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Young Aboriginal leaders smash stereotypes and SHARE what works.

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KOOL KIDS CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN - Campaign raised $26 800 and is now in action. 

Keen to keep kids out of “lock up” and engaged in healthy lifestyles, EDUCATION, training and employment, a group of young Aboriginal men take action.

The four young men featured in the video- Beau, Trei, Michael and Karl have been accessing Weave’s Kool Kids Club PROGRAM for a number of years and are passionate about expanding the health and fitness program they initiated so that more disadvantaged kids can have access to a better life. 

These young men are outraged about the disparity in health, life expectancy, incarceration and education rates between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians and they have decided enough is enough and it’s time to change this.


The PROGRAM is used as a vehicle to engage at risk children and young people, to connect them to peer support and mentoring and instill in them the value of health, fitness and positive engagement in society. It’s a holistic PROGRAM that addresses not just the obvious diet, fitness and healthy lifestyle factors but also supports kids to attend and engage in EDUCATION AND TRAINING with the ultimate aim of creating career and employment pathways.

Having experienced the positive impact of the program themselves, the boys have advocated to expand it, so that other Aboriginal children and young people can benefit. To this end they sought support from Weave to launch this Start Some Good campaign.

Weave Youth & Community Services values and supports youth PARTICIPATION and ideas that drive change and create social impact.

 Circle of Kids

We know that young people who engage in this PROGRAM will:

  • ** Improve their health and fitness
  • ** Be more motivated to go to school
  • ** Reduce or completely stop smoking, using drugs and other substances
  • ** Have better skills to deal with issues in their lives 

Kids in front of boulder

The PROGRAM wants to partner with local Universities and TAFE to recruit Aboriginal personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches and mentors to facilitate the program. We believe this is important as we hope to strengthen community engagement and provide opportunities for young people to work closely with professionals from the same cultural background. 

Expected outcomes of employing Aboriginal health professionals:

- Young people will be inspired to finish school and go on to university

- Young people will be exposed to possible health CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

- Young people are mentored by Aboriginal university students

- Aboriginal university students are given employment opportunities to develop their skills

The program will also provide a pick up and drop off service. This will ensure that young people are going to school/training/employment. 

 In the Park

Help support these young people drive the change they know works. 

Donate and help their vision become a reality.

Be part of the solution.

Empower these young people to implement a program that they know works and makes a difference.

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Kool Community Spirit 


Steve Oh is a long time local Maroubra lad and is one of our surf instructors from the team at Let’s Go Surfing.  Steve recently approached Kool Kids staff 

with the idea of shaping a unique, one of a kind Kool Kids surf board.

 He was inspired by the Kool Kids throughout our surfing program and wanted them to have the opportunity to design their own board.  He suggested that Kool Kids members come up with a unique design and logo for a surf board which he would then shape, put the design and logo on and reward the chosen designer with a wooden hand carved body surfing hand paddle.  

This is not the first time th

at Steve has showed such generosity towards our program.

 With Steve’s vision and idea in mind, our year 7 group put their artistic skills to work and came up with a number of creative designs and logos which, to them, represented our local area and Weave’s Kool Kids Club. 

 Within a month the kid’s designs were sent to Steve and the amazing surfboard below was delivered to the Kool Kids office.  I’m finding it difficult to put into words just how incredible the board looks!  

 Shanae Brown’s design was chosen to be on 

the deck with Chris Wilchefski’s logo “Cultural Riders” sitting above the main design.

 On Thursday afternoon we met up with Steve to say a huge thanks!  As the winning designer, Shanae received her hand made wooden hand paddle from Steve.  What an incredible , humble and generous man Steve is. 

 Once again, thank you Steve for giving Weave’s Kool Kids an amazing opportunity.  We are looking forward to testing the board out in the water this week with Shanae to be the first rider to put it to the test in the waves at Maroubra Beach.




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