Kool Kids Update 2012


Housing 100 year Celebration Fair.....Daceyville Park Sunday 21st October 2012

 The Kool Kids Club had a photo booth and an art stall at the Daceyville 100 years of housing celebration.

 The Kool Kids Club was lucky enough to have some local mother’s help out in the art stall. The day was huge success with hundreds of local children taking part.  In the photo booth 100 children took their photo with different historic images of Daceyville. This was a competition and was judged by the area manager of Housing NSW. The image that won the competition was taken by Bebeloa Brennan and she was lucky enough to win a new Cannon camera. Well-done Bebeloa.


The Unknown Surfer..... A Film about the Kool Kids Indigenous Surf Program by Jan Ellis

We first met Jan Ellis a few years ago when we did our first Kool Kids short film. The film then went on to make the final 5 at the Trop Fest Jr competition.

Jan saw us at the beach doing the Indigenous surfing program and asked if he could make a film about it. Having worked with Jan before I was very excited, I know how talented this man is. Jan came down to the Tuesday program over a period of 5 weeks to film and capture the spirit of a Kool Kids Club program. I can honestly say that we didn’t even notice Jan there as he blended in perfectly with the program to capture all of the nuances and interactions. Finally it was time for some of us to sit in front of the camera and answer simple questions that Jan would ask as a dialogue. Again, it was a very comfortable and easy thing to do.

It is an amazing piece of work and Jan charged no money for the film and gave up hours of his time to film, edit, put the narration and music on, not to mention the creativity that goes into putting this together.  From everyone at Kool Kids Club.  Thank you Jan for such an incredible film. You truly captured the essence of Kool Kids Club.

 I implore you to see this film. It truly captures the Kool Kids Club in full swing and what we do. West

Click here to see the film - Click Here 


Saltwater_dreaming.jpg SWD_Oct_2012_006.jpgSWD_Oct_2012_012.jpg

Boomerang Auction NOV 2012 


All Sorts Gym & Indoor Sports, a long-time supporter of Weave’s Kool Kids Club, recently hosted a special fundraising event for this valued program. A live and silent auction of original hand-painted boomerangs and other luxury items saw the event raise a total of $15,000. Boomerang artists included Sydney Swans Stars - Adam Goodes & Lewis Jetta, Wallaby Star Player - Matt Hodgson, artists - Graham Toomey, Jacquelyn Davis & Adam Hill, the legendary Ella Family and more. Mahalia Barnes & Prinnie Stevens performed at the fun-filled event and celebrity MC, comedienne, Claire Hooper, kept everyone entertained. All in all it was a great night. Many thanks to Adele Taylor and David Hannan and the All Sorts team who worked so hard to make the night so memorable.



Kool Kids State Parliament Award

 On Friday 9 November Weave was invited to NSW State Parliament to receive an Outstanding Community Service Award for the Kool Kids Club presented by The Hon. Marie Ficarra MLC.  It was a great honour and terrific to see other worthy organisations and individuals being recognised for their hard work as well.


Drum It Program

Term 4, 2012

 A new program for Kool Kids and we got an ex weave worker Darren Ryan on board as the Drum instructor.

Darren also known as Fud, is a highly accomplished musician who has toured the country playing with many well known bands and also worked for 5 years with Weave as the  Juvenile Justice worker.

We had 4 weeks and were set up in the playground at LAPA primary as the Kool Jarjums Dancers were using the school hall.

We only had 4 kids to start and each showed a great passion and commitment to the drum program.

The improvement was outstanding and a special mention goes out to Alex Porter who went from strength to strength each week. Well done Alex!

A great program that we would like to continue this year to form a drum band or group that could perform at various functions that arise throughout the year. Thanks to Darren and Liz Sinnot (LAPA primary principle) for helping to make this program possible. -



Youth Connect Surfing Program

Term 4, 2012 

Again another new program as we really wanted to connect with some of the young people that have recently left Kool Kids and gone on to High School.

Four boys were invited to do the program and it ran for 4 weeks. I think the greatest surprise was for me to see not only how much the boys have grown but to also see how much they have improved at surfing in such a short time.

We were at Maroubra for the program and for 3 of the 4 weeks the waves were quite powerful and not waves that the Kool Kids would have handled.

The boys did it with ease and were catching waves that made me sit up in awe. It’s so incredible as a worker to see these boys improve so much and really enjoy the learning that is now coming much easier for them.

Special mention goes out to Ben Porter who came from Rose Bay by public transport to do the program. Along with Reece Timbery and Matthew Timbery who were all catching some amazing waves. We’ve come a long way lads, well done!



