The 17th Annual Fernside Skate Competition Report

On Friday the 10th of April 2015, The City of Sydney together with Weave Youth and Community Services held the annual skateboard competition and information day at Waterloo Oval in conjunction with National Youth Week celebrations.


The event attracted several other community services that joined in by supplying information stalls and entertainment for the 500-700 spectators. Services included the National Indigenous Center of Excellence (NCIE) who supplied a massive sound system on the day. The NCIE agreed to also supply a 6x6 meter blow up out door theater, this theater was to display health warnings about smoking and healthy living, a live feed of the comp was also to be supplied but due to bad weather this had been postponed. Some other services that came to support the youth were the NSW Legal Aid team who supplied information packs and advice, Youth Block which held free STI screening in the Weave HQ, Save the Children put on great workshops around technology and self image while Weaves Speak Out team ran the BBQ and Weave Survival tips. The use of the event to promote services to the youth worked amazingly well and everyone involved reported very positive feedback.


The event saw a five division skate comp including under 13's male and female sections, under 18's male and female sections and open/sponsored division. The winners received prize packs containing good's supplied from Australian and international skateboarding brands such Passport

skateboards, Z-Flex skateboards, Element skateboards, SP skateboards, Axis wheels, Modus bearings, Krew clothing, Supra shoes, Vans shoes, Pro-Tec helmets, product from Grundy's Skate shop, cd's, DVD's, 1,000 of stickers and plenty of other little trinkets. Encouragement awards were also given to participants that displayed courage and a willingness to try.


A draw card for the comp this year was the twilight aspect, the comp was set to finish at 6:30pm followed by a 45min premier of the new Volcom video "true to This" displayed on a 6x6 meter outdoor blow up theater run through the NCIE. This will take place on a later date. Extra flood Lights were supplied by the City of Sydney to make up for the lack of adequate light at the park, (this issue is currently being worked on).

Unfortunately due to wet weather the opens section of the Skate comp had to be postponed till the 30th of May. This comp will include the running of the NCIE's outdoor theater and preview of Volcoms skate video "True to This".

With a total of 56 entrants, each division was packed full of excitement for all ages. 44 of the 56 Participants were under 18 years of age, The youngest skater was a young girl named Tiny aged 4 years who surprised the crowd with her advanced moves and flawless style.


A great group of young people who helped in the of planning of the event showed their willingness to get involved and helped with registration, prize organization and music. This was a great chance for the young people to get behinds the scene perspective of how events like these run and have a fun time meeting some of Australians best skateboarders who were judging.

Over all the day was a huge success thanks to the external services, volunteers and members of the skate community. We are excited for next year being the 19th year in a row Waterloo sees this Comp and we just can’t wait to build on the positive impact this comp makes to the skate community in Sydney.

There were no reported injuries on the day and only one complaint about noise.

Nigel Cameron

Event organizer

Weave Youth and Community Services

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