing instructor at Maroubra beach. The waves were really good for the whole program and it was so inspirational to see these older kids not only surfing really well but calm and comfortable in any conditions that the ocean offered.

Being a surfer myself there were a few days that I thought they might be a little intimidated or unsure but I need not have worried as they excelled in the more challenging waves. Personally I find it amazing to see these kids do so well. I’ve watched them since they were seven year olds and have seen them go from strength to strength in the water.

The Youth Connect Surf Program quickly caught on and by the final week we had 13 kids coming with two of them still not surfing but coming each week to be part of the program out of the water. We all talked about high school and its associated challenges. The results were fantastic as two younger people were back at school after weeks of absence and regularly attending.

I feel the program was a great success and ALL of the younger people were adamant that they would really like to continue more Youth Connect Programs.

Standouts were Reece Timbery, Baree Mongta, Ben Porter, Peyton Drascovic, and Jayden King. Well done team!

Check out Aboriginal Activity Worker, Katrina Ball, talks about the Aboriginal Surf Program  - Click here 



Aboriginal Surfing Program



Wow, another fantastic Surfing Program for Term 1. A huge thanks to all the amazing staff from Let’s Go Surfing (LGS) at Maroubra Beach. The crew at LGS took the kids into the surf on Tuesday afternoons and taught the Kool Kids essential skills that are required to become a competent surfer.

The kids loved the program and learnt many skills that they will use, throughout their lives when swimming and surfing at the beach. We had days when the surf conditions were big and a little rough however this never deterred the Kool Kids from “having a go”.  It was lovely to have parents and family members come down to the beach to watch and support the kids surfing, a big thanks to you all.

A very special mention goes out to Riley Foster and Shanae Brown who received wetsuits for their outstanding effort and great attitude throughout the surfing program. Also, huge congratulations to Gerald Golding and Iesha Duckett who were recognised for their hard work and great surfing each week. It doesn’t get any better than the surfing program - what a top skill to have in life!  Keep up the great work team. See you in the water, keep surfing and stay stoked!


Switch Leadership Program Year 7 Group Term 1

 IMG_7518.jpg We started preparing for 2013’s Year 7 Group in 2012 when they were in Year 6 beginning with a camp partnered by Jewish Aid Australia in the New Year we then went into a program for 8 weeks to finish off the Switch transition.

What a great program it was! The young people were outstanding at the camp as were Jewish Aid - who not only funded the camp but also enlisted five volunteers who worked tirelessly and formed great bonds with the young people.

The young people then chose activities for the program, which proved to be a great success. I have been watching these young people for the last five years and they have come a long way from their first days at Kool Kids Club, I am so proud of ALL of them!

We finished the term with a dinner at a Chinese restaurant at Kingsford and Sarah from Jewish Aid and two other volunteers from the camp came along to share in the joy that was this program.

Thanks to Sarah and all the Jewish Aid Australia volunteers who helped make this program so special. To the young people involved – all of you have a really big future as we have many requests to continue on as leaders to help mentor the Kids at Kool Kids Club. Excellent work Team!




2013 Salt Water Dreaming Camp


Kool Kids Club packed the buses and headed to Gerroa for the first ever Salt Water Dreaming Camp in the area.

A huge thanks to Surfing NSW and Surf Camp Australia who sponsored the camp. The surf instructors not only helped the kids improve their surfing but also came and took part in all the cultural activities. This kind of professionalism and interest makes a huge difference to the kids’ experience on the camp. The surf conditions on the first two days were perfect and all the kids had a chance to catch some great waves. The food was great and all the staff that took part of the camp were friendly and helpful and made a real effort to get to know the kids.

We had a great team on camp. Thank you Heather and Matt for coming down and helping out. It was great to have you as part of the Kool Kids Team. We could not have done it without you.  Matt was also recognised by the Surf instructors for having outstanding coaching skills in the water and he was presented a coaching shirt from the Surf Camp.

Thank you to the Jewish Aid Australia Volunteers Nicole, Sarah and Janet who gave us 110% over the three days. It is so helpful having volunteers come on camp and so incredible how much effort and time you guys put into the program. Thank you all!

Thank you too Peyton, Jayden and Ben who were the Switch Leaders on camp and were always looking out for all the Kool Kids.

The Saltwater Dreaming Camp was certainly incredible and included perfect surf conditions, a Bush Tucker walk and weaving workshop with National Parks and Wildlife. We were also lucky enough to have Elder Julie from Galamban to come and tell stories of the beginnings and beliefs of the South Coast world. We also got to share her famous damper and her special insight into culture was truly unforgettable.

A big thanks as well to Kool Kids Activity Worker Melissa for organising this camp as the kids put it, “the best camp ever!" and a big thanks also to Katrina for organising the cultural activities. The camp was an experience that the kids, team and volunteers will remember forever. It’s the thoughtfulness behind the activities that’s makes them so special.

The photo shows the surfboard presented to the Surf School by the Kool Kids Club. This board was painted by the Kool Kids about the amazing experience they had on camp.

Surf camp media - Click Here 



Justice Reinvestment


 Weaves Switch leaders  Beau, Kobie and Trei on Lateline, filming their rap and speaking about the importance of Justice reinvestment.

 See the segment here - Click Here 

Starring Kobie & Beau. Videographer Trei
The Justice Reinvestment for Aboriginal Young People Campaign is committed to addressing the shameful overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in custody.
 It is a must see! Click Here 





Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.