Short Film Program – Identity

 Kool Kids were lucky enough to have direction and support from Vanessa Edwige (Weave) and Vinnie from short black films to make a short film about cultural identity. This project was lucky enough to be funded through the Healing Foundation and Clovelly Bendigo Bank.   

The kids loved the process of making a short film and getting to work with all the fantastic people from the La Perouse community that came on board to help.

It was also great to see the kids going home and asking questions about their mob and their community. 

 A big thank you also to Ronald for playing the role of the uncle in the film, To Elders Yvonne Simms and Norma Simms and to Marcia Ella-Duncan for letting us use her family name. 

 Have a look at this great film - click here


Transition Program

 This program is designed to provide guidance and support for young boys and girls transitioning into their teenage years and the first year of High School.  The program was held once a week for a period of four weeks throughout Term 4 in 2012.

 Girls Switch

 During the four week program, the girls chose to participate in activities such as snorkelling at Clovelly, laser skirmish, “makeover day” at the Shack and individually decorating a pair of shoes.  Each week, following the activity, we held discussions with the girls in a relaxed setting covering topics such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, lifestyle choices, concerns and fears about starting High School and the community support networks available to assist them. The program culminated in a presentation where each girl was presented with a certificate of completion.  Each certificate included a photo of the recipient from the “makeover” day and five special words chosen by the KKC workers that described that particular girl.  The presentation was a positive and rewarding experience. To see the girls faces light up when the words on their certificates were read out was a special moment shared by all.  We wish all the girls the best of luck in High School!



Boys Switch

The Boys Switch program was held each Thursday in the second half of Term 4 2012.  This program was similar to the girls in that the boys were asked to work as a team to decide on what activities they would like to do each week.  The boys chose to play laser skirmish, go to the movies and watch ‘Twilight’ and in the final week we spent the day at Maroubra Beach having a BBQ to celebrate the birthday of one of our special Kool Kids.  Each week following the activity the boys participated in group discussions in a relaxed environment and spoke about their concerns, fears and also the positive aspects of starting High School. The program was a huge success and to finish the term on a high note, each boy was lucky enough to receive a Christmas gift kindly donated by United Way a fantastic program, well done to all the boys involved. Good luck and enjoy high school!


Kool Kids Club and Jewish Aid Australia

Switch Camp for kids entering High School.

CAMP PATHWAYS       January school Holidays, 2013


Switch Camp is full of mixed emotions for the Kool Kids Club staff as it is the end of Kool Kids Programs for the kids that are involved but also the beginning of their life outside of Kool Kids Club and as young adults.

Its so incredible and amazing watching the kids grow over the last 5 years into confident, proud, strong, happy, teenagers. We hope they connect in with the Switch Leadership Program.

We had 16 kids on camp and it worked out as 8 boys and 8 girls. We were busy from the moment we arrived till the moment we left and the kids were completely committed to everything that we did. Activities included bush walks, river swims, canoeing, giant swing, roasting marshmallows and damper on the bonfire, talent quest, painting and craft, group problem solving activities and the list goes on. Sleeping at night (or lack of it) was interesting as the excitement factor was high but we managed to convince the team that we would be very busy the next day and who needs 8 hours anyway! The food was actually pretty good and we were responsible for keeping our eating areas clean and the kids responded with different people putting their hand up every day. It was an honour to see the kids excel on this camp and we are so proud of them all so well done to the boys Jaidon, Yidikha, Francis, Reece, Yarraan, Kobie, Bray and Claeton and the girls Jennaya-Lee, Kyra, Emily, Erin, Raquel, Kalisha, Kimmy and Makelessi. Good luck at high school.

This year was the first time that Kool Kids have formed a partnership with Jewish Aid Australia to run the Switch camp. What a great partnership it turned out to be! The 2 full time workers (1 being the CEO of Jewish Aid Australia ) and 6 volunteers ( all of who paid to be on the camp ) were passionate, committed, and highly organised. They not only formed close bonds with the Kids, they also provided great support and understanding through amazing activities and programs run throughout the 3 days. A huge thanks goes out to Samo (CEO), Sarah (volunteer coordinator ) and the 6 volunteers Carly, Nina, Benji, Hannah, Sim and Mirri. You guys did an incredible job, thank you.

As for Mel and Lucy who never ever stop, thanks for all your hard work and commitment that is never acknowledged but always constant.

Best camp ever!!



Click here to see a short video that I made of the Camp. 
Click here to see all the best phot


Gift Giving

The Kool Kids Club was very fortunate to receive Christmas gifts donated through United Way Australia in 2012. All the gifts came from Macquarie Telecom and Ace Insurance.

