Oz Harvest Report - Term 3, 2016

Throughout Term 3, Inner City Kool Kids Wednesday program has been kicking it at Ozharvest with Trish and her amazing team of volunteers.


During the term, our kids have learnt all about healthy eating, including the 5 food groups, good and bad fats, why too much sugar and sodium is not good for you and how to create healthy, affordable meals.

After learning the ins and outs of eating, we would put on our aprons and get prepared to cook up a big healthy feed.


Our kids learnt how to prepare a meal prior to cooking such as dicing and

grating, how to use a knife safely and how to be sensible around hot stoves.

These are simple, yet great skills to have.



As they finished prepping their meal, they learnt how to fry, stir, simmer, steam,

blend and bake! Some delish meals our kids made include:

• Home made pizzas

• Ham, egg and spinach muffin cups

• Chilli con carne

• Salsa salad

• Butter chicken

• Heart Bolognese sauce

• Apple and cinnamon bread and butter pudding

• Guacamole

• Mexican bean mix

• Tropical smoothies

• Peanut butter bites


Every meal was delicious, using fresh veggies, meats, fruits and herbs!


When the cooking is done, its time to eat! The kids begin to set the table for a lovely sit down meal together. We all sit at the table; share the meals that were cooked and discuss who cooked what and which part of the meal is their favourite.

Most of the time, the kids get to take home left overs to share with their families.


Our time at OzHarvest was a great success and we couldn’t be happier with our ongoing relationship with them. All of the kids got presented with a recipe book of their own, including meal planners and shopping lists, as well as a certificate for their fantastic cooking skills and participation.

We will be back next year for sure!




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