The gifts were divided up to ensure that all Kool Kids Club members received something special for Christmas. The gifts were distributed to the kids on the last days of program in December 2012.

 It was a rewarding and very special experience for all staff involved with the Kool Kids Club to see the joy the gifts brought to the kids. We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

 Another fantastic day was when the Kool Kids Club personally delivered Christmas Hampers and gifts to the families who are part of the Kool Kids Family. To have the opportunity to witness the joy and excitement that the gifts brought was a wonderful thing to be part of.  A huge thanks to United Way for their support and donations over the Christmas period.



Parliament House

Kool Kids Club recently presented its case for  urgent and sustained funding to cross party representation at NSW Parliament House. In front of representatives from each major party, Kool Kids Club Switch leaders Peyton Draskovic 13 and Victoria Davidson 14 were two of the speakers who put forward an impressive case for the Kool Kids Club program to continue. Go Girls !


Switch Camp 

Kool Kids Club Switch Leadership Program came to an end with a three-day personal development and leadership camp at the Australian Walkabout Wild Life Park. The Switch leaders were able to explore their stories, meet local elders and even play with the Dingo’s.  The young people camped with the animals, and had a chance to explore their culture. All the leaders were presented with their Switch Journal folders that encapsulated all their achievements. The camp not only acknowledged the young people and their achievements but it also looked towards their future and gave them encouragement to take leadership on in their own lives. Peta Knee from Maroubra police and Aida from The Shack Youth Service attended the camp.  This was Jono Carey’s  last program for the Kool Kids Club and a great way for the young people to say goodbye.


Some of the things that the Switch leaders believe about being a leader  in your own life are - keeping young people safe, representing your community, helping your family. Looking out for each other, being motivated, healthy, enthusiastic, kind, caring, generous and selfless. Having belief in others, getting involved and having courage.




The Kool Kids, Kool Jarjums dance group had the opportunity to have a private workshop facilitated by the Bangarra Dancers. All the girls learnt about the stories that are told through the Bangarra performances. The workshop was followed up the next week with a trip to the Opera house to see the new Bangarra dance show , “Terrain”.  This was part of the Koori Kids day.  The Kool Jarjums got to stay behind and talk to all the dancers after the show. This is the start of an exciting partnership with Bangarra.


 Pollies Soccer  Game 

Grace Naidu, Lucy Butler and Switch leader  Beau Foster took part in the annual soccer match of the NSW politicians versus the NSW parliament staff. It was a chance for the Kool Kids to get to know their politicians and share their worries about our current funding.  It was a great game and Beau came out as man of the match.  


Justice reinvestment campaign  

The launch was a huge success with so many politicians from both sides of politics (including the Premier and the leader of the opposition, the Attorney General and shadow AG), influential Aboriginal leaders including Mick Gooda, Tom Calma, Mick Dodson, Professor Ted Wilkes, Bob Debus many more amazing people....It really was a surreal experience to have all those people in the same room in support of our Aboriginal young people!

Trei Stewart's speech was straight from the heart...it was incredible and there wasn't a dry eye in Government House! Not bad for a 15 year old boy from Lapa!!

Kobie Duncan and Beau Foster wrote a special rap for the event and it was amazing...everyone loved it!  I reckon it was the first time there has been a rap performance at Government House...a truly historic moment!  In fact the Governor loved it so much that she asked them to do another song to close the evening...so they rapped on the verandah of Government House and then all the young people had a private chat with Professor Marie Bashir and a few group photos.



WBS Boys perform at Weave open day 

Kobie Duncan and Beau Foster rocked the house at the Weave open day on August 11th. Thank you boys for always stepping up to the challenge.



NRMA People’s Choice

Kool kids lodged a campaign to win the NRMA Peoples Choice awards.  Elders, Community supporters, Weavers, families and friends came together to vote for the Kool Kids Surfing program.  It was so great to see the community come together and support such a great program. Kool Kids won by over 300 votes. Go Team!



Namatjira Mural

Kool Kids Club worked with community artist Angela Yeaned and created a beautiful Mural on the garage door of the community room at Namatjira.  Housing NSW funded this program. Kool Kids that live in the local area and all the kids at Namatjira were involved in the project. The Mural was celebrated at a Naidoc event at Namatjira.


Deadly Movie Night- 28th June 2012

The brainchild of Jono Carey to raise money for the Switch Leaders camp was not only a great idea but also a raging success.

Jono got all the Switch Leaders together and all decided to put on a movie night and a feed at the Kool Kids Clubhouse at Maroubra Junction.

Corey from the Kool Purple Kookas helped with  the planning of the night and provided Roo Bolognese for the main dish and strawberries and banana’s covered in chocolate for dessert. All the food was completely devoured by all the diners.

A great achievement for the Switch leaders who planned everything, provided entertainment from the Kool Jarjums dancers, served all the food and drinks and also handled the door and security.

The movie was Bran Nue Day and kids came along with a lot of parents and friends and had the option of just watching the film for only $5

We even had some of our sponsors come along and pay $100 for a table for four to have a feed and watch the movie . Big  thanks go out to Hannah Rose and the great team at QBE and Alison and family from Weave.

The clubhouse was literally packed and there was not a scrap of food left.   $600 was raised on the night for the camp.

A GREAT success! Well-done Jono and the Switch Leaders.

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KoolKids Bus Wrap- Artwork done, to be finished in the break after term 3

We here at Kool Kids are really proud of the art that the kids do and decided it should be able to be seen and with us at all times so Lucy and myself decided that we would like to wrap the Kool Kids Bus in lots of different artwork.

It was also a great opportunity to thank our sponsors that have constantly supported us through the years. So we also decided to name our sponsors under the kid’s artwork to say thank you.

First thing we did was to have a school holiday program to get kids in to do an art day specifically for the bus. The theme  was to draw or paint something that represents your local area. As the world will soon see the artwork is fantastic and has a real ocean/ sea feel.

Weave management gave Kool Kids the go ahead financially and after we got all of our sponsors logos and artwork we handed everything in for a design to be done to fit the bus.

The design was then done (and looks amazing) and the bus will be wrapped in the planning week just before term 4 starts.

Can’t wait for it to be finished!!


Term 3 update, 2012

 Swimming- Koolsorts swim squad, Mondays

The term has been going really well with some massive improvements from more than half the squad. We have storage at the pool now so we have a lot of spare swimmers and towels as well as all of our swim stuff (goggles, flippers, etc) ready to go when we get there. The Squad is looking really good.



Kool Purple Kooka’s – Cooking program, Wednesdays

Yes, the Kool Purple Kooka’s are back along with Corey and are learning how to cook healthy, Indigenous food and so far it all has tasted AMAZING!!

In 3 weeks we have cooked Kangaroo stir-fry, Kangaroo Bolognese and last week, Crocodile Curry.

We have been running the program at the new Weave new building at Waterloo Oval and I am always very impressed with the kids when they have finished cooking to go downstairs and invite the Weave staff to come up and eat with us. Each week is a taste bud extravaganza.

The Koori Chef Cook off was on the 05/08/12 and it was the best Cook off Kool Kids have ever had. This program was proudly sponsored by QBE.  



Indoor Sports – Sport program Thursdays

Every 2 weeks we do a new indoor sport. For the first 2 weeks we did indoor rock climbing and the kids blew me away with the heights they scaled, then we moved to indoor ball games at Allsorts indoor Venue, which is a state of the art indoor facility that caters to basket ball, indoor soccer, dodge ball, indoor cricket and also has a boxing ring and weights area.

Last week we started Trapeze and will be there again this week. It just keeps getting better. These kids have NO fear!



Kool JarJums – Dance Program Fridays

We have a new teacher this term and she fit right in to the program straight away. The kids are learning anew routine and I’m sure it will be unveiled at our next dance performance. Can’t wait for that one.


Term 1 and 2 highlights, 2012

AFL Program

This was a first for Kool Kids as the area is predominately rugby league.

Players from the Sydney Swans came out each week and taught the kids the basics of the game and the response was fantastic. QBE got wind of what we were doing and came down on the last week and came along to not only join in on the program but to also present Kool Kids with a cheque for $10,000 to put towards programs. Thank you so much to Hannah Rose and all at QBE.

We would really love to do this program again and the people from the AFL are also very keen. There were also 8 Switch leaders involved in the program  all of whom had the chance to gain their AFL trainer certification.

 Great stuff!



Swimming Program

This program has been running for a few years now and it is one of our strongest programs but this year we have seen more than 2 kids who were scared to go in the water and in absolute tears  becoming not only confident but also swimming laps.

These are real WOW! Moments for us and it is so good to see kids gain a skill that will be there for life. Big thanks to Christine May who came up with the concept and has been the head instructor since the programs inception.


 Goodbye Jono

Jono Carey was fairwelled at too events. The team and the community acknowledged Jonathon Carey for his innovative and inspirational work. The community gave him a gold boomerang as a symbol that he must return one day .The Switch leaders took him out to dinner. Kobie made a rap about Jono and the influence he has had on his life. Thank you Jono !






Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.